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Mehmoodabad is one of the regions of Jamshed Town which comes beneath most populated and most seasoned ranges of Karachi. Situated close PECHS, and Resistance See, Mehmoodabad has numerous private and commercial properties in Square 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 among which Mehmoodabad Piece 1 tops the later slant for buying properties. There are numerous populated regions neighboring Mehmoodabad counting Manzoor Colony, PECHS, Akhtar Colony, Baloch Colony, Chanesar Goth, and Azam Basti. Other than being domestic to numerous individuals, Mehmoodabad is additionally well known for facilitating a huge furniture showcase.

  • Many populated neighborhoods are near Mehmoodabad
  • Diversified residential area
  • Affordable properties available
  • The nearest      area from Iqra University Main Campus





Being closest zone to Baloch Colony and Resistance See, open transport in Mehmoodabad is effectively accessible on the adjacent stops like Mehmoodabad Number 5 Transport Halt, Mehmoodabad Number 2 Transport Halt, Mehmoodabad Number 6 Transport Halt, Eid Gah Chowk Transport Halt, and Manzoor Colony Transport Halt. Mehmoodabad joins with the rest of the ranges through numerous open buses such as 1-E. U, U-10, U-4, U-8, W-19, W-21, W-30, and S-2. Other than open buses, individuals can discover rickshaws and taxis on each transport halt and other ride-hailing administrations like Careem and Uber moreover played their portion to play down the bother to discover any transport benefit.


There are many small and big markets in Mehmoodabad to meet the daily needs of the residents. Apart from the general shops and stores, there are various meat shops, automobile parts shops, and a furniture market.

Kauser Market is one of the main markets located on Mehmoodabad main road which has a number of shops where people prefer to visit frequently. It can be reached within 5 minutes’ drive. Besides that, there is the Surmawala Store in main Mehmoodabad which is famous for selling home appliances and motorcycles on easy installment plans for those who cannot afford to pay at once. Other than that, there are poultry and meat shops at every corner of the street selling fresh poultry and meat every day, and also a market for auto parts and accessories.

Crown Tyre shop in Umar Colony is around 12 minutes away. It has every range of tires for any automobile be it motorcycle, car, or heavy vehicles.

Salma Super Market located in Defence View adjacent to Iqra University is another supermarket near Mehmoodabad. It Is only 16 minutes away.

These are not the only options for the residents as there are other supermarkets outside the society which can be reached within half an hour. There is the largest branch of Imtiaz Superstore situated near Mehmoodabad near KPT Interchange. And also, Naheed’s Supermarket and Chase are other superstores located on main Shaheed-e-Millat Road. Residents can reach there within 18 minutes provided traffic condition.


Moreover, there is a big furniture market comprising of several furniture shops and outlets near Gujjar Chowk and Baloch Colony Expressway. You can find various carpenter shops who make customized furniture. Also, there are quite a few outlets where finest, ready-to-ship furniture is available at considerably lower prices. For example, Obsession Outlet which is only 3 minutes away from Gujjar Chowk is a well-known online store for furniture and home décor. It offers a wide range of standard and luxurious furniture including bedroom sets, tables, sofas, kitchens, and all home accessories. The store provides a 1-year warranty along with the customer support and installation as well.

Other furniture stores near Gujjar Chowk include, Rafiya Furniture in Manzoor Colony is only 3 minutes away, Tauheed Furniture in Manzoor Colony is 2 minutes away, GM Furniture in Manzoor Colony is 6 minutes away, and Fazal Furniture & Interior in Manzoor Colony which are located at a few minutes’ distances from each other.

While all of the stores offer magnificent service in making furniture, most notable furniture stores among all are

  • Sony      Interior Karachi is also in Manzoor Colony and is reachable within 2      minutes
  • Osa Furniture in Manzoor Colony is 4 minutes away
  • Al Jannat Furniture on Lucky Afridi Road is 3      minutes away
  • Touch Wood Furniture And Asian Hijab Factory on      Chaudhry Rehmat Ali Road is 2 minutes away
  • Riaz      interiors on Punjab Road is also 2 minutes away

Few other furniture makers in the vicinity of Mehmoodabad are Mod Furniture in Manzoor Colony, Al-Noor Furniture on the main expressway near Manzoor Colony is 2 minutes away, Wood Designs in Sector-F Manzoor Colony is on 7 minutes’ drive, Western Interior & Furniture’s in Sector-I Manzoor Colony is 3 minutes away, Shahid Furnitures on Punjab Road is 4 minutes away, Curtain Corner in main Manzoor Colony is just 2 minutes away, M.Riaz interiors in Manzoor Colony is also at 2 minutes distance, Evernew Furniture is the nearest from Gujjar Chowk at a 1-minute distance.


Mehmoodabad has numerous mosques for the individuals to perform supplications and Islamic ceremonies, and most of the mosques are at strolling separate for the inhabitants within the different remove. A few of the eminent mosques within the region are Hijazi Mosque, Faizan e Jamal Mustafa Masjid in Azam Basti, Khalid Container Waleed Masjid in KAECHS, Haft Sultan Masjid on 23rd road Mehmoodabad, Madni Masjid in Block-6 PECHS, and Naumania Masjid Mehmoodabad on the most road. As the area is differentiated in culture and religion, there are numerous churches display within the adjacent zones for the Christian community as well. Few of the striking churches are Heavenly Rosary Catholic Church, SPCG Church Primary Department on Street-14 and St. Thomas’ Church in Azam Basti... StPaul ARP church in Akhtar Colony is 6 minutes absent from fundamental Mehmoodabad, St. Mathew’s Anglican Church in Sector-D Manzoor Colony is 14 minutes absent, St. John Marie Vianney Catholic Church in Block-6 PECHS is as it were 4 minutes’ drive absent, and St Michael Church in Sector-C Ma


  • Mehmoodabad is well-known      for the number of coaching centers within the fundamental range. Other      than that, there are numerous open (government) and private schools,      catering to numerous students for essential as well as auxiliary      education. Some of the government schools within the region are      Noor-e-Islam Govt. Young ladies School Karachi, Govt. Boys Auxiliary      School, Govt Chanesar Town Boys School, Govt. Young ladies Tall School      Green Belt, Government Young ladies Essential and Auxiliary School,      Mehmoodabad Govt Boys School, and Govt. Polytechnic Institute Apart from      government schools, there are certain private schools that have been      cultivating quality instruction for numerous a long time. Few of the      schools in and close the region are: The City School PAF Chapter is around 12 minutes away from      Mehmoodabad. The City School is considered as the pioneer of modern      Cambridge education system in Pakistan. It offers an academic program from      kindergarten till A-Levels.
  • Beaconhouse School System Primary I Campus in      Block-6 PECHS is only 6 minutes away from the society. The school is the      finest educational institute fostering quality education for more than      three decades. It has been educating approximately 308,000 students in 8      countries across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East region. It offers      Cambridge System education from Kindergarten level till A-Levels.
  • Dar-e-Arqam School PECHS Branch in Block-6 PECHS is      5 minutes away. Dar-e-Arqam School has been operating the schooling system      since 1991. It has more than 660 branches all over Pakistan with more than      175,000 enrolled students. It offers education from Playgroup to grade 10.
  • The Educators K.A.E.C.H.S Campus in Block-4 KAECHS      is 7 minutes away. It is a project of the Beaconhouse School System.
  • Karachi      Public School (KPS) IN Block-6 PECHS is only 5 minutes away. It is the      campus that was established in 2014. KPS is a well-reputed school among      the citizens due to its quality education and co-curricular activities.      For admission from grade I-X, students need to qualify English, Maths, and      Urdu. The school offers both the Board of Secondary Education program and      the Cambridge program.

As distant as colleges are concerned, Mehmoodabad has numerous, such as TCF College, Govt. Young ladies Degree College, Mehmoodabad, Pioneer specialized College, and Govt. College for Women. For higher instruction, numerous colleges arranged close the region. Iqra College gives quality instruction for both single men and master’s program and is arranged in Protection See close KPT Compatibility. PAF Kiet, on the other hand, is additionally a popular college fo





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