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DHA Phase-5 Lahore 

DHA, Defence Housing Authority has attained a valuable status serving as a benchmark for providing unparalleled living standards in Pakistan. having a vision of changing the face of living concepts in Pakistan through a holistic yet progressive concept of "DHA Community System" by extending a total experience in living, housing and different levels and options for investments and commercial activities under a controlled and dependable environment. It is a public benefit corporation that basically governs housing and municipal services for Defence neighborhoods all across Pakistan. DHA was originally developed and built for Civil army officers but is now a popular residential choice for overseas Pakistanis, businessmen, politicians, celebrities, and elites of the country.



The features which makes it one of the leading brands in the housing sector include;

  • upscale markets and international food chains
  • Having best educational institutes
  • Public transport facility 
  • Timeless elegance
  • Close to Lahore Ring Road
  • DHA Sports Complex
  • Nearby banks for the financial convenience of its residents
  • Mosques built following international standards and amazing infrastructure.
  • Nearby shopping malls 
  • Parks and fitness facilities within the vicinity 
  • Safe and advanced security systems
  • Driving License Centre within the vicinity 
  • Offers sustainable infrastructures




DHA Phase 5 Lahore is one of the top-notch phases of DHA. Phase 5 is located along the Lahore Ring Road, while it also meets Bedian Road towards Eastern side. DHA Lahore Phase 5 is one of the most densely populated sections of the Defense Housing Authority with significant infrastructure and projects that are important to its creation.


Area Covered by the locality

DHA Phase 5 has a 13303.44 Kanal of area and is densely populated. This area is fully developed by trusted country engineers. DHA, Lahore is divided into several phases, and each phase is further subdivided into blocks.

DHA Phase 5 Lahore 

DHA has proven to be a major development authority in Lahore real estate. A well-organized society, divided into 11 phases and further into different sectors. In addition, markets are kept separate from residential areas, with one commercial area in each category. There are similarities in the size of the structure in each block. It is home to Lahore University of Management Sciences – a prestigious institution with international recognition. DHA is well known to host western amenities and eateries which serve as a convenience to foreign visitors. The community is also known for its upscale shops, vibrant social life, corporate houses and the literate elite. dha phase 5 lahore map can be seen in the form of satellite and imagery.

Blocks in DHA Phase 5 Lahore 

Phase 5 of DHA, Lahore is divided into Blocks from A to L. DHA is designed to accommodate a large number of residents along with employment opportunities. DHA Phase 5, Lahore is equipped with a wide range of first-class educational and medical institutes.

        DHA phase 1 is one of the most fully developed phases of DHA Lahore and is the oldest one.                      DHA Phase 1 has a prime location in Lahore. It is connected to many main areas of Lahore like Defence Chowk, RA Bazar, Jinnah Flyover, Nishat Colony, etc. IT also serves as the While it also serves as the connected area to other initial Phases of DHA Lahore for example like DHA Phase 2, DHA Phase 3, and DHA Phase 5. DHA Phase 1 has 14 sectors named as sector A, sector B, sector C, sector D, sector E, sector F, sector G, sector H, sector J, sector K, sector L, sector M, sector N, and sector P which are completely developed.The F Block Market, Sector G Commercial Area, and H-Block Commercial Market/Sector H are the most active commercial spots in the phase. Due to the accessibility and convenience to the main markets and restaurants, the residents of this phase enjoy all the amenities. Different central parks can be found here Mosque is also attached to the central park and has a commercial market, and a petrol pump is also on the premises of Sector B and located mail Ghazi Chowk.In Sector F, famous school chain Lahore Grammar school is also located here.DHA Sports Complex is in block J where the Golf course, tennis court, hard tennis courts, swimming pool, and post office are situated.Sector G and H consists of the commercial market where every brand is available, and a stadium has located in it.


DHA Phase 2 starts from Ghazi Road which is also called Airport Road. The Main Boulevard of DHA Lahore also touches DHA Lahore Phase 2.DHA Phase 2 has 6 sectors named as sector Q, sector R, sector S, sector T, sector U, sector V. DHA Phase 2 Lahore is also known as DHA RAHBAR Phase 2. In the neighborhood of DHA Phase 1 Lahore, the well-known University is in DHA Phase 2. There are also community parks, including a football ground in Block R. Defence Public School for Boys, Block R, and Defence Model School in Block T.Block Q has two community parks and a mosque. On the side of Bedian road, a large commercial market and the vegetable market are located there.Defence Public School for Girls at Lalik Jaan Chowk, Lalik jaan featuring a mini food street . Famous DHA Hallay Tower is near to Lalik Jaan chowk, and there is also a petrol pump.DHA Phase 2, Lahore is primarily home to a vast range of restaurants and local eateries



DHA Phase 3 is known for its rich living style.. The main market of DHA phase 3 Y block is packed with all the shops, restaurants,gyms and entertainment places anyone can ask for, footwear stores, home and furniture stores (Interwood and Koncept), top-notch interior and architecture brands, electronic stores, jewellery outlets and what not. This society provides many facilities such as a safe and secure environment, Educational institute, Health care units, Mosque, and many more.DHA Phase 3 Y Block has Sheeba Park, Goal Plaza and, banks, medical center, sports complex, community club,(swimming pool, tennis, court, snooker tables, and other facilities.

Block Y & Z are neighbors. Nando’s is an international restaurant located in DHA Phase 3, Z block.



DHA Lahore Phase 4 is one of the entire developed Phase no more development work is being undertaken here, Which gives quality living standards to its residents. It is a well-planned Phase.It is 4 minutes away from the National Bank Officers Cooperative Housing Society. Punjab Cooperative Housing Scheme is situated towards the Southern border of Phase 4.The Lahore University of Management Science is near DHA Phase 4. Phase 1 to 5 are fully developed, and families are settled there.There is a wide range of Chinese, Italian and Pakistani cafes and restaurants for food. Furthermore, two central Commercial Markets, DD & FF, serve the commercial needs of its residents. 


DHA Phase 5 Lahore is divided into A to L except for I and M. Phase 5 offers tons of facilities in its commercial areas, such as grocery stores, markets, and shops. Al-Fatah shopping Mall located in sector C. Jalal sons is super-smart in sector G.DHA Phase 5 has almost all bank branches. Bank Islami, Bank Al Habib, Sindh Bank, Faysal Bank Allied Bank, HBL, Meezan Bank, MCB, Soneri Bank, Askari Bank are located in sector C.DHA Phase 5, Lahore is equipped with a wide range of first-class educational and medical institutes, The top-notch educational institutes in sector G like Lahore Grammar School, Gymboree TNS, and Beaconhouse located on street no. 10, DHA Education System on the street no. 16. DHA Phase 5 has parks in each sector; however, the biggest is sector J park. DHA. Phase 5 is also only 5.2 km away from Moscow Water Park in Kamahan Village via Atta Bakhsh Road.


DHA Phase 6 seemingly has significant investment value as It is the modern phase of DHA Lahore. There is a beautiful wide 120 Ft main boulevard. It has 50 feet of inner roads. There are five parks.  DHA Raya’s cinema is located in Phase 6.It offers CCA Market, Sector Shop, lush green parks, Mosques Beauty salons, and Community Club.

It is approximately 10 minutes’ drive from Allama Iqbal International Airport.


Medical care/ Hospitals

DHA Phase 5 has a wide range of health care facilities including Children’s Orthopaedic Clinic, Arizona Dental Practice, Ali Retina Eye Clinic, Diabetes Wellness Centre, KKT Orthopaedic Spine Centre Etc. Other than the medical care facilities, a variety of skin clinics, dental clinics and hair transplant studios can be found in this vicinity. Some of them are KOZMATICS, Khayaban-e-Iqbal and Defence Skin, Laser & Cosmetology Clinic, Bodevolution. National Hospital & Medical Centre is located in Phase 1 and accessible to the residents of phase 5. The hospitals offer 24/7 emergency services, backed by professional nursing staff.



DHA Lahore is surely recognized for its rich and luxury living style, not only having the basic amenities but all the luxuries which makes it the best place to reside in 

Entertainment Places: 

Some of the sites within the vicinity are :

  • Al Fatah Shopping Mall
  • Civic Commercial Area 
  • Jalal Sons 
  • Laser Art
  • City Café and Grill 
  • Gaia Japanese Fusion 
  • Cosa Nostra's Delicatessen
  • Covent Garden
  • Gloria Jeans Coffee
  • The Tea Atelier Company
  • Moscow Water Park
  • Nirvana Day Spa and Salon
  • The Nail Bar DHA


Staying in DHA Phase 5 means reducing fuel costs to keep your children in school as there are some of the top institutions in their Category G such as Lahore Grammar School, Gymboree TNS and Beaconhouse TNS located on Street no. 10, DHA Education System in Street no. 16, Roots IVY International School on Street no. 15 and Haleem Institute on Street no. 13. The world-renowned business university, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is at a 12-minutes drive, located in DHA Phase 3.


Property Trends

The real estate of DHA is highly valuable. The residential homes in DHA range from 4 crores to 25 crores. The extended phases of DHA are also highly valued and ‘hot’ in the real estate market. The purchase and sale of the property is very fast.


5 Marla house for sale in DHA Phase 5 or House for rent in DHA Phase 5

The houses for sale in DHA Lahore phase 5 vary from 5 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal and more. A 5 marla house for sale in DHA Lahore can start with a price of PKR 75 lakh and go up to PKR 2.7 crore. While a 5 marla  portion for rent or house can range from PKR 40 thousand to PKR 95 thousand.

10 Marla house for sale in DHA Lahore phase 5 or 10 Marla House for Rent in DHA Lahore

The price of 10 marla houses for sale in Lahore DHA 5 starts from PKR 1.9 crore and exceeds PKR 4 crore and the rent starts from PKR 80 thousand to PKR 2 lac. 

12 Marla House for Sale in DHA Lahore

The price of 12 marla houses for sale in Lahore DHA 5 starts from PKR 2.10 crore and exceeds PKR 4.5 crore and the rent starts from PKR 80 thousand to PKR 2 lac. 


1 Kanal house for sale/rent in DHA Lahore phase 5

The sale price of 1 kanal house for sale in DHA Lahore falls in the range of PKR 5 crore to PKR 9.5 crore meanwhile the rent of a 1 kanal house ranges between PKR 1 lac to PKR 4.5 lac per month. 


2 Kanal house for sale in DHA phase 5 or 2 Kanal house for rent in DHA phase 5

The sale price of 2 kanal houses for sale in DHA Lahore range between PKR 10 crore to PKR 21 crore and the rent can range from 2 lac to 5 lac per month. 


Portion for rent in DHA Lahore

A portion for rent in DHA Lahore phase 5 can range from 40 thousand to 100 thousand depending on the area of the portion and the number of bedrooms. 


Plot for sale in DHA Phase 5 Lahore

DHA phase 5 offers a number of options in plots varying from size of  5, 7, 8, 10 marla,1 kanal and 2 kanal plots. A 5 marla plot for sale in DHA phase 5 ranges from PKR 24 lac to PKR 3.25 crore. 


10 Marla Plot for Sale in DHA Lahore

A 10 marla plot for sale in DHA phase 5 ranges from 31 lac to PKR 3.5 crore. 


1 kanal plot for sale in DHA phase 5

A 1 kanal plot for sale in DHA phase 5 ranges from PKR 42 lac to PKR 4.65 crore


Plaza for sale in dha lahore

A 4 Marla Plaza for sale in DHA phase 5 ranges from PKR 20 crore to PKR 22 crore





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