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The Vision

The Graana story began with the vision of one man. It was Shafiq Akbar’s dream to transform the real estate sector of Pakistan and elevate it to bring it at par with the best international standards. Having spent 15 years in the UK working in the real estate sector, among other achievements Akbar holds to his credit multiple real estate mega projects completed internationally as well as in Pakistan. Akbar moved back to Pakistan in order to give shape to his vision. Thus Graana was created – the next-generation real estate solutions platform for Pakistan. At Graana, we aim to provide users with constantly evolving services based on transparency and professionalism that are always a notch above the rest.



The Umbrella

The quest to transform Pakistan’s estimated 1.2 trillion USD real estate sector is certainly an ambitious one, but Graana doesn’t shy away from challenges. Among the very first people taken aboard by Akbar were Farhan Javed, who joined as Creative Director, and Arslan Javed who joined as Head of Product Development.



The Outcome

The foundation for Graana was laid after conducting thorough research of the dynamics of the real estate industry in Pakistan. The goal was to develop a product that provided safe and transparent property transactions and result-oriented profitable deals. And hence Graana.com was created for every Pakistani who wants to buy, sell, rent, invest or develop property.

about outcomes


The Graana Family

Success would not be possible without a dedicated, enthusiastic team of professionals, so we brought together the best people from all fields. Each of our team members plays a vital role in the fulfilment of the Graana dream, believing in the collective mission to bring about a real estate revolution. From our marketing team to consultants, sales force, designers, the folks at our café and everyone else, all bring their A-game to the cause.



The Launch

And so it was 3…2…1…takeoff! Welcome to Graana.com: a complete user experience for those seeking to buy, sell, rent or look into property development, in just a few clicks. We carefully curate and analyse the latest offers and facilitate smooth transactions so that you never have to deal with real estate woes again. Now that you know our story, are you ready to start your search?