Munafaah Real Estates

Munafaah Real Estates

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First Floor Plaza No. 8 CCA-1 Phase - 6 DHA Lahore, Lahore


Munafaah Real Estates is situated in Phase - 6 DHA Lahore. Which offers a comprehensive property investment services and are specialized in the management of both rental and non-rental properties. They are providing guidance to clients in purchasing and selling their properties under the best terms and conditions. They propose best solutions that determine client needs and financial abilities that suit them. They preserve their tranquility through devotion, professionalism & customer care by offering valuable and profitable deals. The essential ingredients like faith, morality, and transparency are needed for well-functioning of real estate needs. They always certify that their customer requirements are professionally and profitably met. 

Munafaah Real Estates

First Floor Plaza No. 8 CCA-1 Phase - 6 DHA Lahore , Lahore


Major Shehryar Khawar Retd