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Bin Alam City

PKR9.95 lac - 35 lac

Project Description

Developed by Bin Alam Developers near Zero Point, Bin Alam City is planned to develop into modern residential society. It is ideally planned in a high profile location near New International Airport. One of the main features of Bin Alam City is that each block represents a different culture in one gated community. Different culture blocks such as Egyptian Block which will have architecture inspired by Egyptians, Greek Block which will have the architecture as well as the replicas of monuments from Ancient Greece. There will be an executive club for the elite, a separate golf course, pony and farm houses as well. Luxurious yet comfortable 7 Marla Awami Villas will be built and given to our customers for an exceptionally reasonable rate.

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Grand Club & Resorts

Capital Awami Villas feature Grand Club & Resort. The club comprises of professional polo ground, horse stable, racing track and gymnasium.

Grand Club & Resorts

Amusement Park

Bin Alam Developers plan to introduce a modern day theme park with Pakistan's first roller coaster. Apart from this, they will provide a cinema, sports facilities, paragliding and bungee jumping for entertainment of the residents.

Grand Club & Resorts


Located near New International Airport, Bin Alam City, Islamabad includes bus service to metro and airport, apartments, high rise buildings and water dam.

Grand Club & Resorts

Floor Plans

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Bin Alam Developers envision to become the most successful real estate firm in Pakistan. Based in Lahore, the firm incorporates modern techniques specializing in marketing, listing and selling of residential communities, condos, home suites, undeveloped land and commercial investment opportunities. They maintain a competent staff of well trained professionals who strive to provide best services for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.