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Highlights of B17 Islamabad

  • Located right beside G.T. Road and is situated in proximity to the new Islamabad International Airport.
  • Rental cost of flats for rent in B-17 Islamabad are quite affordable as compared to other neighbouring residential areas.

Price Trends in Flats for Rent in B17 Islamabad

Situated in the suburbs of the city, sector B-17 offers upscale living to the residents with all the basic amenities provided. As the area is located on the outskirts of the city, the prices are a bit reasonable. The starting price of 2-bedroom apartments for rent in B17 Islamabad is roughly Rs. 28 thousand.

However, these rental charges are not fixed, as there are various factors that help determine the rent of a flat. For instance, the condition of the flat, market trends, size of the apartment, and location of the block. 

Price Comparison

Some of the neighbouring areas of B-17 Islamabad are D-17, D-12, G-13 and G-16. If we compare the rental trends in all these areas, it can be concluded that the rental charges for flats in B,17 costs much less as compared to these neighbouring areas.

For instance, the starting price of apartments for sale in D12 will go as low as Rs. 50k thousand. From these numbers, we can clearly tell the difference in the rental charges between the two areas. 

Types of Flat for Rent in B17 Islamabad

The popular types of flats for rent in B17 Islamabad have been listed below:

  • One bedroom Flat
  • Two Bedroom Flat

One Bedroom Flat

In a one-bedroom apartment, you will have one bedroom, one attached bathroom, a kitchen, one TV lounge, and a balcony. 

These flats are ideal for bachelors looking for an affordable commodity.

Two Bedroom

A two-bedroom apartment offers more space and amenities as compared to that of a one-bedroom flat. It comes with two bedrooms, two attached bathrooms, one kitchen, one TV lounge, and 1 balcony. 

This type of apartment can make a good dwelling for a small family looking for a temporary residence with a reasonable rental cost.

Nearby Locations

Some of the key nearby areas of B17 Islamabad are given in the table below.




Faisal Hills

6.7 km

Sangjani Toll Plaza

7.5 km


9.1 km


9.8 km

Why Should You Rent a Flat for Rent in B17 Islamabad?

Being located on the outskirts of Islamabad, B17 offers affordable and quality residential space to tenants. 

The sector has all the basic amenities including healthcare facilities, transport, quality educational institutes, restaurants, etc. 

Owing to the presence of all these facilities, B17 can make a good residence for potential tenants.

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