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Mall of Imarat

#Islamabad Expressway, Islamabad

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➤ It is located on the main Islamabad Expressway.
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Mall of Imarat celebrates our Islamic heritage reflected in its ancient Arabian architecture. It is a celebration of our shared history, traditions, Islamic art, and architectural grandeur. The mall also symbolizes the brotherly relationship Pakistan has with the Arab world. It honors the generosity of great Arab leaders like His Highness Shah Faisal Bin Abdul-Aziz (late) towards the people of Pakistan gifted in the iconic Shah Faisal Mosque.

This exuberant masterpiece is set to redefine luxury shopping in the twin cities, becoming the benchmark for opulence. The architecture not only sparks awe in visitors but brings them closer to Arabic heritage through its several monumental sites. This luxury project is CDA-approved and is being developed by well-known builders, the Imarat Group.

Mall of Imarat is situated on the principal commercial and residential route known as Islamabad Expressway. The expressway seamlessly connects Islamabad city across its territorial limits from the Margallas to Rawat. Mall of Imarat sweeps across nearly 15 kanals of prime real estate in one of the most dynamic areas of Islamabad. 

The Expressway extension plan makes this an even more prime location for investors as getting to and from the Mall of Imarat will be as smooth as a ride on a magic carpet. The mall incorporates deep-rooted heritage, exquisite Arabian infrastructure, world-class shopping, and incomparable entertainment under one magnificently opulent roof.  

The mall not only serves as a one-stop-shop destination but also offers several opportunities for recreational bliss. Experience fine dining with an Arabian vibe, or explore the endless possibilities of recreation through its spas, gyms, cinemas, and much more!


1. Where is the project located?

Ans. The Mall of Imarat is located on Islamabad Expressway, nearby Koral Chowk.

2. Is the mall legally approved?

Ans. Yes, the mall has been legally approved by CDA and all governing bodies.

3. Who are the developers of this project?

Ans. The project is being developed by well-known developers – the Imarat Group.

4. What type of property is available?

Ans. The mall offers commercial property for sale ranging from retail shops and stores to office spaces.

5. What are the predicted rates of return?

Ans. Being a novel mall at such a prime location, the project has been predicted to offer excellent returns for even the smallest of investors.

PKR 40 lac - 4.25 crore

Imarat Residences

#Islamabad Expressway, Islamabad

➤ Located at Islamabad Expressway
➤ Seamless Resale options
➤ Safe & secure investment 
➤ 2 & 3 bedroom apartments for sale 

IMARAT Residences, by IMARAT Group, offers Smart Living for the first time in Pakistan. IMARAT Residences is a critical component of IMARAT Business District, of which the focal point is the Mall of Imarat. IMARAT Residences boasts a wide range of amenities in a micro-apartment model. The project is strategically located in the business district, grounding the budding economic activity. The prime location of IMARAT Residences helps connect the commercial with the residential as it is close to over 20 housing societies of the twin cities situated along the Islamabad Expressway.  

Offering minimalism with a touch of opulence, Imarat Residences sets the benchmark for luxury apartments in Islamabad with its novel services and a mix of contemporary infrastructure. Enjoy the recreational charm of modern living through avant-garde services such as infinity pools, business cafes, lush gardens, and much more!

Being the pioneer of Smart Living in the country, this highly anticipated project is set to redefine the city’s luxury scene. With an ideal location on Islamabad Expressway, the apartment complex is accessible by residents of the Twin Cities with ease. The project is CDA-approved and is under the jurisdiction of Imarat Group, a market leader in the construction industry.

Key Features:

  • Located strategically in the centre of Main Islamabad Expressway, within 10 mins distance from Zero Point.
  • Introducing the concept of Smart Living in Pakistan 
  • Strategically located in the Imarat Business District, home to budding businesses & centre of commercial activity 


  1. Infinity Edge Pool 
  2. Lush Gardens 
  3. Children's Play Area 
  4. Business Cafes
  5. Institutes
  6. Movie Theatre 
  7. Harley Centre 
  8. Gold Souk
  9. Four Points by Sheraton

 The apartment complex will be close to the budding business centre, offering top-of-the-line amenities to its residents. IMARAT Residences will feature custom-furnished ad fitted luxury studio apartments to its residents so that they can experience complete minimal living while also providing them space-saving furnishing services at IMARAT Builders Mall. 


1. Where is the project located?

Imarat Residences is ideally located on Islamabad Expressway, approximately 10 minutes from Zero Point.

2. Who are the developers of this project?

The project is being developed by renowned builders, the Imarat Group.

3. Is the project legally approved?

Yes, the project is legally approved by CDA and all governing bodies.

4. What type of property is available?

Imarat Residences offers several types of studio apartments ranging from 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments.

5. What are the expected returns on this project?

Being the country’s first-ever smart living apartment complex, the demand for investment is already high, meaning once the project becomes operational, returns will also skyrocket. 

PKR 1.39 crore - 2.31 crore

Islamabad Downtown

#Islamabad Expressway, Islamabad


Experience living in Pakistan’s most prestigious square kilometer. Spend your days in the new center of Islamabad: ISLAMABAD DOWNTOWN, a flagship project of IMARAT Group placed centrally in the twin cities on the Islamabad Expressway - ten minutes from the Zero Point. Designed on the Live, Work, Shop & Play philosophy, the Islamabad Downtown offers an outstanding array of residential, retail, leisure, business and entertainment facilities for you to indulge your every desire. Providing the ultimate metropolitan lifestyle abounding with world-class landmarks, entertainment, and glamour, Islamabad Downtown is a true heart of Pakistan.


Blending the classic with the contemporary, the Grand Bazar is a lively marketplace that offers the city’s residents and tourists an enthralling experience of shopping, entertainment, and dining. Walk through the glittering Grand Bazar and enjoy the adventure of shopping in the setting of a traditional souk. It’s where you will discover rich tapestries and carpets, intricate handicrafts, eclectic jewelry, culturally-inspired fashion and perfumes, as well as furnishings, books, art and more.


Nestled in the hubbub of Islamabad Downtown, the Mall of Imarat appears as a vision to visitors and onlookers, with its elegant mid-century Arabian architecture and intricate design details. Its excellent location more than enhances this exuberant retail and leisure destination - it allows it to thrive in all its aesthetic glory. The Mall offers premier dining and entertainment options and haute-couture fashion and retail choices, along with the majestic Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, a world-class hotel brand. 


Placed centrally in the Islamabad Downtown on the Islamabad Expressway, IMARAT Residences is located in the literal heart of the Capital city - ten minutes from the Zero point. To live in IMARAT Residences is to be a part of a dynamic community, with all the luxuries and amenities of the city’s new Downtown at your doorstep. Designed with intent, IMARAT Residences caters to all the needs of the fast-paced contemporary lifestyle. This is the exclusive destination for the modern Pakistani - an ambitious project that is the future of smart living. 

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Florence Galleria

#DHA Phase 2, Islamabad

Avail exclusive offers – LIMITED TIME!
➤ Located in DHA Phase 2, Islamabad (DHA Approved)
➤ Seamless Resale Options
➤ Safe & secure investment 

Florence Galleria takes pride in being the first-ever Luxury Boutique Mall in the heart of the Twin Cities. An epitome of luxury representing the rebirth of the Renaissance- Florence Galleria is a splendor nestled in the prime location of DHA 2. This architectural masterpiece has access from Main G.T Road, Islamabad. Fetching the quintessence of Renaissance from the city of Florence, this Boutique Mall is a perfect destination for all.

Luxury and beauty are nestled in every detail, carefully designed at Florence Galleria. Presenting an international four-star hotel, the luxury suites promise to intrepid a vision of the Renaissance Era. The hotel suites give a luxury amenity to make it a grand accommodation, welcoming true relaxation and indulgence and transforming your stay to be the best in your sanctuary.  

A treat to replenish your mind and body in the state-of-the-art Wellbeing Center, the time has come to relax entirely and rediscover rejuvenation with the Specialized Health Clinics containing facilities, i.e. Dermatology, Dentistry, Hair Transplant, and Nutritionist supplements outlets. Experience a new you with Florence Galleria.

Steeped deep in the renaissance fervor, Florence Galleria is the quintessential style destination, presenting a one-of-a-kind brand name with multiple retailers and designer boutiques. Complementing an era known for the commercial revolution, the most exclusive stores all in one day and all under one roof.

The other amnesties include Roof-top Dining, Infinity pool, and numerous unrivaled Luxury brands. Enchanting visitors with its medieval charm, the boutique mall is set to become the benchmark for opulence and grandeur in the country. Embodying renaissance architecture with a contemporary touch, this architectural masterpiece will captivate all those that set eyes.

Florence Galleria has something to offer to everyone.

•  International 4 - Star Hotel 

•  Luxury Hotel Suites 

•  Gold Souk 

•  Retail Shops

•  Health Club 

• Infinity Pool

•  Rooftop Restaurant

Located at an ideal location in one of the city’s high-end localities, both residents and tourists can experience the rich culture that this mall exuberates. This luxury project is CDA-approved and is currently being developed by market-leading builders – the Imarat Group. 


1. Is the project legally approved?

The project is legally approved by CDA and all concerning government bodies.

2. Where is Florence Galleria located?

The project is situated at a prime location in DHA Islamabad.

3. Who are the developers of this project?

The project is being developed by renowned builders – the Imarat Group.

4. What type of property is available?

Florence Galleria offers luxury commercial property for designer brands and office spaces.

5. What is the potential yield on investment?

Being Pakistan’s first luxury boutique mall, Florence Galleria holds precedence meaning returns are bound to skyrocket as soon as the project becomes operational.

PKR 1.8 crore - 9.49 crore

Imarat Builders Mall

#GT Road, Islamabad

 Avail of exclusive offers – LIMITED TIME!
➤ Located at main G.T Road, Islamabad.
➤ Seamless Resale options
➤ Safe & secure investment 

A mall that connects you with reputable builders, Imarat Builders Mall is designed to offer an ideal retail space to several brands allowing them to showcase various products. Builders Mall caters to a wide range of audiences ranging from construction businesses, project developers, interior designers, and the general public and delivers specialised equipment that meets their specific needs.

Imarat Builders Mall is located at the heart of one of the twin cities’ most vibrant and prestigious neighbourhoods. The booming retail market makes it a commercially viable opportunity for shopping mall investment. The mall is designed to have everything from complete kitchen installations to high-quality furniture sets to modern sanitary fittings. Builders Mall will also cater to interior and exterior decor materials, exotic marble tiles, flooring, and wall designs. In short, Builders Mall provides a complete lifestyle solution to make your new home truly your own.

 Offering a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity, this unique shopping mall is bound to flourish, owing to its exalted infrastructure, intricate interiors, and opulent services dotted throughout the building. Catering to designers and project developers, the mall is truly a one-stop shopping mall for your homes.

The mall is ideally located on main G.T. Road, giving easy access to both residents and visitors. The project is CDA-approved and is being developed by one of the country’s most well-renowned developers, the Imarat Group.


1. Is the project legally approved?

Ans. Yes, the project has been approved by all government bodies.

2. Where is the mall located?

Ans. Imarat Builders Mall is located on G.T Road, next to DHA Islamabad.

3. Who are the developers of the mall?

Ans. The mall is being developed by renowned developers - the Imarat Group.

4. What types of retail spaces are available?

Ans. The mall offers several types of commercial property for sale ranging from retail shops to office space for sale in Islamabad.

5. What are the potential returns on this project?

Ans. Due to the mall’s unique nature, its popularity is set to grow and it is expected to appreciate at staggering rates, ensuring lucrative returns.

PKR 37.13 lac - 1.45 crore

Amazon Outlet Mall

#GT Road, Islamabad

 Avail exclusive offers – LIMITED TIME!
➤ Located at main G.T Road, Islamabad.
➤ Seamless Resale options
➤ Safe & secure investment 

Amazon Outlet Mall, Pakistan’s first themed mall, will incorporate the fusion of fashion and architecture. It will be a one-stop destination for customers looking for designer brands and make their shopping a delightful experience by providing the best indoor environment and facilities. The Mall will have a vast area reserved for recreation and leisure facilities such as restaurants, café, sauna, spa, gym, kids playing area, and a library.

Amazon Outlet Mall Islamabad aims to create a fashion hub for the people of twin cities, replete with the latest and sought-after national and international brands. It will be a masterpiece of modern architecture and aims to become a vast mall in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, embodying cultural and commercial ideas. 

Being the definition of leisure and luxury, Amazon Outlet Mall offers several opportunities to savor its recreational bliss, ranging from restaurants and cafes to spas and gyms. From a dining experience in rainforest-themed restaurants to relaxing in all-natural spas and salons, the mall has it all. The mall is set to become the Twin Cities’ fashion hub, attracting visitors to relish in the cultural and commercial ingenuity that the Amazon Outlet Mall has to offer.

Located on G.T. Road and right next to one of the city’s most vibrant localities, the mall truly enjoys a splendid location. The project is CDA-approved and is being spearheaded by well-renowned builders – the Imarat Group.


1. Is the Amazon Outlet Mall legal?

Ans. Yes, the project has been approved by CDA and all government bodies.

2. Where is the mall located?

Ans. The mall is located conveniently on G.T. Road.

3. Who are the developers of this project?

Ans. Amazon Mall Islamabad is being developed by Imarat Builders, a renowned name within the construction industry.

4. What types of properties are being offered?

Ans. The mall offers commercial properties ranging from designer shops to office rooms.

5. What is the potential yield on investment?

Ans. With thorough installment plans, the mall enables small investors to take part in the project and gain significant returns.

PKR 21 lac - 2.5 crore