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F-8 is an elite sector with Pakistan's most expensive real estate.. The sector is bounded by Margalla Avenue and E-8 to the north, Ninth Avenue and F-9 to the west.Faisal Avenue and F-7 to the east, and Jinnah Avenue and G-8 to the south. Just like any other CDA sector It has been segregated into 4 sub-sectors F-8/1, F-8/2, F-8/3 and F-8/4 . F-8 markaz is the Commercial hub which boasts shopping malls, Eateries and other commercial properties.  The famous Skyscraper of Pakistan "The Centaurus Mall" is also on the Southern side of Sector F8. Sector F8 is considered to be one of the most valued sectors in terms of facilities of life that’s why the property prices are very high.



F-8 is an ideal sector of Islamabad due to the following features :

  • Well developed Infrastructure 
  • Banks facilities including Alfalah Islamic bank, JS bank,Askari bank head office,Allied bank,Soneri bank,Faysal bank,MCB,HBL and many more 
  • Centaurus mall 
  • Educational Institutes
  • Spacious roads and streets 
  • Nearby Mosques include Jamia masjid Rabbani, Masjid khalid bin walid,Madni masjid Etc.
  • Medical facilities and hospitals like Ali medical center 
  • Nearby PSO pump and gas stations 
  • Parks like Hill view park and many other
  • Nearby Metro stations 




Sector F8 is very next to the Sector F7 of Islamabad from eastern side while it faces Fatima Jinnah Park at its western side with 9th or Shaheen Avenue Road as adjoining road. Sector E8 is on the Northern side of Sector F8 while the Southern side is on G8. Bordered by Main Margalla Road, Faisal Avenue, Jinnah Avenue Underpass, Kohistan Road and 9th Avenue. 


Area Covered by the locality


As a standard of most of the CDA sectors of Islamabad, this one also has a total covered area of 2 kilometer square. The Sector F8 of Islamabad has a population of 10548 persons with 1397 housing units.


F-8 Markaz:

F-8 markaz is well known for judiciary chambers , This is the most famous place for judiciary chambers of of the most  famous hospital Ali medical center is located in the F-8 Markaz just behind the kacheri bazaar.Best Skin Specialist Islamabad - Dr Jauhar Mumtaz Khan  Islamabad Oasis Clinic, Dr Abdul Khaliq's Hair Transplant Center Islamabad, Prof Dr Nighat Bilal Clinic, Dr Wajahat Aziz Clinic and Physiotherapy Centre in F-8 Markaz. 

A variety of desi food options like the famous Butt karahi is also located here , also Habibi Restaurant, Lahori tikka,sufi shinwari,Dainty fast food, rayyan’s fast food and many other eateries can be found here. PSO pump and gas stations are also available within the area to accommodate the people traveling to or from this sector.


Sub Sectors:

Sector F-8 is divided into 4 different sub-sectors which includes F-8/1, F-8/2,F-8/3 and F-8/4. The area covered by each sector is 2 kilometers.



Sector F-8/1 consists of wide and spacious roads. All the basic facilities like Electricity supply, water supply and Gas are available in this sector. This sub sectors facilitate it’s residents with a variety of educational institutions options, schools like SuperNova,The play school,Islamabad science academy,Treehouse school, and many others. A number of guest houses can also be found Here including Hospitality group and Cosmos. Few other important places likeITP driving License office and PTCL exchange, Embassy of Kyrgyzstan are also Located here.Residents of F-8/1 are lucky to have a Mosque nearby their houses which is “Allah wali Masjid”. 



Jāmi Masjid Mujaddadiyyah and Madni Mosque are the main mosques of this vicinity. Madina market is known as the local market of this area having all the essential shops and convenience stores. Small restaurants like Bismillah Tikka house can also be found in the close vicinity. A few hostels like The residency boys hostel and ambassador hostel are here to facilitate the students as well as employees coming from other cities to live in islamabad. OPF girls college Branch can also be found here. 



Like F-8/3 , F-8/2 also facilitates with a number of hostel options including The Empire Boys Hostel and Musarrat Girls Hostel.International school chains like Froebel’s and city school can also be found here.Embassy of brazil is located here also Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz head office is here.


Aims Education system, al huda international school and also some Semi Government and government schools are found here. A number of small markets and shops for the convenience of the residents Like najam market. Sector F-8 has a good number of guest houses, Hostels both for girls and boys, packages Guest House and Livin Hub guest House are located in this sub-sector. 

Ways to commute:


Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Line Route 1 passes by F-8 Islamabad and its adjoining areas moreover 7th Avenue Metro Bus Station is built inside F-8 Markaz. Other than metro bus stations, Uber careem and Taxis can be easily found in this area .


Medical care/ Hospitals:

Having medical facilities in the sector increases the value of that area. F-8 Markaz has a huge number of medical healthcare facilities, small clinics,and Big renowned Hospitals like Ali medical center.Best Skin Specialist Islamabad works with Dr Jauhar Mumtaz Khan, the qualified doctor offers skincare treatments and procedures to treat skin problems of people, while Ali Medical Diagnostics and Prof Dr Nighat Bilal Clinic are general diagnostic centres that identify and prescribe medications for common illnesses including cold and flu, migraines, stomach infections and minor injuries, to name a few. In case of emergencies, There are many other hospitals nearby Like Pims hospital,Naval Hospital,kulsoom International hospital. 


Being one of the developed CDA sectors of Islamabad, F-8 has all the main amenities Like Gas, Electricity supply and water supply. 

Entertainment Places:

Some of the Entertainment places of F-8 to facilitate the residents are:

  • Centaurus Mall 
  • Hill view park 
  • Faisal Mosque 
  • Fitdiction
  • Fitness Centre
  • TDS Fighting Club and Muscle World Gym
  • Naval Fitness Center
  • Sukh Chayn F-8 Multi-Purpose Sports Ground 
  • Madina Park
  • Studio M
  • Hollywood Hair Salon
  • Ayesha's Beauty Salon
  • Centaurus Cinema



F-8 Islamabad, has a variety of schools and other educational institutes,which includes

  • Headstart school 
  • ASAS 
  • The city school 
  • Roots 
  • Hillsdale
  • The play school 
  • Marjan Public school 
  • School Nova 
  • Aims Education system 


Property Trends

House For sale in F-8 

A house for sale in F-8 starts from a range from 8.5 Crore and can go upto 30 crore or more. The minimum size of the houses here is 10 marla but mostly only big units ranging from 1 kanal are available for sale. The Size of the house varies from 1 kanal, 2 kanal and 2.5 or 3 kanal.

1 kanal House For sale in F-8 

The price of 1 kanal house for sale in F-8 can start from 11 crore and can Go upto 25 crore. Meanwhile a house for rent in F-8 starts from 1 Lac and can go upto 3.5 Lac depending on the condition of the House.

2 kanal House For sale in F-8 

A 2 kanal house for sale in F-8 ranges from 20 crore and can go upto 35 crore. Meanwhile A house for rent in F-8 can start from 2.5 Lac and can go upto 4 Lac depending on the condition  of the property, if it is an old house or newly built. 

2.5 kanal House For sale in F-8

A 2.5 Kanal house for sale in F-8 can range from 30 crore and Go upto 45 crore. Meanwhile the rent of a house in F-8 of 2.5 kanal can vary from 3 Lac to 5 Lac. 

House for rent in f 8 islamabad

There are a variety of houses available in f-8 islamabad for rent from old houses to newly built houses 

1 kanal House for rent in f 8 islamabad

House for rent in f 8 islamabad starts from 1 Lac and can go upto 3.5 Lac depending on the condition of the House.

2  kanal House for rent in f 8 islamabad

A house for rent in f 8 islamabad can start from 2.5 Lac and can go upto 4 Lac depending on the house condition. Usually the houses which cover 2 kanal areas in F-8 have swimming pools in them and spacious rooms and garden areas.

2.5  kanal House for rent in f 8 islamabad

A 2.5 kanal house for rent in f 8 islamabad can vary from a price range 3 Lac to 5 Lac. 

Flat for sale in F-8 islamabad 

F-8 also offers a variety of options for people who prefer high rise residences like apartments or flats , usually a flat on rent in F-8 starts from a range 2 crore to 17 crore. 

Plot for sale in F-8 islamabad 

There are a very few options available for plots in F-8 . The price range of plots starts from 7 to 8 crore. 

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