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Islamabad is considered one of the top living choices by its citizens. The clean atmosphere, well-structured streets, peaceful environment, and the surrounding natural beauty of the city make it stand out. The city's master plan, designed by the Greek architect Constantinos Apostolou Doxiadis, divides the city into eight zones: administrative zone, diplomatic enclave, residential areas, educational sectors, industrial sectors, commercial areas, rural areas, and green areas. Islamabad is known for its quality standard of living, plus it has the benefit of being interconnected with Punjab and KPK. Many people from all over Pakistan – belonging to different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds – have settled in Islamabad, hence cultivating a diverse and enriched community. 

All these factors make Islamabad an ideal choice for your new home. There are also multiple options available for rent at affordable prices if you are looking for a rental place in the city.

How to Choose a Rental Place in Islamabad

You should not rush into choosing a specific area; it is important to compare options first and do some research in terms of area, security, neighbourhood, and rental prices. You can contact a well-reputed, professional real estate agent as well if you want more details.

Technological advancements have also made the process a lot easier; finding the right housing option for you and your family can easily be done right from your phone. Many applications offer real estate services, from buying/renting to selling, among which offers one of the most user-friendly experiences where you can find the house of your choice. 

Types of Residential Housing 

Islamabad has diverse housing options, varying in terms of size, number of levels, and design. There are choices of double-story houses, houses with basements, and single-unit houses. Most rental houses occupy 5 marlas to as much as 2 Kanal.

There is also a rising trend of apartment living and renting in Islamabad; more and more people are living in studio and luxury apartments as compared to independent housing. As the population is increasing, the demand for apartments is increasing as well. Therefore, Graana is establishing new projects to help give more options for apartment living.

Popular Residential Areas of Islamabad

These are some of the more popular residential areas in the capital, based on their location, infrastructure, access to amenities, and well-developed communities.

  • DHA 
  • E-11 sector
  • G-11 sector
  • G-10 sector
  • I-8 sector

Allocated Commercial Space

A huge perk of living in Islamabad is that the city has designated areas for commercial activities in each sector, which keeps the residential areas free from noise and chaos. They also provide ease to the residents as they have close access to necessities like general stores, fruit and vegetable shops, beauty salons, and mosques.

Amenities & Attractions 

While renting a house in Islamabad, you will find that all basic facilities are easily accessible. There are private and government healthcare institutions (hospitals), educational institutions (schools, colleges, and universities), popular museums like the Lok Virsa Museum, a designated sports complex, numerous parks (Fatima Jinnah park, Chinese Park, Jinnah Park), mosques (most notably Faisal Mosque) and secure neighbourhoods. Due to the systematic planning of infrastructure, there are wide roads, green belts, and a uniform landscape throughout the city.

The metro bus service also provides a quick and efficient transportation system, connecting Islamabad to Rawalpindi with multiple stops in-between.

Islamabad also has a low crime rate, in comparison to other cities of Pakistan. According to Numbeo, the crime rate of Islamabad is 29% as compared to Karachi, which has the highest crime rate in Pakistan. Security cameras have been installed in the majority of the city’s areas. 

Shopping centres and Restaurants

Most people prefer living in areas where they have easy access to a wide variety of brands, shops, and restaurants nearby. There are multiple, large shopping malls like Centaurus, Safa Gold Mall, Amazon Mall, Giga Mall, etc. Residents of F-7, F-10, F-8, and F-6 are in close vicinity of some of the best stores and restaurants situated in Jinnah Super Market and Kohsar Market. This is why the rent in these particular sectors is comparatively higher than those of other areas.

Price Range of Rental Houses in Islamabad

Real estate prices in Islamabad are relatively higher as compared to other major cities of Pakistan, mostly due to inflation, maintenance of location, and the overall security of the area. Starting from around 50k for a 5 marla house, one-story house, or 2-bedroom apartment in the main sectors, the prices go up to about 2.5 lakh for a 5-bedroom portion or 1 Kanal house. Rental costs for apartments vary as per size, type, location, and many rooms. The rent in I-8, for instance, is around 40k for 5 marlas, 55k for 1 Kanal, and up to 1 lakh for a fully independent house. Some of the most coveted apartments in Islamabad are located in the F-10 sector, where the prices are around 3 lakhs for a single apartment.

For people who are looking for more affordable options, there are well-maintained houses located in the suburbs of the city that are available for rent. The distance from the main city, lack of facilities, and safety risk make them cheaper as compared to other areas.

The overall slow-paced vibe of the city can easily appeal to anyone’s liking because of its cleanliness, beauty, limited pollution, and picturesque views of the surrounding Margalla Hills. According to Loansforgulf, Islamabad has also been ranked as the world’s second most beautiful capital city.

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