Area Guide Kallar Syedan, Rawalpindi |

Area Guide Kallar Syedan, Rawalpindi

Kallar Syedan (کلر سیداں) is a city located in Punjab, Pakistan, and is the headquarters of the Kallar Syedan Tehsil.

Kallar Syedan's existence dates back approximately 1,200 years. The town rose to prominence during Sikh rule, evident today from the havelis (townhouses), gurdwaras (temples) and small fortresses that can be found around the Rawalpindi district. Krishna Temple is an example of a Hindu temple built during Sikh rule.

The Bedi Mahal palace was built by Baba Khem Singh Bedi in the latter half of the 19th century. According to records, Baba Khem Singh assisted the British Raj in suppressing a rebellion in Gugera, a town near the Okara district during the 1857 Indian mutiny. In recognition of his services, he was appointed magistrate in 1877 and was later nominated to the Viceroy's Legislative Council in 1893. After the division of India and Pakistan, the palace was transformed into a boy's high school named Kallar Syedan.

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