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Jamshed Town is named after Jamshed Nusserwanjee Rustamjee Mehta, who belonged to the Parsi community. He was a great humanitarian. In 1922, he was voted as President of the Karachi Municipality. He worked towards providing housing and shelter to the people. He developed a housing society, which was named Jamshed Quarters. Its aim was to provide affordable housing to middle-income families. He provided land free of cost and also provided loans for the construction of houses. He was rightfully called as ‘The real father of Karachi.’ Jamshed Nusserwanjee got the housing scheme approved and few years down the line, many housing societies offered well-constructed homes, suited for the middle-class segment of the society.

In 2000, the federal government of Pakistan introduced changes in the local government – eliminating the administrative divisions, which formed the third tier of the government. Districts, which was the fourth tier now became the third tier. The result was the dissolution of the previous Karachi Division. This merged the five districts to form a new Karachi City-District, having 18 independent towns. Jamshed Town was one of those towns. It is now one of the biggest residential areas of Karachi, comprising 13 union councils, namely Mehmoodabad, Soldier Bazar, Garden East, Azam Basti, Akhtar Colony, Pakistan Quarters, Manzoor Colony, PECHS 1 & 2, Jat Lane Lines, Chanesar Goth, Jacob Lines, and Jamshed Quarters. Karachi’s important landmarks, like Jinnah mausoleum is in Jamshed Town.

  • One of the largest towns of Karachi
  • Popular housing areas are located within Jamshed      Town
  • Properties at affordable rates
  • Accommodation      best-suited for middle-income group





Middle-class families reside in Jamshed Town. Therefore, it has a number of public transport options for easy commute. People living in Mehmoodabad opt for Mehmoodabad Number 5 bus stop and Mehmoodabad Number 6 bus stop to travel in the city. Inhabitants of Manzoor Colony travel through buses that stop at Manzoor Colony bus station and Eid Gah Chowk bus station. Akhtar Colony is adjacent to Manzoor Colony. X-9 Old stop and Akhtar Colony stop are always busy with buses picking up passengers from these stations. Popular housing society of P.E.C.H.S. 1 and 2 is also located in the area. Tariq Road bus stop is at a cross-road where most people wait on road-sides for coaches and mini-buses. Here you can get public transport like Safari coach, F&W series of buses to go to northern part of the city and G&M series to access the western part of the city.


Jamshed Town is famous for its budget-friendly markets. KMC market, in Soldier Bazaar, is one of the oldest markets, which was built even before Pakistan’s independence. It has four sections offering meat, vegetable, fish and grocery items. Eros supermarket in Jamshed Quarters is also a popular market in the area. Diamond supermarket on Nusserwanji Road, offers a good variety of household products at reasonable rates.


Mosques are an indispensably portion of a Muslim neighborhood. Designers and builders take uncommon thought in building mosques inside strolling separate of private units. Binori Town Masjid in Jamshed Quarters is one of the most seasoned and greatest mosques in Karachi. It too features a advanced madrassa, where you may discover one of the most elevated numbers of outside understudies selected. Individuals who need to pick up an understanding of Islam or wish to ask related questions come to Jamia Binori Town to induce answers, within the light of Quran and Hadith. Jamia Masjid Sofia Imamia Noorbakhshia in Block-9, Mehmoodabad may be a colossal mosque, where the reliable assemble for supplications in assemblage. In Jacob Lines, an ancient, wonderful mosque named Thanvi masjid is show. Masjid-e-Aqsa, Ashrafia mosque, Nomania masjid, Firdos masjid, Jamia masjid Hanfia, Jamia masjid Zaitoon, are a few of the outstanding mosques in Mehmoodabad. Al Irfan Jamia mosque in Al Manzoor Colony may be a central mosque, highlighting ‘subz gunbud.’ It holds a lar

As Jamshed Town is home to people of different religions, you will also find many Hindus and Christians residing in the area. One of the oldest and renowned temples named Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple is present in Mahtab Colony, Soldier Bazaar, Jamshed Town. This 1500-year-old temple has an 8-feet long statue of Hanuman - which is not man-made. This well-maintained historical temple is a testament of how people live in harmony and peace here.


Jamshed Town has some of the oldest and renowned schools in town. Mama Baby Care Cambridge, The Kindergarten school, Happy Montessori school, Kotwal’s Casa school and Fatimiyyah Montessori system are popular early learning centres for small kids. St. Lawrence’s boys’ school in Soldier Bazaar is providing a conducive learning environment and imparting quality education since 1950. Some of the other schools in Soldier Bazaar are Karachi Model Academy, Al Badar school, Rose Petal school, Genius Public school and Oxford Grammar school. In Mehmoodabad, there are many schools present. M.E Education system, Al Hamd English High school, Noor-ul-Islam high school, The Creatorz public school, LMS School of Education and PICS Education Point are a few names in this regard. People residing in Azam Basti and Akhtar Colony have many options to choose from: The Salvation Army Secondary school, White Rose Grammar school, St. Vincent’s High school, St. Peter & Paul high school, Mashal Secondary school and Nizamuddin Secondary school are popular schools in the neighbourhood. 


As a large number of middle-salaried people reside in Jamshed Town, you will find micro-finance banks in the area. Tameer Bank And Advans Bank have their branches in Manzoor Colony and The First Microfinance bank is in Mehmoodabad. Renowned banks like Sindh Bank, Faysal Bank, Askari Bank, Allied Bank, UBL Bank, Bank Al Habib and MCB have their branches in Azam Basti.


Al Razi hospital in Mehmoodabad is an old hospital in the area. It provides good medical services to the residents. Asif Dental Clinic, Dua Welfare Centre, Al Shifa Clinic, Sameer Clinic and Siddiqui Memorial Clinic are few names of clinics where people go to for the treatment of any common ailments. SIUT Hajiani Chatul Bai Dialysis centre in Soldier Bazaar offers medical services to patients suffering from kidney diseases. Fatmiyyah Hospital provides top medical care to the community. For any gynaecological issue or for the delivery of baby, people head to Holy Family hospital in Soldier Bazaar. It has a team of highly skilled obstetricians who tackle emergency cases with expertise. Seth Seoomal Mulchnad Khilnai (SSMK) Maternity home in Soldier Bazaar was built in 1942 and still serves the community women. Dar-ul-Sukoon is an old home in Soldier Bazaar, where the elderly are kept with love and care.



Jamshed Town, Karachi offers a number of houses, flats and plots up for sale for people belonging to middle-income group. Even if you have a limited budget, you will find a place of your own at reasonable rates. This is the reason why Jamshed Town is a popular housing area among masses.

Jamshed Town has a variety of houses up for sale. 120 sq. yd. houses for sale can range from PKR 65 lakh to PKR 4 crore. As the area spreads to 240 sq. yd., price range varies in between PKR 1 to PKR 8.5 crore. For 500 sq yd houses, prices range in between PKR 5 crore and PKR 15 crore.

Jamshed Town has 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed apartments up for sale. Studio flats are available in PKR 35 lakh – PKR 3.45 crore. 2-bed apartments are up for sale at a price range of PKR 18 lakh and PKR 2.7 crore. Investment in 3-bed flats with a price range of PKR 32 lakh and PKR 3.8 crore is popular among people having larger families. 

Investors like to buy plots in Jamshed Town as they come in affordable rates. This area offers plots in 75 sq yd, 100 sq yd, 200 sq yd, 350 sq yd and 1000 sq yd. Prices vary according to the measurement in sizes. Average prices of plots range in between PKR 65 lakh and PKR 33 crore. 

People who do not want to invest in Jamshed Town look for rental options. There are houses and flats available for rent.

ouses on rent in Jamshed Town are available in various sizes. A 2-bed house is available with a monthly rental price of PKR 12 thousand. There are big houses also available for rent. An 11-bedroom, 3000 sq yd bungalow is available for PKR 40 lakh.

You can find varied rental options in Jamshed Town. Some of the apartments here are quite old, while some of them have been replaced by their concrete counterparts. When choosing a flat for rent in Jamshed Town, you can explore which area suits you – the bustling and crowded Mehmoodabad, the historic Soldier Bazaar or the peaceful and prestigious housing area of P.E.C.H.S. Take your pick. You can find studio apartments, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom flats on rent in Jamshed Town. The rental prices of 2-bedroom flats in Jamshed Town have a range of PKR 20 thousand and PKR 50 thousand per month. For 3-bedroom apartments, the price range falls in between PKR 18 thousand to PKR 1.1 lakh per month.

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