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Situated right in front the iconic Fatima Jinnah (F-9) Park, G-9 is a very well-known sector of the Islamabad due to its multiple characteristics. The residents living in this sector enjoy a unique geographical advantage with various well established sectors around and rich network of road to make access easy to any parts of the twin cities. 

Like all other sectors, G-9 has four sub-sectors and a centralized commercial market, G-9 Markaz - famously known as Karachi Company, where every item can be found ranging from groceries to other kitchen. Karachi is company serves as a commercial hub not only for the residents of this sector rather it is relied upon by people from every part of the capital city as the scale of commercial activities is quite large. Bordered by Mangla Road and Rohtas Road, G-9 Markaz features a full fledged cricket ground adjacent to police station, opposite to that lies the famous Tehzeeb Bakers which is famous its delicious pizzas and bakeries, next to that, Chilman Restaurant is located which is known to be appreciated for its superbly hygienic and delicious foods. Other than that, one can find every commodity of his need in this commercial area.

At a location with high geographical advantage, this sector is surrounded by major landmarks and well-settled neighborhood. The sector benefits from a number of facilities including security, electricity, gas and water supply. Ibn-e-Sina Road connects the area to Islamabad Expressway which leads all the way to Rawat and other areas of the twin cities for example, Bahria Town, DHA, PWD, Pakistan Town, Korang Town, Humak Town, and CBR Town.

On the other side, the area is directly connected to Kashmir Highway which opens the horizon more for the residents of G-9, connecting them to areas lying to the western part of the capital city, TopCity-1, Mumtaz City, B-17, Jammu and Kashmir Housing Society, and New Islamabad International Airport. Any community needs commercial markets where they could find a number of commodities as per their requirement, the residents of G-8 benefit from a number of commercial outlets offering multiple products that range from grocery to home appliances and fixtures. Its unique location allows it to access a number of brands and shopping centers in Blue Area - a commercial hub of the capital city.

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