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The shelter is a basic need of every living being., by giving voice to the voiceless, is catering to the most important yet relegated of the beings – animals. What makes us human are the emotions. We believe that the concept of humanity transcends beyond human beings. has the emotion of empowering the community to its core and the fact is signified by its logo.

We believe that collective actions can turn over a new leaf in our lives. invites every animal lover across Pakistan to become an agent of change as we embark on a new journey with the district administration of Islamabad to work for the welfare of animals.


Currently, we’re in the onboarding phase where we are calling all organizations and individuals who are passionate about the cause to join in. Next, we’ll be partnering with Islamabad administration on a strategy to uplift all the existing animal welfare bodies in Islamabad, while putting in our own contribution/finances in it as well. With the help of volunteers and organizations alike, we aim to improve the animal welfare scene in Islamabad for now.

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