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Highlights of Residential Properties for Rent in Model Town, Lahore  

Prime Location: Model Town is one of Lahore's most sought-after residential areas due to its central location and proximity to key landmarks. It offers easy access to major roads, commercial centers, and educational institutions, making it an ideal choice for renters.  

Variety of Housing Options: Model Town offers a diverse range of residential properties for rent, including apartments, houses, and luxury villas. Whether you're looking for a compact apartment or a spacious family home, you'll find options that suit your needs.  

Well-Planned Infrastructure: The housing society is known for its well-maintained and organized infrastructure. Residents can enjoy wide, tree-lined streets, landscaped parks, and reliable utility services, providing a comfortable and convenient living environment.  

Amenities and Facilities: Model Town boasts a range of amenities and facilities for its residents, such as parks, recreational areas, healthcare centers, and educational institutions. These amenities enhance the quality of life for renters and their families.  

Safety and Security: Security is a top priority in Model Town. The housing society typically has gated entrances, surveillance systems, and security personnel to ensure the safety of residents. This provides peace of mind to those renting properties in the area.  

Model Town, Lahore History  

Model Town, Lahore, has a captivating history rooted in cooperative principles and urban planning. Established in 1921, it embodies Dewan Khem Chand's vision of a "Garden Town." This cooperative housing society emerged from a meeting chaired by Rai Bahadur Ganga Ram in 1922, with the goal of addressing housing challenges and enhancing living conditions.   

Model Town's layout was carefully planned through a design competition, culminating in a government-approved master plan. However, the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 marked a pivotal moment, leading to its classification as Evacuee property due to the migration of many members to India.   

In 1960, it regained legal status, setting the stage for the society's reconstitution in 1963 as "The Cooperative Model Town Society (1962) Limited." Over the years, it has witnessed modernization, development, and the restoration of elected managing committees, cementing its status as a prestigious residential area in Lahore.  

Today, Model Town stands as a vibrant community, offering diverse housing options, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and a well-planned infrastructure. Its history underscores a commitment to cooperative values and the pursuit of a high-quality living environment, making it a highly sought-after locality in Lahore known for its green spaces and amenities.  

Master Plan of Model Town, Lahore  

Model Town's master plan encompasses several key features that have contributed to its prominence and desirability as a residential area in Lahore:  

Cooperative Housing Concept: Model Town was conceived as a cooperative housing society, reflecting the principles of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, and solidarity. This cooperative spirit has persisted throughout its development.  

Garden Town Vision: The master plan aimed to create a "Garden Town" with an emphasis on greenery, open spaces, and a well-maintained environment. This vision has resulted in a lush and aesthetically pleasing landscape.  

Spacious Houses: The plan prioritized spacious houses for residents, catering to various segments of society, including retired judges, businessmen, traders, and professionals. This diverse mix of residents has contributed to the area's cultural richness.  

Careful Layout Planning: The layout planning process involved a competition and careful selection of design elements from different proposals. The resulting layout is well-thought-out and aesthetically pleasing.  

Cooperative Principles: Model Town's master plan reflects cooperative principles, emphasizing the economic and social interests of its members while maintaining a garden town atmosphere.  

Green Spaces and Parks: The plan allocated significant space for green areas, parks, nurseries, and playgrounds, making it a green oasis within the city.  

Residential and Commercial Zones: The area's layout includes residential and commercial zones, creating a balanced and self-sustaining community.  

Amenities and Facilities: The master plan integrates essential amenities such as markets, schools, colleges, healthcare facilities, and recreational areas, ensuring convenience for residents.  

Modernization and Development: Over the years, Model Town has undergone modernization and development initiatives, including infrastructure improvements, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and efficient utilities.  

These main features of Model Town's master plan have collectively shaped it into a well-established, prestigious, and sought-after locality in Lahore, known for its cooperative spirit, greenery, and high living standards.  

Sectors in Model Town, Lahore  

Model Town, Lahore, is organized into several blocks, each with its own distinct characteristics and features. Here's a closer look at some of the key blocks within Model Town:  

Blocks A to K: These blocks form the core residential area of Model Town. They are designed to accommodate a mix of housing options, including single-family houses, apartments, and plots of various sizes. The blocks are known for their well-maintained streets, green spaces, and a sense of community. Residents in these blocks enjoy easy access to Model Town's amenities, including schools, markets, and parks.  

Block C: Block C is notable for its Central Commercial Market, which is one of the busiest shopping areas in Model Town. It features a wide range of retail shops, restaurants, banks, and other businesses. This block is a commercial hub and attracts visitors from both within and outside Model Town.  

Bank Square Market: Located in Block C, Bank Square Market is a commercial center known for its bustling atmosphere. It houses numerous banks, eateries, grocery stores, boutiques, and various retail outlets. It's a convenient place for residents to shop for daily essentials and enjoy a meal at one of the local restaurants.  

Blocks L, M, N, P, Q, R, and S: These blocks are situated on the outskirts of Model Town and are under the administration of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). They were originally part of Model Town but were later sold to LDA for development purposes. These areas may have different zoning regulations and land uses compared to the core residential blocks.  

Model Town Park: Model Town Park, although not a block itself, is a significant recreational area within Model Town. Covering 125 acres, it provides residents with a green space for leisure activities, including jogging, picnics, and outdoor sports. The park serves as a social hub for the community.  

These blocks collectively make up the fabric of Model Town, providing residents with a well-rounded and self-sufficient neighborhood that combines comfortable living spaces with commercial and recreational amenities.  

Location of Model Town, Lahore  

Model Town is a prominent residential neighborhood located in Lahore, Pakistan. It is situated in the northern part of the city and is known for its prime and accessible location. Model Town is bordered by several key areas:  

Gulberg: To the south of Model Town lies the upscale commercial and residential area of Gulberg. This proximity offers Model Town residents easy access to shopping centers, restaurants, and business districts in Gulberg.  

Faisal Town: To the east of Model Town is Faisal Town, another well-developed residential area. It provides additional shopping and dining options, as well as access to educational institutions.  

Garden Town: To the west, you'll find Garden Town, another popular residential neighborhood in Lahore. Garden Town and Model Town share similar characteristics, including lush greenery and well-maintained streets.  

Township: To the north of Model Town is Township, a large residential area. While Township primarily caters to residential needs, Model Town residents can easily reach it for various services and amenities.  

Main Boulevard: Model Town is intersected by the main Boulevard, a prominent road that runs through the neighborhood. This Boulevard connects Model Town to other parts of Lahore and is lined with commercial establishments, including shops, restaurants, and offices.  

The central location of Model Town ensures that residents have convenient access to a wide range of amenities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment options. Its strategic placement within Lahore makes it a sought-after and well-connected residential area in the city.  

Price Trends of Residential Properties for Rent in Model Town, Lahore  

Here's a table depicting the price trends of residential properties for rent in Model Town, Lahore:  

      Property Type ,      Size ,      Monthly Rent Range (PKR)  

     Apartment ,     1 Bed ,     PKR 20,000 - PKR 40,000  

     Apartment ,     2 Beds ,     PKR 30,000 - PKR 60,000  

     Apartment ,     3 Beds ,     PKR 45,000 - PKR 85,000  

     House ,     5 Marla ,     PKR 45,000 - PKR 1.2 Lakh  

     House ,     10 Marla ,     PKR 65,000 - PKR 2 Lakh  

     House ,     1 Kanal ,     PKR 90,000 - PKR 3.5 Lakh  

     Luxury Villa ,     2 Kanal ,     PKR 2 Lakh - PKR 6 Lakh  

Please note that these rent ranges are approximate and can vary based on factors such as property condition, location within Model Town, and specific amenities offered. It's advisable to check with local real estate agents or online property listings for the most up-to-date rental prices in the area.   

Types of Residential Properties for Rent in Model Town, Lahore  

Model Town, Lahore offers a diverse range of residential properties for rent, catering to various preferences and needs. Here are the common types of residential properties available for rent in Model Town:  

Apartments: Apartments are a popular choice for individuals and small families. They come in different sizes, including 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom options. Apartments often provide amenities such as secure parking and elevators.  

Houses: Model Town offers houses for rent in various sizes, ranging from 5 Marla to 2 Kanal. These houses are suitable for larger families and often come with spacious yards, multiple bedrooms, and parking spaces.  

Luxury Villas: For those seeking upscale living, luxury villas are available for rent. These properties are typically larger, with extensive living spaces, lush gardens, and premium amenities.  

Portion of Houses: Some homeowners in Model Town rent out portions of their houses. This can be a cost-effective option for smaller families or individuals looking for a separate living space within a house.  

Bungalows: Bungalows are standalone, single-story houses with spacious interiors and outdoor areas. They offer a comfortable and serene living environment.  

Upper Portions: Upper portions of houses are an alternative for those seeking a separate living space within a house. They often have their own separate entrances and provide privacy.  

Lower Portions: Lower portions of houses are also available for rent, offering similar privacy and convenience.  

Farmhouses: In some cases, you can find farmhouses for rent in the vicinity of Model Town. These properties provide a tranquil and spacious living environment.  

The availability and rental prices of these properties may vary depending on the size, location, and specific features. Prospective renters can explore these options based on their preferences and requirements.  

Why Invest in Model Town, Lahore  

Investing in Model Town, Lahore, offers numerous compelling reasons for both residents and real estate investors. Here are some key factors that make it an attractive investment destination:  

Prime Location: Model Town is strategically situated in the heart of Lahore, making it highly accessible from various parts of the city. Its central location ensures excellent connectivity to major business districts, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and commercial areas.  

Stable Property Market: Over the years, Model Town has maintained a stable and appreciating property market. Real estate investments here have shown consistent growth, making it a secure choice for investors.  

Infrastructure and Amenities: Model Town boasts well-developed infrastructure, including wide roads, parks, and green spaces. It offers a high quality of life with easy access to shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational facilities.  

Educational Hub: The area is home to numerous renowned educational institutions, ranging from schools to universities. This educational hub attracts families seeking quality education for their children, enhancing the demand for residential properties.  

Healthcare Facilities: Model Town features top-notch healthcare facilities and hospitals, ensuring residents have access to quality medical services.  

Security and Safety: The locality has a reputation for being secure and safe, which is a significant consideration for families and individuals when choosing a place to live.  

Diverse Housing Options: Model Town offers a wide range of housing options, from smaller plots to spacious bungalows and farmhouses, catering to various budgets and preferences.  

Investment Opportunities: Real estate investors can benefit from a steady rental income due to the area's popularity. Additionally, property values tend to appreciate over time, making it an ideal long-term investment.  

Community Living: Model Town is known for its sense of community and social cohesion. Residents often enjoy a close-knit neighborhood environment, which adds to the overall appeal.  

Resale Value: Properties in Model Town tend to have strong resale value, making it easier to liquidate your investment when needed.  

Potential for Commercial Ventures: While primarily a residential area, Model Town also offers opportunities for commercial ventures, especially along main roads and commercial areas.  

Green Spaces: The area is adorned with lush green parks and gardens, providing a serene and refreshing environment for residents.  

In conclusion, investing in Model Town, Lahore, offers the prospect of a secure and appreciating asset, along with a high standard of living. Whether you're looking to settle down or seeking profitable real estate ventures, Model Town's unique blend of location, amenities, and stability makes it a wise choice in Lahore's real estate landscape.  

Routes to Model Town, Lahore  

Model Town in Lahore is conveniently accessible from various parts of the city due to its central location. Here are some key routes to reach Model Town:  

Ferozepur Road: Ferozepur Road is one of the primary routes to access Model Town. It runs through several important areas of Lahore and connects directly to Model Town.  

Canal Road: Canal Road, also known as Shadman Road, provides easy access to Model Town from the southern and eastern parts of Lahore. It runs alongside the historic Lahore Canal.  

Ghazi Road: Ghazi Road is another major road that leads to Model Town. It connects the area to neighborhoods like Gulberg and Defense Housing Authority (DHA).  

Wahdat Road: Wahdat Road is a prominent route that connects Model Town to Allama Iqbal Town and Garden Town. It's a well-traveled road for commuters.  

Multan Road: Multan Road is a significant highway that provides access to Model Town from western parts of Lahore and beyond.  

The central location of Model Town and its accessibility via multiple routes make it a convenient place to live and work, attracting residents and businesses alike. Whether you're commuting from other parts of Lahore or arriving from outside the city, you'll find convenient transportation options to reach Model Town.  

Search Trends of Properties for Rent in Model Town, Lahore  

Search trends for properties for sale in Model Town, Lahore, provide valuable insights into the real estate market's dynamics and the preferences of potential buyers. Here are some notable search trends related to properties for sale in Model Town:  

Houses: Houses are the primary choice for most buyers, ranging from small family homes to larger, luxurious residences. There is high demand for houses equipped with modern amenities and spacious layouts.  

Apartments: Apartments are favored by individuals or families seeking compact living spaces that offer convenience and low maintenance.  

Plots: Investors and developers are interested in both residential and commercial plots in Model Town. These plots serve as opportunities for construction projects or long-term investments.  

Commercial Properties: Commercial properties, including shops, offices, and commercial plots, are frequently searched for. Business owners and entrepreneurs seek locations in Model Town to establish or expand their ventures.  

Farmhouses: Model Town offers the unique option of farmhouses, spacious properties with green spaces that appeal to those desiring a tranquil and expansive living environment.  

Villas: Luxurious villas with premium amenities are in demand among buyers looking for an upscale living experience in Model Town.  

These diverse property types cater to a wide range of needs and preferences, making Model Town, Lahore, a dynamic and inclusive real estate market. Buyers and investors can select from various property options based on their objectives, budget, and lifestyle preferences.  

Amenities and Facilities in Model Town, Lahore  

Model Town, Lahore, is renowned for its well-planned infrastructure and a wide range of amenities and facilities that enhance the quality of life for its residents. Some notable amenities and facilities in Model Town include:  

Educational Institutions: Model Town boasts a plethora of reputable educational institutions, such as Bloomfield Hall School, Allied School Q Block Model Town Campus, Divisional Public School & Intermediate College, and FAST University. These institutions provide quality education and contribute to the intellectual development of the community.  

Healthcare Facilities: The area is home to top-notch healthcare centers like Ittefaq Hospital (Trust), Kaleem Medical Centre, Rex Clinic, and Saira Memorial Hospital, ensuring residents have access to quality medical care and emergency services.  

Restaurants: Model Town offers a diverse culinary scene with restaurants like Sholay Restaurant, Pizzario, Chef's Inn Restaurant, and Howdy Model Town, serving a variety of cuisines from traditional Pakistani dishes to Western favorites.  

Shopping Centers: Residents can shop at local markets and shopping centers, including Model Town Link Road Market and Mini Market, for their daily needs and more.  

Parks and Green Spaces: The town features lush parks and green areas like Model Town Park, offering a peaceful environment for relaxation and outdoor activities.  

Religious Centers: Model Town has various mosques and places of worship, including Jamia Masjid Abu Bakar, catering to the spiritual needs of the community.  

Banks and ATMs: Numerous banks and ATMs are scattered across the town, ensuring easy access to financial services.  

Community Clubs: The Model Town Club and Gymkhana offer recreational and social activities for residents, including sports facilities, swimming pools, and social gatherings.  

Public Transport: The town is well-connected through public transport services, including buses and rickshaws, facilitating easy commuting.  

Security: Model Town places a strong emphasis on security, with private security firms and a vigilant community ensuring a safe living environment.  

Utility Services: Residents enjoy reliable utility services, including electricity, gas, and water supply, making daily life convenient.  

These amenities and facilities contribute to Model Town's reputation as a desirable residential area, offering a balanced and comfortable lifestyle to its residents. Whether it's education, healthcare, dining, or recreational activities, Model Town has a lot to offer its residents.  

FAQs about Residential Properties for Rent in Model Town Lahore  

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about residential properties for sale in Model Town:  

What is the average rent for a house in Model Town, Lahore?  

The average rent for a house in Model Town varies depending on the size and location. On average, a 10 Marla house can range from PKR 45,000 to PKR 2 lakh per month, while a 1 Kanal house may range from PKR 72,000 to PKR 5.5 lakh per month. Prices can be higher for larger properties.  

Are furnished apartments available for rent in Model Town?  

Yes, furnished apartments are available for rent in Model Town. These apartments come fully equipped with furniture and appliances, making them a convenient option for those looking for a ready-to-move-in living space.  

What amenities are typically included in rental apartments in Model Town?  

Rental apartments in Model Town often include amenities such as secure parking, elevator access, 24/7 security, and sometimes access to recreational facilities like gyms or swimming pools, depending on the apartment complex.  

Is there a difference in rent prices between older and newer residential properties in Model Town?  

Yes, there can be variations in rent prices based on the age and condition of the property. Newer or recently renovated properties may command higher rents due to their modern features and finishes.  

Are there options for short-term rentals in Model Town, Lahore?  

Yes, short-term rentals are available in Model Town, catering to individuals or families in need of temporary accommodation. These rentals can range from a few weeks to a few months, providing flexibility for various needs.  

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