Digitization of Land Records

Graana, IIPS land at National Science & Technology Park

Graana, IIPS land at National Science & Technology Park

December 9, 2019

A leading model of digitisation in Pakistan’s real estate sector, Graana Group of Companies along with Iqbal Institute of Policy Studies (IIPS) launched the country’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Innovation Lab at the National Science & Technology Park (NSTP). The birth story of Graana involves a firm will to[...]
Graana, IIPS to launch Innovation Lab at NSTP

Graana, IIPS to launch Innovation Lab at NSTP

December 8, 2019

ISLAMABAD: Aiming to touch new innovative heights in the real estate sector, Graana, along with Iqbal Institute of Policy Studies (IIPS), is all set to launch Pakistan's first Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Innovation Lab at the National Science & Technology Park (NSTP), which will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran[...]
Graana and GIS – the way forward

Graana and GIS – the way forward

November 13, 2019

PRESS RELEASE ISLAMABAD: Graana Group of Companies hailed the promising future of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in real estate as the visionary organisation, in collaboration with the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), celebrated GIS Day on November 13, 2019. An informative seminar was held to recognise the impact[...]
Must have mobile applications

Eight Mobile Applications You Must Have

October 9, 2019

When mobile phones came into our lives, we couldn’t possibly have imagined how much they would change us. If I dare to limit myself to its pros only, I am confident to claim that our lives have gotten easier and exceptionally comfortable. Due to the constant technological advancements, the telecom[...]

Real Estate 4.0 – A game changer for the real estate market

September 25, 2019

For long, the real estate sector had been resisting any major change, until technology forced things into a flux. Today, though property-related decisions are taken on the basis of conventional factors like location, building quality, cost, and amenities, the quest for knowing ‘something more’ gets more serious with every passing[...]

Anti-land grabbing cells established in Punjab Districts

August 19, 2019

LAHORE:        To respond to the increasing number of complaints by citizens pertaining to land grabbing, the Punjab government has established special anti-land grabbing cells in all its districts. These cells will be headed and administered by BS-18 officers who will receive complaints, verify them, and take immediate action against the[...]

Built-up property claims in sector C-15 to be challenged by CDA

August 19, 2019

ISLAMABAD:        The Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed has directed the authority to challenge the built-up property (BUP) claims in sector C-15, after they were included in the sector’s award list, sources said. The matter of 200 claims will be challenged before the Islamabad deputy commissioner. Objection[...]

Ban lifted on lease, transfer, conversion of state land

August 8, 2019

KARACHI:      The Supreme Court partially lifted a ban on the lease, transfer and conversion of state land in Sindh. The provincial government was directed to consider lease applications for the areas where land records had been computerised. The three-judge bench headed by Justice Gulzar Ahmed also stated that the ban[...]
Eight Land Administration Terms You Must Know

8 Real Estate Terms You Must Know

July 24, 2019

To better understand real estate buying and selling processes, one needs to be familiar with basic land administration and revenue related terms. Such processes generally involve lawyers and revenue officials who take care of the complex glossary; we cannot, however, ignore its significance for a realtor, investor and customer of[...]

Islamabad Zone 5 – what does it hold for investors and the CDA?

July 18, 2019

Islamabad is coveted as a city all over Pakistan, not just for its beauty and the lifestyle it offers, but also because of the social and economic growth the capital promises. According to 6th Population and Housing Census 2017, Islamabad’s rural population has dramatically increased by 6.95%; while the rest[...]