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Nishtar Street is among one of Karachi’s busiest streets which extends over 5.6 km from Napier Street to Jehangir Street or Adolescent Hatti Bridge. Nishtar Street was once known as Lawrence Street, named after Emissary of India, Sir John Lawrence, amid British run the show within the locale. After freedom, the official title was changed to honor a respected Pakistan development pioneer, Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar.

Nishtar Street passes along a number of private and commercial ranges. Later anti-encroachment drive by Karachi Metropolitan Enterprise (KMC) expelled numerous unlawful roadside cabins, shops and pushcarts from the most street. This brought about in made strides activity stream and law execution all through the course.

A few well-known regions close Nishtar Street incorporate Officer Bazaar, Cultivate East and Martin Quarters West. Lyari Expressway can be seen running parallel to the street and one can get to it through crossing point of Nishtar Street with Manghopir Street. Karachi Zoo Stop is specifically connected to the street in conjunction with office area of Cultivate Activity Police. Besides, Nishtar Street has a few interlinked associations with intercity benefit streets and primary streets, interfacing it over the entire city.

  •  Access to the entire city due to      well-connected road network
  •        Good for commercial      businesses due to huge influx of people
  •        Close proximity to      a number of educational institutes, restaurants, malls and parks
  •        Directly link to      Karachi Zoological Gardens
  •        Affordable      residential sectors
  • Access to infrastructures including      water, gas and power.





As Nishtar Stop could be a active street with monstrous vehicular activity, city organizers have taken steps to dodge open stops on the most street to maintain a strategic distance from obstructions in activity. Transport stops closest to Nishtar Street incorporate Isb Express Transport Stand and Bala Gujjar Transport Halt on Trade Recorder Street – less than a kilometer, Course 8 Transport Halt in PIB Colony – around 1 km absent and Hyderabad Colony Transport Halt in Jamshed Quarters – around 1 km absent.

Other transport stops close Nishtar Street inside a span of 5 km incorporate Tariq Street Transport Halt on Tariq Street PECHS, Daak Khana Transport Halt in Piece 5 Liaquatabad, Bismillah Lodging Pak Colony Transport Halt in Pak Colony Chittagong Colony, Jahangirabad Transport Halt on Altaf Ali Barelvi Street, Habib Bank Chowrangi Transport Halt close Nazimabad Underpass, Petrol Pump Transport Halt in Piece 3 Nazimabad, Hussainabad Transport Halt in Gulberg Town, Modern Pakistan Transport Halt in F.C Zone Nazimabad, Nazimabad 7 Number Transport Halt on Sharah-e-Sher Shah Suri and Chandni Chowk Transport Halt in Paposh Nagar. Four transport stops are found in Saddar inside 3 km separate counting Taj Complex Transport Halt, Al Madina Transport Halt, Metro Saddar Transport Halt and Korangi Transport Halt.

Since Karachi is a vast city, it is surrounded by numerous railway stations. Railway stations within a 5 km radius of Nishtar Road include S.I.T.E Station in Sindh Industrial Trading Estate, Wazir Mansion Railway Station in Machar Colony, City Station Karachi Circular Railway in City Railway Colony, DCOS Railway Station near Club Road, Pakistan Railways Karachi Cantonment Station on Dr Daud Pota Road and Chanesar Halt in Block 6 PECHS. All these stations are at approximately 15 to 20 minutes’ drive

City Station Karachi, once known as McLeod Station, is considered the oldest railway station in Pakistan. It was in 1861, the railway initiated its first public access route between Karachi and Kotri. The station is equipped to facilitate both reserved passengers and cargo bookings. Currently eight trains are active on track, including Hazara Express, Shah Latif Express, Mehran Express, Bolan Mail Express, Bahaudin Zakriya Express, Khushal Khan Khattak Express, Sukkur Express and Fareed Express.


Nishtar Street is found within the center of the metropolitan Karachi which is why its encompassing range is swarmed with shops and markets. Noticeable markets found inside a minute’s drive from Nishtar Street incorporate Khaleej Bara Showcase on Nishtar Street, Naseem Cloth Advertise on 324 Islam Ganj Road 1, Lasbella Advertise in Mustafa Colony, Adolescent Hatti Bloom Advertise close Youngster Hatti Bridge and Shama Versatile Shoe Showcase on Ramji Somaya Street. Other noticeable markets inside 5 km span incorporate Rauf Advertise in Square 6 Liaquatabad Town, Musa Colony Angle Showcase in Government B Range Musa Colony, Karimabad Showcase in Government B Region Square 3, Badar showcase in Square 13D-1 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Officer Bazaar KMC Showcase in Saddar, Agreeable Showcase in GPO Saddar on Abdullah Haroon Street and Press Advertise on Ireland Street.

Cooperative Market is clustered with vendors dealing in electronics and textile. Wide variety of formal and casual men’s wear are available. If you cannot find the design you are looking for, you can get unstitch clothes tailored as per your requirements. Tons of accessories and electronic shops are located in the market. Most of them offer repair and replacement of older electronic equipment. To take advantage of cheap rates, one must be a bargain expert in negotiating prices. 

Superstores and marts close Nishtar Street inside 10 minutes’ drive incorporate Cultivate Super Bazaar on Nishtar Street, Sohaib Common Store in Durban Bazaar and Jewel Super Showcase close Aga Khan Jamat Khana.


On a active street like Nishtar Street, you'll be able find countless mosques now and then found fair many paces separated. Mosques found inside a minute’s drive from Nishtar Street incorporate Fatima Masjid on Abraham Road, Makkah Masjid and Jamay Masjid Jilani in in Hamid Colony, Masjid Abu Obaida in Plant East Trooper Bazaar, Marjan Masjid in Goth Father Muhammad, Noor Subhani Masjid in Mustafa Colony, Masjid-e-Kihizra on Nishtar Street, Firdous Masjid on Pakistan Quarters Path 1, Jilani Mosque on Orange Road, Hanifia Masjid in Ranchorline, Jamia Masjid Gulzar-e-Anbia close Pioneer Street and Farooq-e-Azam Masjid in Nanak Wara Bhimpura.

Karachi is a diverse city with people from different provinces and countries living in harmony. Several churches are located close to Nishtar Road, namely Saint Lawrence’s Church in Soldier Bazar Garden East – a 3 minutes’ drive, Saint Peter's Church in Firdous Colony – around 2 km away and Christ the King Church on Dadabhai Naoroji Road – approximately 3 km away. Central Brooks Memorial Church, The Salvation Army Church (DHQ) and Saint Andrew’s Church in Saddar – within a distance of 2 km.

Binori Town Masjid located on Jamshed Road is just 2 km away from Nishtar Road. Apart from its aesthetics, the mosque is also a place to teach Islamic culture to young kids. People are drawn to calm and peaceful atmosphere of the mosque while attending prayers. .

Taking after sanctuary are found close Nishtar Street: Panchmukhi Hanuman Sanctuary in Officer Bazar No. 3 – a 6 minutes’ drive, Nav-Ranuja Mandir on Mukhi Choithram Street – at a separate of 1.5 km, Slam Mandir on Evergreen Street – 2 km absent, Smash Dev Gujrati Mandir in Narayanpur Ranchore Path – inside a 2 minutes’ drive and Sitla Mata Sanctuary close Risala Police Line Street – less than a kilometer absent. Sanctuaries close Seari Quarters, at a separate of 2 km, incorporate Narayan Mandir, Shree Swaminarayan and ISKCON Sri Gaur Nitai Bhawan.


You'll be able discover a number of schools inside 2 km sweep from Nishtar Street counting Nasra Open School on Islam Ganj Road, The City School and The Shrewd School on Commerce Recorder Street, Foremost English Language structure School on Masoom Shah Road, Daffodils Institute in Cultivate East, Dynamic Grammer School in Hamid Colony, The Authority School Cultivate Campus on Process Road, Ibrahim Ali Bhai School in Pak Quarters, Dynamic Show School close Karachi Dinner Corridor, Pak Grammar School on ManakJi Road and Shrewdness House School on Edward Road.

The City School has a brand name recognition in Pakistan. It is considered among the largest private school network in Pakistan. Presently, there are over 150 schools spread across 49 cities with over 500 owned franchised schools. The City School gained popularity due to its exclusive teaching system derived from UK based curriculum. Students are prepared from early stage to compete in Cambridge International Examinations (O and A Level Examination). Apart from education, students are further motivated to engage in creative and sports activities. Like most schools, The City School emphasizes on English as medium of instruction which further aid students with admissions in foreign and local universities.

With the availability of so many governmental colleges, students get access to them via a merit system. Although not all government colleges can offer educational standard compared to private institutions but reduced cost, and in some cases free tuition fees, are perks of governmental sponsorship. 

A number of good public and private universities can be found near Nishtar Road. Prominent universities include the following:

  • Dawood University of Engineering & Technology on      Muhammad Ali Jinnah Road – 3.5 km away
  • Preston Institute of Management Science and  &





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