Architecture & Art

The Open Floor Plan: Overview, Pros and Cons

May 12, 2022

Open floor plan homes are rapidly making their way into the modern architecture of homes. Owing to their convenience, these layouts are especially useful for smaller spaces. This trending shift in home designs is a much-needed occurrence to moderate shared spaces between the kitchen, living room and dining area of[...]
Architectural Features of a Modern Home

7 Architectural Features of a Modern Home

May 10, 2022

While describing architecture, Luis Barragan said, "Any architectural work that does not express serenity is an error". Architecture is an important aspect of every time period. A time period is defined by its architecture. In the year 2022, with all the advances in modern technology, there are several building techniques[...]
Modern Art Galleries in Karachi

Modern Art Galleries in Karachi

April 27, 2022

Modern art galleries in Karachi feature the most fascinating art pieces from various artists. These galleries promote cultures and arts across borders. Art galleries provide an opportunity for individuals from different backgrounds to come together and visualise cultural evolution. Pakistan’s art culture has always had prolific artists and art galleries[...]
Flooring Tile Designs

Types of Flooring Tiles: Things You Need To Know

April 26, 2022

With evolving trends in house designs and furnishings, tiles have become a popular choice for all types of flooring in the house.  Previously, the use of tiles was only limited to kitchens and bathrooms; however, with time it has gained a lot of demand in because of its convenience. Among[...]
Architectural Technology: Potential in Construction Industry

Types of Architectural Technology: Potential in Construction Industry

April 22, 2022

With growing advancements and latest technological inventions around the world, construction industry is also open to welcoming technology in the field. One of these recent enhancements is Architectural technology.  Architectural technology is the application of information technology, scientific knowledge, and artificial intelligence in construction projects and buildings. It is designed[...]

Shogran Valley – A Complete Tour Guide

April 21, 2022

Pakistan’s Northern Areas are crowned with the best natural jewels of landscapes and mountains. Shogran Valley is one such jewel of a place! It has vast lush green meadows that will look unreal to your eye, with pools of silvery water puddled in the dipping hills. As if someone poured[...]
Top Historical Landmarks in Bahawalpur

Top Historical Landmarks in Bahawalpur

April 19, 2022

Bahawalpur is one of the largest cities in Pakistan with rich culture, heritage, and history. The city is famous for its stunning historical monuments. It is one of Pakistan's most underappreciated jewels. It was a princely state until independence, and it has some of the world's most magnificent architectural marvels.[...]
marble or terrazzo flooring

Marble or Terrazzo: Which Works for You?

April 18, 2022

If the age-old maxim of ‘buy once, buy well’ is to be followed, one should not hold back in investing in an appropriate flooring option for their space. Whether you are looking for something to fit in a crisp monochrome scheme or a bold contemporary design, the right flooring can[...]
types of balconies

Different Types of Balconies for Your Property

April 12, 2022

In a cramped cityscape, a balcony serves as an ‘in-between’ spot that gives the impression of more space. It especially became a necessary area of respite during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, when the world had shrunk and people were confined to their homes. Whether it is the busy city[...]
Following is a list of top interior designers in Karachi.

List of Top Interior Designers in Karachi

April 11, 2022

Interior Design addresses the aesthetics and the art of decorating living spaces, offices, restaurants, or any building - turning them into beautiful and optimally usable areas. Personalities, choices, and lifestyles inspire the places where humans live, and interior designers carefully study these choice patterns to incorporate them into their designs.[...]