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House for Sale in Islamabad

Islamabad is not only the national capital but it is also the most beautiful city of Pakistan. It is the only purpose-built city in the country. Islamabad is known for its breathtaking natural beauty as it is heavily equipped with abundant greenery, parks, gorgeous sights, forests, wildlife, and what not!

Located on the northern plateau, Islamabad enjoys pleasant weather the year-round. Islamabad city provides its residents with a high standard of living where they enjoy easy access to all the basic amenities and the pleasure of residing in one of the cleanest cities of Pakistan. Most of Islamabad’s population belongs to the middle, upper-middle, and upper class.

Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) is a federally administered city. It is also where all the state matters are discussed and resolved. Home to a larger portion of the elite community, Islamabad overflows with some of the largest and extravagant real estate. Islamabad has popular housing schemes where people invest usually like houses in Bahira Town, houses in DHA, and more. The prices of houses in Islamabad have been seen to rise ever since its development in the 1960s. There are furnished houses with high-quality fittings and gardens in most of the houses of Islamabad.

Investment Overview

Property investment is one of the most common ways to secure your money for the long term. It is important to know that property investment is not about keeping your land and expecting its price to increase in the future. Property investment is about returns on investment. Higher the returns, the better will be the investment.

Islamabad, like any other metropolitan area, provides ample opportunities for investment. 

Buying a House in Islamabad

Whether it is the matter of finding a house for sale in Islamabad or the hunt for any perfect property in Islamabad, this city has never failed to offer the best real estate properties. Houses are available in various sizes from 5 marla houses in Islamabad to 10 marla houses in Islamabad, 1 kanal houses in Islamabad, and more. There are single, double, and triple unit houses in Islamabad.

Residential Real Estate in Islamabad

Residential Real Estate includes all kinds of houses, flats, townhouses, condos, and apartments. If you are low on capital or do not want to invest a hefty amount in properties then try to invest by buying houses in Islamabad that are 5 marla.

There are hundreds of 5marla, 10 marla houses for sale in Islamabad. You can also become a house owner by paying a small amount every month. Just choose from a number of houses for sale in Islamabad on installments and you’re done.

Commercial Real Estate in Islamabad

These properties include retail and office spaces which can be rented out to any sort of business. Thereby you can generate a stable source of income out of your commercial property in Islamabad.

Industrial Real Estate in Islamabad

Properties that can be used for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution of products fall under this category. As Islamabad has dedicated industrial areas, an investment made in the industrial real estate usually proves to be highly fruitful.


It won’t be wrong to say that Islamabad enjoys some of the finest facilities that Pakistan could offer. From basic facilities such as clean and safe drinking water, electricity, gas, educational institutions, and burial grounds to a state of the art infrastructure, spacious playgrounds, lush green parks, cinemas, and theaters; you name it and Islamabad has it!

Educational Institutions in Islamabad

There are hundreds of small and large scale schools and colleges in Islamabad. In most sectors and societies schools and colleges are near to houses in Islamabad. Both private and government-owned educational institutions are doing their best to provide the city with the finest educational services. Islamabad is also home to some of the biggest universities which are serving day scholars and boarders.

Transportation System

There are plenty of transportation services available in Islamabad. The working class usually commutes through Metro Bus Service which is widely spread across all the major areas of the city. While private cab services are also operational in Islamabad, the majority of Islamabad’s population prefers to use their own cars.


Islamabad is considered to be the safest city in Pakistan because of its high-end security system and over 1500 surveillance cameras. In most buildings and houses in Islamabad people have installed indoor and outdoor security cameras. The rate of theft and robbery is also very low as compared to other cities of Pakistan.

Shopping Malls in Islamabad

Islamabad offers a wide range of shopping experiences to its residents. Some of the largest malls of Pakistan are already operational in Islamabad while the city is also looking forward to a lot of upcoming projects such as Mall of Arabia, Imarat Builders Mall, and Amazon Outlet Mall.

There are also a lot of small and large scale markets in Islamabad which allow the people to locally purchase almost everything.

Healthcare Facilities in Islamabad

Islamabad is the right place to find some high-quality healthcare facilities. There are many private and government-owned hospitals and clinics that have been successfully meeting the healthcare needs of locals and non-natives.

Some of the well-renowned healthcare providers of Islamabad include Shifa International Hospital, Al Nafees Medical College Islamabad, Al Nafees Hospital, Pakistan Institute Of Medical Sciences, and Maroof International Hospital. 

Nearby Places

There is a vast range of places near Islamabad that one can head to for recreational activities or simply a day out with family and friends. Have a knack for Islamic architecture? Visit the famous Faisal Mosque. Want to go for a hike on the weekend? Make your way to the Margalla Hills.

If you’re simply in the mood to enjoy some natural beauty then Rawal Lake, Daman-e-Koh, or Pir Sohawa would be ideal destinations. History lovers should check out Pakistan Monument, Lok Virsa, and Saidpur Village. 

Some of the best and most luxurious hotels are also located in Islamabad. These well-known hotels include Marriott and Serena Hotel among many others. The aesthetic ambiance, pools, gyms, high-end restaurants, and lush green lawns at these hotels will make your stay worthwhile. Apart from these luxurious hotels, there are several rest houses in Islamabad as well. 

Recently, The New Islamabad Airport was inaugurated which is just over 20 kilometers from Zero Point.