Urban Planning

Modern Trends in Real Estate

January 3, 2022

Introduction The real estate sector has experienced several revolutions throughout the ages. With the development of hand tools, mankind was able to achieve remarkable feats of construction. Subsequently, multiple technological innovations completely revolutionised the real estate industry. Besides demographic, technological, and environmental factors, a host of different challenges and opportunities[...]

Why Cities Become Dysfunctional

December 25, 2021

Our patterns of interaction have a great influence on the ways we design and manage our spaces. In the race of development, and to catch up with the rapid progress of the world, cities across the globe are becoming dysfunctional as they have put the important aspects of human needs[...]

Urban Nightscapes and the Cities of Today

December 16, 2021

Cities are full of hustle, characterized by a vibrant and a chirping life, the lifestyle in the cities are adorned by many. The urban planning and development of a city are done such that the vibrant character of the city does not fade even in the late hours of the[...]

Comprehending Pakistan’s Urbanisation

December 11, 2021

Cities are becoming endless; in future, it seems that the boundaries between the cities will be diminished and there will be a single entity. This is an alarming situation since the haphazard expansion not only puts pressure on the administrative and governance structure but also hampers our natural habitats. This[...]

Managing Megacities

December 4, 2021

Our globe had only two megacities in 1950, the rise in urbanism stimulated by numerous opportunities in the cities has taken the toll of megacities to thirty-four. It is being estimated that after 15 years the world will witness fifty megacities across the globe. No doubt the megacities are engines[...]

All you need to know about Prefabricated houses

November 23, 2021

Over the last few years, the term 'prefabrication' has become a buzz in the building industry. There are several compelling reasons for this, as Graana.com will explain. If you're wondering whether jumping on the bandwagon is a good idea, the quick answer is yes. Job Sites are generally crowded, busy,[...]

Balochistan govt. to initiate fresh water supply, treatment projects Gwadar

November 17, 2021

QUETTA: The Balochistan government has announced to launch of several projects worth Rs130 million for the provision of freshwater supply and water treatment projects under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC) initiative in Gwadar. The projects to be set up include sewage disposal systems, implementing water supply, distribution system, desalination[...]

The Development of Rural Areas: in context of Master Plan of Islamabad and Urbanization

November 15, 2021

Introduction Islamabad, the renowned capital city of Pakistan, was designed by the Greek architect and town planner Constantinos Doxiadis. The aerial view of Islamabad presents the city in a distinguished ‘Grid-Iron Pattern’, expanding on the array of parallel lines emanating from the centre. (Hull, 502). The original Master Plan divided[...]
Micro Apartments in Pakistan

Micro Houses in Pakistan: Rising Trend

November 9, 2021

What are Micro-Apartments? Micro-apartments are smaller housing units that aim to blend necessity with utility. These apartments give all of the essential facilities in the smallest possible space. Also known as compact homes, they are self-contained, one-bedroom residential apartments typically selected for single occupancy at low costs. The rise of[...]

Benefits of Parks

October 29, 2021

Parks are an important component of any community. They have a tremendous impact on children's growth as well as the happiness of the entire community. The benefits of community parks to the surrounding neighbourhood are numerous. Parks provide several benefits to residents, ranging from a safe environment for physical activity[...]