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House For Rent in Lahore

Pakistan’s second-largest city, Lahore, is renowned for its rich history and historical landmarks. 

People from different regions of Pakistan have migrated to this city to opt for a better lifestyle and better employment opportunities

About Lahore 

Lahore is the capital of Punjab, and is also referred to as the ‘Heart of Pakistan’. The city is famous for its extraordinary sites, delicious street food, and vibrant culture that makes it stand out from other cities.

It is considered to be the cultural capital of Pakistan based on the fact that it is home to over 15 million people with diverse cultural and traditional backgrounds. The city is full of employment opportunities for people belonging to all professional fields. 

Lahore is also the educational hub of Pakistan, with a large number of top universities in the country. These universities rank highly in Pakistan, and people from all regions of the country come here to study. This educational need also yields the need for rental houses for students who are looking for shared accommodations.

Why Should You Rent a House in Lahore?

Renting a house in Lahore is becoming increasingly popular these days. This is due to the growing population of migrants as well as the economical fluctuation which makes it impossible for people to buy a home. 

Most people cannot afford to buy an expensive house to live in, because of which they opt for renting a house. There are many options for a house for rent in Lahore which vary according to the location.

With affordable rental prices, people find it easy to live in rental houses or apartments in this centralised city. The choosing factor for the rental house is usually based on the fact that it is closer to their workplaces, as well as it has a full range of amenities. Since the demand for apartments is on the rise, can help you find the best suitable options at the most competitive prices.

Housing Options in Different Localities of Lahore:

Following are some of Lahore's most popular residential areas you should explore while considering a house for rent in Lahore.

Defence Housing Authority (DHA)

DHA is a renowned housing society that has its presence all over the country. The infrastructure and well-maintained facilities of this society attract many people to live in the locality. DHA Lahore is a well-developed area with wider streets and a planned layout that pairs up well with the serene environment of the area making it less noisy than other societies in the city.

DHA is divided into different residential phases ranging from old to new phases. In addition to these, it also has its commercial block which is paved with famous restaurants and cafes. 

Defence Housing offers a modern living style and unique home designs that come with nearby access to luxurious markets, food chains, educational institutions, mosques, and recreational areas. The distance from DHA to Allama Iqbal Airport is just a 15-20 minutes drive away. 

The monthly cost of a house for rent in DHA differs with the size of the house. The average rent of 5 marlas lower portion starts from Rs. 25000 and goes up to Rs. 35000 PKR.


Similar to other cantonments in the country, Lahore Cantonment is also a military base that comprises a residential and commercial community. 

More popularly referred to as Cantt, the area was initially established to allot plots and houses for the serving and retired personnel of the Pakistan Armed Forces and their families. Lahore Cantt area is a popular choice for living because of the fact it is less crowded than the rest of the city. The Cantt has green belts across the area maintained by the development authority. 

Since it is also a military zone, it has a top-class security system and the residents are well vetted before allowing them to live there. The infrastructure of  Cantt is very modern and well structured, with access to basic facilities. Such facilities make it a popular factor why people prefer to live here. The famous Mall of the city Fortress Stadium and Fortress Square fall under the jurisdiction of Cantt as well. 

The average rent for 5 marla houses falls between Rs. 25,000 and Rs.50,000. The estimated rental prices for houses built on 1 Kanal land typically start around Rs.180,000 (For a Complete House) and goes up with the size, location, and condition of the house.

Model Town 

Model Town is amongst the very popular societies preferred by citizens for residential and commercial purposes in Lahore. This housing society is well-planned and designed in a square-like plan, with wide roads dividing the town into different blocks. Model Town Lahore is divided into 10 blocks each with a variety of houses built to meet the needs of families belonging to all kinds of backgrounds. 

You can easily find a house for rent of your choice at a very affordable price. The town offers all the fundamental amenities along with other facilities such as educational institutions, shopping malls, grocery stores, parks, hospitals, gyms, and restaurants. 

The rent of houses in Model Town depends on several factors i.e. size, no. of rooms and location. Furnished houses are also available which are typically more expensive than unfurnished houses. An average 5 Marla House is around PKR 30,000 to PKR 60 thousand per month.  For 10 Marla houses, the rent starts from 40,000 - 2 Lakh per month based on size, location and furnishing.

Johar Town

Johar Town is one of Lahore’s very famous localities. Because of its prime location and modern housing facilities, there is a lot of demand for rental houses in the area.  This well-developed town is accessible from multiple points within the city and offers affordable options ranging from small houses to big houses. Johar town is also commercially developed, as it connects to all the main areas of the city.

Much like any other place, rent in Johar town depends on the size and location of the house. The standard rent of 5 marla houses starts from Rs. 21,000 but it goes up considerably according to the size and condition of the house.

The area offers some of the finest amenities including essential services, recreational areas, healthcare centres, educational institutes, shopping, restaurants, and banks. Public transportation is also easily accessible.

Rental Price Trends in Lahore 

Rental Trends in Lahore are 25% lower than in Islamabad. These trends vary from area to area, portions, and proximity to commercial areas in the city.  

In Wapda Town, the average rent of 5 Marla houses is about 35,000 per month. Meanwhile, the monthly rent for 10 Marla houses in DHA Phase 5 starts from 1.18 Lakh. 10 Marla houses in Gulberg rent for upwards of 2 Lakh per month whereas, in Bahria Town, 10 Marla houses rent for 70,000 and more. These price trends for rental houses in Lahore can help you get an idea about the ongoing cost of houses on rent. 

Amenities and Attractions in the City 

While renting a house in Lahore, a common thing you can find among all areas is the accessibility of basic amenities that are easily available in most of the areas. The public and private educational institutions, famous religious and historical places (Badshahi mosque, Minar-a-Pakistan) and well-equipped hospitals are just some of the attractions that attract visitors to the city.

People can visit the Wagah border where multiple events are organised by India and Pakistan. The Metro bus and orange line provide quick and efficient transport.

The shopping malls are centrally located, thus making them easily accessible to people from all areas of Lahore. These days, the most popular attractions of Lahore are its three famous malls; Packages Mall, Emporium Mall & Amanah Mall. People from different cities visit these malls for an enjoyable time. 

Given the vast variety of recreational and basic facilities in Lahore, it is a great city to shift to keeping employment and educational opportunities in mind. You can visit to explore the house for rent options in Lahore. 

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