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10 Marla House for Rent


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Posted on - May 11, 2022

10 Marla House for Rent in E-11, Islamabad 

A grand 10 marla house for rent in E-11/4, Islamabad. It comprises of 2 bedrooms, 2 washrooms, TV lounge, drawing & dining room, store room, servant quarter and car parking space. Key lifestyle and convenience around this property includes beautiful parks, commercial area, Restaurants and food outlets, medical care/ hospital, gym, health/sports centre within 1-2 KMs. Margalla Road can be used for daily commute.

Key features: 

  • 2 Bedrooms 
  • 2 Washrooms
  • TV lounge
  • Kitchen (premium quality and well-maintained fixtures)
  • Drawing & Dining Room
  • Store Room
  • Servant Quarter
  • Parking Space

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PKR 60000


  • Built in 2011

  • Parking Space

  • Lawn

  • Tv Lounge

  • Central Heating

  • Dining Room

  • Drawing Room

  • Kitchen

  • Store Room

  • Central Cooling

  • Wifi

  • Balcony

  • Laundry Room

  • Servant Quarter

  • Study Room

  • Accessible For Specially-abled Persons

  • Nearby Landmark

  • Corner House

  • Security Staff

  • Powder Room

  • Gas

  • Electricity

  • Water

  • Maintenance

  • South

The Neighbourhood

E-11, Islamabad

E-11 Islamabad Area Guide

Islamabad is an innovative, well-kept, and peaceful area, situated on Margalla Road. The area faces the beautiful Margalla Hills and has all essential amenities and facilities, including gas, water, wide roads, and electricity.


In any case, E-11 Islamabad is also a home of a number of important industrial areas, hospitals, educational institutions, parks, and much more. The Golra Shareef Railway channel is also easily accessible from E-11 Islamabad.


E 11 Islamabad is one of Islamabad's most prestigious housing societies because it is not only elegant but also conveniently located near all of Islamabad's key sectors. It is more inexpensive than other sectors of Islamabad, and it is also commercially viable for making investments.  Developers have set aside about 30% of the E-11 Markaz Islamabad for green areas.


E11 is presently one of Islamabad's most popular investment avenues. It encompasses a large residential and commercial area. Markaz, which has shopping malls, shopping marts, leading restaurants, cafes, offices, and banks, is located in the center of each block of E-11. And this increases the attraction and feasibility of the society.


Which development authority/body is responsible for the area?


The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is responsible for the ongoing development and upkeep of this exquisite sector's infrastructure.




According to the ICT (Zoning) Regulation, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) has been divided into 5 zones, three of which, namely Zones 2, 4, and, 5 have been designated for the development and planning of housing projects including Co-operative Housing Societies or Private Limited Companies, Park View City, as well as Capital Smart City. Sector E11 is in Zone 1 and lies on the northern outskirts of Islamabad City, near the Margalla Hills National Park.


Exact Area Covered By the Locality:


Sector E-11 Islamabad covers a total area of 811.50 Kanals, comprising about 662 residential plots. 


E-11 Islamabad Site Office Address: 


Chaudhry Zafar Ali, General Secretary, Multi Professionals Cooperative Housing Society (Regd), Plaza No.12-B/1, Ground Floor, Behind PSO Petrol Pump, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad.


Crown Business Center 1st floor office No 07 PMCHS, Main Double Road, Islamabad.


Neighboring localities:


Numerous residential areas are situated in proximity to E-11, such as;

  • Siri Saral Islamabad 
  • Sector F-10
  • Sector F-11
  • Sector D-12
  • Sector G-10 
  • Sector G-11
  • Golra Sharif Railway Station
  • Centaurus Mall
  • Service Housing Society


How can the area be accessed? How distant from the Landmarks? (KMs)


The sector is effectively connected to several major city arteries, allowing its residents easy access to other eminent areas.


  • 9-minute-drive from Siri Saral Islamabad via street 88, (2.0 Km). 
  • 10-minute-drive from F-10 via Main Double Road, E-11 Service Rd/Service Rd N, and Ahmed Faraz Rd, (4.2 Km).
  • 9-minutes-drive from Sector F-11 via Main Double Road and E-11 Service Rd/Service Rd, N (4.1 Km). 
  • 15-minutes-drive from Golra Sharif Railway Station via Golra Road, (5.1 Km).
  • 19-minutes-drive from Centaurus Mall via Main Margalla Road, (9.5 km).
  • 2-minutes-drive from Service Housing Society via Khalid Bin Waleed Road, (350.0 m). 


List of amenities in the locality:


  • Electricity, Gas, and Water Supply:

The Sector features an ultra-modern infrastructural development and also all the modern civic amenities such as the consistent supply of electricity, water, and gas. So that, without any hassle and shortage of these facilities, the residents can do their household chores more conveniently and timely. 


  • Security:

Clean, peaceful, and secure – The sector E-11 in Islamabad is nothing short of an elite lifestyle destination. The management of the area believes that "safety comes first" and does everything possible to give inhabitants foolproof security 24/7. So that they can move around the locality without having any fear or threat. 


  • Transport:

Sector E-11 is not just accessible via Margalla Road; the sector is also close to the Kashmir Highway. Residents in the neighborhood can have easy access to several other localities. Let's have a look at the various modes of transportation available in Islamabad's E-11 sector.


Taxis - People residing in the E-11 sector can take a yellow cab or use one of the famous ride-hailing services such as Uber or Careem, based on their availability to go to other areas of the city. Auto-rickshaws are not allowed in this locality, like in other sectors of Islamabad.


Metro Bus - Ibn-e-Sina Metro Station is situated in G-9 Islamabad and is around 8.3 kilometers away. It links people to Islamabad's Line 2 metro bus service, which runs from Peshawar Mor to Islamabad Airport. It is secure, easy, and cost-effective to travel by metro bus, which may take you to your intended destination for as low as PKR 30.


  • Maintenance & Waste Disposal 

Because Islamabad is Pakistan's administrative center, it enjoys a pristine and clean environment with a well-kept waste management system.


  • Other Necessities:

E-11 also has a proper sewerage system, extensive road networks, underground wiring, and all necessary utilities for the easy but luxurious lifestyle of the residents there.


Property Trends in the Locality:


If you want to buy and sell properties in E-11 Islamabad, then there are many houses, plots. apartments, offices, shops, and much more available; so let’s take a look at their price trends one by one. By doing so, you will get to know which price range will suit you and which is beyond your budget. 


Houses For Sale In E-11:

A plethora of developer-built houses for sale in E-11 Islamabad are available in different sizes such as 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 16 Marla, and 1 Kanal. The location, quality of furnishings, and proximity to facilities and amenities are all factors that influence the asking price of houses for sale.


  • The sale price range of 8 Marla Houses - 3.2 Crore to 5.5 Crores.
  • The sale price range of 10 Marla Houses - 3.8 Crore to 6.5 Crores
  • The sale price range of 16 Marla Houses - 5.5 Crore to 9.5 Crores.
  • The sale price range of 1 Kanal Houses - 6.3 Crore to 12.5 Crores.


Houses For Rent In Sector E-11 Islamabad: 


Unlike other house rental areas, you have full ownership of the e-11 Islamabad house until you pay rent.


  • The rent price range of 3 Marla Houses - 30,000 to 80,000.
  • The rent price range of 4 Marla Houses - 35,000 to 65,000.
  • The rent price range of 5 Marla Houses - 45,000 to 1.4 Lakh.
  • The rent price range of 7 Marla Houses - 65,000 to 1.4 Lakh.
  • The rent price range of 10 Marla Houses - 90,000 to 2.5 Lakh. 
  • The rent price range of 1 Kanal Houses - 1 Lakh to 3 Lakh. 


Apartments For Sale In E-11 Islamabad:

Sector E-11 also has a studio and one- to five-bedroom apartments for sale in a variety of high-rise apartment complexes. These apartments have 24/7-hour security, high maintenance, lifts and stairs, ample basement and outdoor parking, and individual lockers.


  • The sale price range of 450 Square Feet apartments - 32 Lakh to 60 Lakh.
  • The sale price range of 500 Square Feet apartments - 40 Lakh to 65 Lakh.
  • The sale price range of 550 Square Feet apartments - 49 Lakh to 55 Lakh.
  • The sale price range of 600 Square Feet apartments - 50 Lakh to 75 Lakh.
  • The sale price range of 650 Square Feet apartments - 22 Lakh to 65 Lakh.
  • The sale price range of 700 Square Feet apartments - 60 Lakh to 85 Lakh.


Plots For Sale in E-11 Islamabad:


In Sector E-11 Islamabad, the residential plots available for sale come in different size cuttings such as 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 16 Marla, and 1 Kanal.


  • The sale price range of 8 Marla Residential Plots - 3.75 Crore to 7.9 Crores.
  • The sale price range of 10 Marla Residential Plots - 1.88 Crore to 3.3 Crores.
  • The sale price range of 16 Marla Residential Plots - 2.7 Crore to 4.25 Crores.
  • The sale price range of 1 Kanal Residential Plots - 3.95 Crore to 6 Crores.


In Sector E-11 Islamabad, the commercial plots for sale are also available in different size cuttings including 2 Marla, 4 Marla, 8 Marla, and 1 Kanal. 


  • The sale price range of 2 Marla Commercial Plots - 37 Lakh to 55 Lakh. 
  • The sale price range of 4 Marla Commercial Plots - 3.4 Crores to 7.5 Crores.
  • The sale price range of 8 Marla Commercial Plots - 15 Crores to 45 Crores.
  • The sale price range of 1 Kanal Commercial Plots - 45 Crores to 80 Crores.



Sector E-11, which is surrounded by lush greenery, provides its residents a healthy, sophisticated, and well-facilitated lifestyle. That's why Sector E-11 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an apartment or house in a serene location. The addition of all the below-mentioned attractions and amenities have contributed to providing an exceptional lifestyle that everyone wants to avail of. 


Mosques In the Locality:

The sector includes several gorgeous mosques with modern architecture to make performing religious obligations less physically demanding. These mosques are well-constructed, surrounded by abundant lush greenery, have spacious praying areas, as well as clean ablution facilities.


  • Jāmi' Masjid Qurtubah - PX2C+MMM, Services Society SCHS E 11/2 E-11, Islamabad.
  • Mosque loharawali - MXWG+VV4, Golra E-11, Islamabad.
  • Jamia Masjid Quba - Capital Territory, F.E.C.H.S. FECHS Golra E-11, Islamabad.
  • Jamia Masjid Mehria Golra Sharīf - Golra Rd, Golra E-11, Islamabad.
  • Bilal Masjid - Street 13, NPF E 11/4 E-11, Islamabad.


Shopping Facilities - Sector E-11 has the added benefit of being close to commercial markets, as well as having many grocery, clothing, and medical stores.

As a prospective Sector E-11 resident, you can explore a number of upscale mega-malls situated in and around the vicinity. Food points, branded shops, and entertainment areas can all be found in the shopping malls or complexes here. Among these shopping malls located in Sector E-11, the most visited or famous shopping spots are as follows;


  • Best Mall - 2-B, First Floor, Yaseen Arcade,، MPCHS E 11/3 E-11, Islamabad.
  • Gul Plaza - MXXF+WF9, Services Society SCHS E 11/2 E-11, Islamabad.
  • The Royal Mall & Residencia - Main Double Road, MPCHS E 11/1 CP-16, Islamabad.
  • Zahid Market - Street 15, Golra E-11, Islamabad.
  • Utility Store Golra Shareef - Golra Rd, Golra E-11, Islamabad. 


Restaurants, Cafes, & Bakeries in Locality - The Sector also has numerous cafes, bakeries, and restaurants offering a diverse range of delicious and mouth-watering cuisines.


  • Shandez Restaurant - Main Margalla Road, Golra NPF E 11/4 E-11, Islamabad.
  • Hot n spicy restaurant - St 2, Services Society SCHS E 11/2 E-11, Islamabad.
  • Broadway Pizza E11 - Plot 35 E - 11/2 SCHS Puran Arcade Commercial Area, Islamabad.
  • Concepts Bakers - Block 4, Main Service Rd E, NPF E 11/4 E-11, Islamabad.
  • Gourmet Foods - Lower Ground floor، askan center، Street 63, MPCHS E 11/3 E-11, Islamabad.


Parks & Green Spaces - Sector E-11 is no exception to Islamabad's abundance of green spaces and recreational parks. E-11 parks provide well-kept jogging tracks, exercise areas, as well as clean washrooms.


  • MPCHS Park - MXV9+JX8, MPCHS E-11/1 Golra E-11, Islamabad.
  • Family Park - Unnamed Road, Northern Strip SCHS E 11/3 E-11, Islamabad.
  • Central Park - PX3H+GMF, MPCHS E-11/3 MPCHS E 11/3 E-11, Islamabad.


Sports & Fitness Facilities - In today's day and age, everyone wants to stay healthy and fit as it is now more than just a trend. That's why, a football academy, a cricket ground, fitness clubs, and gyms with highly professional trainers and advanced exercise equipment are available in Sector E-11 Islamabad.


  • Fitness Zone by The NAK - Sheikh Yaseen Arcade, Markaz Rd, MPCHS E 11/2 E-11, Islamabad.
  • Fitness Xpose - 1st Floor, Paris Heights, Main Double Road, NPF Golra E-11, Islamabad.
  • Box Cricket by Box Sports - Main Margalla Road, near High Velocity and Khudadad Heights, Golra E-11, Islamabad.
  • Star Lounge - PX3H+HQ5, MPCHS E-11/3 MPCHS E 11/3 E-11, Islamabad.
  • Sports Arena - behind Zakia Marquee, Golra NPF E 11/4 E-11, Islamabad.
  • Badminton Court - Public Park, MPCHS E 11/2 E-11, Islamabad.


Educational Facilities:


E-11 comprises several educational institutions with well-experienced and highly-qualified teaching staff. As a result of this factor, the residents of E-11 do not need to send their children to faraway schools, colleges, or universities, allowing for a hassle-free commute.


Schools - The following schools in E-11 Islamabad meet the international educational standards.

  • The City School - Street 59, MPCHS E-11/3 MPCHS E 11/2 E-11, Islamabad.
  • Beaconhouse E11 Campus (Early Years & Primary) - House #638, C/D Main Double Road, NPF Housing Society MPCHS E 11/2 E-11, Islamabad.
  • The Allied School  E11 - MXXP+H2F, NPF E 11/4 E-11, Islamabad.


Colleges - Colleges are a smart way to increase your chances of getting a stable, well-paying employment while also expanding your knowledge. Therefore, the facility of well-known colleges in sector E-11 is available for its residents such as;


  • TAMEER-E-MILLET SCHOOL & COLLEGE KHANPUR - Street 76-B, PHASE I SCHS E 11/3 E-11, Khanpur, Islamabad. 
  • Five Star Education (JLGC Group) - Street 8, F.E.C.H.S. PMCHS E 11/2 E-11, Islamabad.
  • Sir Syed Innovative School and College PWD Islamabad Campus - NP Foundation, 342-L Main Double Road, NPF E 11/4 E-11, Islamabad.


Universities - If you decide to skip higher education, you will miss out on a lot of knowledge and experience.  By keeping this in mind, the society's management established two well-known universities for spreading knowledge among students; 


  • International Islamic University E-11 Campus - PX2J+3GH, NPF E 11/4 E-11, Islamabad.
  • Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology - PX2M+2JR, NPF E 11/4 E-11, Islamabad.


Banks In Locality:


The availability of banking systems in the sector facilitates bill payments, day-to-day transactions, and much more. The residents of this sector can easily access a variety of banks including;


JS Bank - Plot No. 1 Services Housing Society، MPCHS Commercial Markaz E-11, Islamabad.

Meezan Bank - MXW9+2V9, MPCHS E-11/1 MPCHS E 11/1 E-11, Islamabad.

Soneri Bank - Al-Taqwa Plaza, Shop No2, Plot 10, St 36, E-11-3, E-11, Islamabad.

MCB Bank - PX3H+CGG, MPCHS E-11/3 MPCHS E 11/2 E-11, Islamabad.


Healthcare Facilities In Locality:


The presence of healthcare units in Sector E-11 definitely sets it apart from other residential areas. These healthcare units include numerous hospitals and clinics with highly qualified personnel, healthcare facilities, and emergency care as well.


  • Islamabad International Hospital & Research Center - Service Rd N, Northern Strip FECHS E 11/2 E-11, Islamabad.
  • Islamabad Medicare Hospital - 116 Street 88, F.E.C.H.S. FECHS E 11/2 E-11, Islamabad.
  • Mediks hospital - MXXF+WH3, Services Society SCHS E 11/2 E-11, Islamabad.,
  • Well Women's Clinic - Street 12:Ayesha Tower, above Well Mart & Pharmacy, NPF E 11/4 E-11, Islamabad.
  • Aesthetic Arena - MPCHS, Street 63, Markaz Rd, E 11/2 Islamabad. 


Ways To Commute:


A significant chunk of the city’s population uses their own means of transport, whereas many residents take advantage of public transportation, by keeping in mind the growing traffic congestion. Sector E-11 provides easy access to buses, traditional taxis, and cab-hailing app-based services for both non-car and bike commuters.

Residents of Sector E-11 Islamabad can take advantage of the Ibn-e-Sina Metro Service, which is situated in G-9, for a safe and cost-effective commute. They can also use ride-sharing services, traditional taxis, or take buses from Ibn-e-Sina from Metro Bus Station, G-9 Markaz Bus Wagon Stop in G-9, and Royal Travels 26 Peshawar Mor Bus Stop in G-11. The stops are around 5 to 11 kilometers from E-11 and take 10 to 16 minutes to arrive by road.

What's more, the Daewoo Express Cargo Service, based in F-10 Markaz, provides cargo transfer services to various parts of the country.


Master Plan of the Locality:

This master-planned community is surrounded by the mesmerizingly beautiful Margalla Hills and has a clean and tranquil environment. This sector offers residents a healthy and modern way of life. E-11's property value has risen steadily since its inception, and it is predicted to continue to rise. E-11/1, E-11/2, E-11/3, and E-11/4 are the four sub-sectors of this housing estate. A commercial area, known as a Markaz, lies at the center of each of these sub-sectors. There is also a designated industrial area in the sector, as well as the Golra Shareef Railway channel nearby.


Almost every month of the year, the property market in Islamabad portrays a positive image. In terms of investment quantity as well as action, the trend remains positive and optimistic. In Islamabad, investors are primarily interested in commercial properties and mixed-use developments. E-11 Markaz's alternatives for commercial investment will definitely astound you.


To meet the property demands, the developers of E-11 Markaz Islamabad continue to announce new properties and sectors in Islamabad, which retain their allure and attractiveness for potential investors to make investments and return more ROI.


Investing in both residential and commercial properties is a great opportunity for both medium and long-term gains. The Sector E-11 Islamabad is an excellent choice for serious buyers looking for their dream house. So, do thorough research for getting affordable plots, houses, apartments, or any other unit. You will undoubtedly find one that meets your needs while also fitting into your budget.

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