Urban Planning

‘15-minutes City’ and Urban Regeneration

October 28, 2021

The concept of cities is continuously evolving and there are efforts underway to make cities more productive and responsive to the residents of a city. As the environment and the designs of our cities have a great impact on our lifestyle and the choices we make, cities can also play[...]

Construction Waste and its Impact on the Environment

October 27, 2021

Introduction As the world adopts greater sustainability standards to tackle climate change, the issue of construction and demolition waste becomes an essential topic in the real estate sector. Construction waste’s socio-economic and environmental impacts can have significant considerations for human health, safety, and quality of life. Despite having precise calculations[...]

Developing the World’s Largest Riverfront City – Ravi Urban Development Project

October 6, 2021

Introduction Located on the outskirts of Lahore, the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project aims to develop the world’s largest riverfront city in Pakistan. The project, envisioned at the time of the country’s independence in 1947, was only seriously considered by the Government of Punjab 66 years later in 2013. The[...]

Real Estate Sector and Smart Water Management

October 6, 2021

It may seem that water is abundant to cater to our needs however, this perception can be overturned by the mere fact that our water resources are depleting like any other. Unfortunately, Pakistan is among those countries where the dark clouds of water scarcity loom and according to the various[...]

Real Estate Advisors versus for Sales by Owners

October 4, 2021

Introduction A majority of those who sell real estate usually take up the services of a qualified real estate advisor. They are professionals who guide individuals through the required processes and help bring their homes in front of a large audience of potential buyers. Traditionally, a real estate advisor’s ability[...]

35,000 Apartments to be Constructed: CM Punjab

October 4, 2021

LAHORE: While meeting Minister of State Muhammad Shabbir Ali Qureshi, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar announced the construction of 35,000 apartments worth Rs180 billion. Discussing the matter, it was highlighted that new building and zoning regulations would encourage the construction of high-rise buildings, attracting large amounts of investment. While also[...]

Real Estate – Strengthening the Hospitality Sector

October 2, 2021

From the south to northern areas of Pakistan, the country is blessed with gigantic mountain ranges, iconic plains, and mystic shrines. These all are nonetheless an asset of Pakistan which contributes in a great manner to the economic development. The hospitality sector is one of the allied components of the[...]

Rethinking Master Plans in Pakistan

September 29, 2021

Cities are considered the engines of economic growth; from the literature of the evolution of cities. It can be deduced that urban centres worldwide have evolved owing to the cities being hubs of trade. If observed keenly, life in cities is organized around commerce and trade, and the people in[...]

Sustainable Development in Real Estate

September 18, 2021

Sustainable development has become a buzzword in the contemporary world. As the stories of development unfold around the world, the word ‘sustainable development' also resonates alongside these stories. Against this backdrop, the development of the real estate sector is also tied to this new yet old phenomenon. Keeping in view[...]

Public Spaces and Their Significance in Urban Centers

September 13, 2021

Public spaces are an essential component of cities. They have an essential role to play in regulating life in urban centres. The significance of urban centres cannot be denied as an economic value is attached to the urban centres. Similarly, public spaces also have a therapeutic feature which is an[...]