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Karsaz Karachi:

is the naval station and the largest technical training facility located in the urban neighborhood of Karsaz in Karachi that provides technical education on the subjects of the mechanics and the electronics for the Navy's enlisted personnel upon their passing out from the PNS Himalaya— the Navy's only basic training boot camp in Manora Island in Karachi coast, Sindh in Pakistan.: 81 [2]: 129 [3]

The PNS Karsaz serves to its purpose of conducting the instructional basis vocational education that ranges from the basic–to-mid–to–advance level professional courses on mechanics and military electronics for its Operations Branch.: 195 [4] Established with the assistance from the U.S. Navy in 1954,: 190 [5] the PNS Karsaz is a well established and a large complex of covering the 45.5 acres (1,980,000 sq ft) that consists of a single administration building and four vocation schools including the auditorium, library on military history, and dormitory that houses its personnel.[6]

Training on military electronics and mechanics does not restrict to the Navy's enlisted personnel but enlisted personnel from Marines, Army, and Air Force have been educated, certified, and earned their badges of qualifications from the PNS Karsaz.

After the partition of India that established the independence of Pakistan from the United Kingdom, the Royal Indian Navy (RIN) was divided between the navies of India and Pakistan, with Pakistan only receiving the one-third of the personnel from the Royal Indian Navy.

At the time of the commencement of the Navy, there was no training establishment or a naval station that would ensure the training and education of the new prospective trainee to oversee the functionality of the war machinery in the Navy as India had objected transferring of all the machinery and training establishments that happens to be on Indian soil to Pakistan. There were two schools on technical educations were established— Navy Polytechnic Institute in 1951 and the PNS Karsaz in 1954.

Establishment of the PNS Karsaz lies with the contribution and the crucial assistance from the United States Navy on 24 September 1954 with Rear-Admiral Zahid Hasnain becoming its first commandant.[7] From 1950s until the late 1960s, the U.S. Navy officers served in the faculty of the PNS Karsaz, with initial courses offered in mechanics and machinery in 1954 and later adding instructions on electronics in 1955 with an NBCD School being established for this purpose.

For meeting the technical training needs in mechanical machinery and electronics, the PNS Karsaz has multidimensional responsibilities by providing education and instructions on machinery maintenance and electrical and circuitry systems in the machines

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