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Taiser Town


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Taiser Town Description

Taiser Town (Scheme-45), located in Karachi's northwestern outskirts. Taiser Town lies on Karachi's north-eastern outskirts. It is an inexpensive housing project for the low-income population that spans 20,570 acres of land. Malir Development Authority was the first to design the residential scheme. People who had lived by the Lyari River for generations were asked to relocate when the Lyari Expressway was built. Later, the government compensated them financially and gave them with houses in Taiser Town. Taiser Town is more than simply a place to live; it's a 59 million square meter (14466 acre) master-planned city where unrivalled luxury meets natural beauty. It is the newest city-within-the-city development, offered to you by Malir Development Authority, and is inspired by MDA's ambition to make Karachi one of the world's most sought-after cities to live, work, and play.