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M A Jinnah Road Karachi 

as often as possible shortened as MA Jinnah Street, could be a major lane in central Karachi, Pakistan. The street was initially named Bandar Street (بندر روڈ ;"Harbour Street"), owing to the truth that it connected the city to the Harbour of Karachi,[1] but was afterward renamed in respect of Pakistan's author, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. MA Jinnah Road stretches 6.1 kilometers from Jinnah Bridge within the south, close the Harbour of Karachi, to Gurumandir Chowk, north of Mazar-e-Quaid.[2] It is one of the city's most seasoned roads,[3] and passes through much of the colonial time noteworthy center of Karachi, with various points of interest along its route.

Amid Talpur run the show, the Rah-i-Bandar street was built to associate the city's harbour to the caravan terminals in what is now the Serai Quarter.[4] The Rah-i-Bandar within the 1860s would in the long run be advance created by the British into Bandar Road.[5][6] In 1949, the street was renamed after Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the author of Pakistan.

MA Jinnah Road stretches 6.1 kilometres from Jinnah Bridge in the south to Gurumandir Chowk, north of Mazar-e-Quaid.[2] Numerous landmarks are sited along this road,[8] including (from southwest to northeast): the Karachi Port Trust Building, Merewether Clock Tower, New Memon Masjid, Denso Hall, City Courts at Nanakwara, Karachi Municipal Corporation Building, Swaminarayan Mandir, Khaliq Dina Hall, NJV Government Higher Secondary School, and Mazar-e-Quaid (Jinnah Mausoleum).[9][10] It terminates at the Gurumandir Chowrangi roundabout, where several major roads converge, including: Business Recorder Road, Jehangir Road, Jamshed Road, Jigar Muradabadi Road, and Clayton Road

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M A Jinnah Road
M A Jinnah Road