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House for Rent in Karachi 

With a population of more than 1.6 million people, Karachi is the largest metropolitan city in Pakistan. It is situated along the coast of the Arabian Sea and serves as the import and export hub for businesses from and across the country. Karachi is the capital of Sindh province, located in southern Pakistan. 

Based on its extensive contribution to trade and commercial activities, Karachi is known as the economic capital of Pakistan.
It is the largest city in the country and is divided into six districts, Central, East, West, South, Malir, and Korangi Town.

About Karachi

Karachi is a major centre of arts and culture. Because of its rapid development over the past decades, it ranks among one of the fastest-growing cities with a rich culture that attracts communities from every ethnic group in Pakistan. Karachi is also titled the ‘City of Lights’ due to its vibrant nightlife and skyline. This vibrant city life attracts many people to come to the city and explore the life and opportunities here.

The city comprises a huge workforce that is coveted by all the major industries. The head offices and factories of major companies and brands like Meezan Group, Shaan, Gul Ahmed, Bake Parlour, etc. are all located in Karachi. 

Since the price of owning a property is reaching new heights in Karachi, most people are now shifting towards choosing to rent a house instead of buying. The options for renting a house in Karachi are very broad and are available at all price ranges from low to high. 

Considerable Factors to Choose a House for Rent in Karachi

The city builds high expectations for real estate to attract residents and newcomers to rent a house in Karachi. While renting a house or apartment here, you should look out for some features before coming to a final decision.

Exploring multiple options and analyzing the comparisons of rental prices and location so you can pick the best deal. 

Other than this, an important aspect of checking a house/apartment before renting is important because of the unpredictable weather forecast in Karachi. Since the city is at sea level, the water drainage in the city is not natural in most areas. It is important to analyze your potential home for a water drainage system. 

Since the city is built along the coast, it gets very humid and can damage furniture. Drinking water is not easily accessible and many residents buy water tankers. Therefore, it is important to check for certain things before renting. 

When choosing a house for rent in Karachi you can utilise the option of consulting a professional real estate agent. provides many convenient options that you can choose from, and help you in finding the most suitable property for you. 

Type of Houses for Rent in Karachi 

With the increasing population, demand for rental housing in Karachi is also increasing with time. The city’s real estate development offers multiple options in different ranges which you can easily choose from as per your suitability.

Karachi has a wide vertical landscape of construction, due to people’s preference for living in apartments. Not only is it more suitable, but it is also a very affordable option. Among these buildings, many apartments are up for rent. 

The various types of apartments that are available for rent include luxury apartments, studio apartments, penthouses, and regular apartments which are all available at different prices. 

Similarly, different houses for rent are available at different prices that fluctuate depending on the size, area, view, and floor of the house. Furthermore, prices of houses for rent may also vary depending on whether the apartment is furnished or not.

Popular Locations to Rent a House in Karachi 

Many people from different regions have migrated for employment opportunities and better quality education. They prefer living close to their workstation and educational institutions. 

Many students and single working-class individuals live in separate and shared apartments close to the centre of the city. 

If you are looking to rent luxury or well-established houses/apartments in Karachi, then there are multiple choices available. Areas like DHA, Clifton, Lalazar, Malir Cantt, and Bahria town although a bit expensive, provide convenient living that comes with top-class facilities in these modern designed houses & apartments.

However, if you are looking for something economical then there are some good options in neighbourhoods like Gulistan-e-Johar, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulshan-e-Noor, East Garden, etc. In case you can not afford a house in the central areas of Karachi, there are some options available out of town at lower prices. However, the expense of distance and the absence of basic facilities such as transportation and security is also a factor that comes with low prices.

Given the information about the expenses and living standards, renting a house instead of buying can be a smart decision for both singles and families with or without children. Karachi is an attractive option for students as well since there are multiple educational institutions within and around the city.

Price Trends for Rental Houses in Karachi

The price range of apartments or houses for rent in Karachi varies with the size, area, view, floor, and condition of the house. 

The standard sizes for most rental houses in Karachi are 120 square yards, 250 square yards, and 500 square yards. The price range for 120 square yards is between 12,000-and 150,000. 250 square yard house will cost 12,000 to 25,000. 

The monthly rent for a 500 square yards house usually ranges from Rs.50,000 onwards. The rental price of apartments in DHA and Clifton have higher rents due to their upscale neighbourhoods and amenities such as high-end malls, schools colleges, parks, mosques, and healthcare facilities available nearby.

On the other hand, areas like (Garden, Gulshan-e-Noor, Gulistan-e-Iqbal ) are more economical and affordable.

Security and Facilities in the City

When choosing the best suitable house for rent, security is one of the top priorities that come around as a deciding factor. Everyone prefers living in a secure and peaceful area to avoid any unfortunate incidents and live in a peaceful environment. 

Although Karachi’s police are active in staying on guard for its residents, there are many security agencies as well that participate in ensuring security and safety for the residents of Karachi.

Residential housing societies usually have  24/7 CCTV surveillance which attracts families with children and older parents. 

Besides this, when coming to educational facilities in the city, Karachi has some of the best educational institutions in the country. Some of these are mentioned as follows:

  • Agha Khan University (AKU)
  • Institute of Business Administration (IBA)
  • Habib University
  • Dow University of Health Sciences
  • Indus University

Residents have easy access to parks, markets, beaches (Manora beach, French Beach, Sands Spit, Nathia Gali), cinemas, sports clubs (Karachi Golf Club, DHA Creek Club),  and healthcare facilities (AKU, DOW, Liaqat Hospital, Zia-Uddin).

Restaurants and Shopping Malls in Karachi

Karachi is famous for its delicious food all over the country. The city has some famous restaurants and food streets that serve a range of multiple cuisines and dishes that you are bound to go back for. 

The list includes Do-Darya, Kolachi, Boat basin, ZamZama commercial, Port Grand, etc. Karachi Biryani is a famous dish all over the world. You can find this biryani at almost every corner of Karachi. 

Another one of the best things about Karachi is its shopping centres. There are so many options for low-income to high-income families, with shopping centres spread across areas of Bahdurabd, Tariq Road, Empress Market, Lighthouse, and Zainab Market are known for affordable shopping options. 

For luxury and high-end shopping, some very famous malls include Ocean mall, Dolmen mall, Lucky One Mall, Millennium Mall, and The Forum, all of which are very popular for shopping among mid to high-income families and individuals.

Given that Karachi is the hub of businesses and opportunities, the demand for rental houses is nowhere near decreasing. In fact, it is only rising day by day. If you’re looking for affordable and best options for rental houses, visit

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