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F-7 is one of the poshest and most favored sectors of Islamabad. It is ideally situated next to the lush green and beautiful views of margalla hills. This beautiful sector has creatively designed, spacious, and luxurious elite class houses combined with one of the most popular commercial areas of Islamabad, the Jinnah Super Market, making this sector the most talked about and sought after sector of Islamabad.


F-7 is the most talked-about sectors of Islamabad due to the following features:

  • Presence of mosques in each sub-sector, including the “Rana Market Masjid”
  • A grand shopping mall, “Safa Gold Mall” is home to countless brands and grocery stores, situated in F-7 Markaz. 
  • The F-7 Markaz has countless shops with popular food brands such as Howdy, Atrio, Kim Mun, Jessies, and a lot more. The clothing brands like Limelight, Generation, Khaadi, Outfitters, Uniworth, etc. can be found in the markaz.
  • Parks, walking tracks, and fitness centers.
  • Clinics with highly qualified doctors and nursing staff
  • PSO and Shell fuel pump
  • Banks including Standard Chartered Bank, UBL, Askari Bank, etc.
  • Spacious roads and streets.
  • Massive selection of investment opportunities for local and overseas Pakistanis.
  • Accessible to Jinnah Avenue and Margalla Road.



F-7 is located right in the middle of the sectors F-6 and F-5. It borders the margalla road, located on the bed of the beautiful Margalla hills. Jinnah Avenue, which connects to all the “F” and “G” sectors is also an ideal road for commuting.


Area Covered by the locality

As a standard of most of the CDA sectors of Islamabad, this one also has a total covered area of 2 kilometer square. 


F-7 Markaz:

F-7 Markaz is the one place that everyone residing in Islamabad is familiar with. This is the most famous place for shopping/ eating or just spending the weekend in. Apart from the fact that this Markaz is one of the oldest markets in Islamabad, It also offers a wide range of brands for residents to explore and shop. And the cherry on top, the Safa Gold Mall which is a hub to countless shops and brands. Apart from fashion and food brands, you can also find mosques, parks, banks/ATMs, PSO and Shell fuel pumps, barbershops, gyms, and other various convenience stores. 

Sub Sectors:

All of the four sub-sectors of F-7 are packed with grocery shops, salons, mosques, schools, parks, etc. for the convenience of the residents.



In F-7/1 you can find the “Faisal Market” which consists of all the important shops that residents require on a daily basis, such as grocery shops, salons, mobile phone shops, vegetable markets, pets clinics, garment shops, electronics shops, and much more. A couple of schools can also be found in the area including the renowned institute, Beacon House School System. The Embassy of Romania and the Embassy of Portugal also reside in F-7/1. 



What F-7/2 has to offer is the “Rana Market '' which is famous for its restaurants. Such Restaurants include some of the popular names such as Hardees, Secret Sky, Yum Chinese and Thai, and more. In F-7/2 you can also find some clothing brands, including the infamous Outfitters. Other shops for convenience include convenience stores, meat shops, barbers, a mosque, etc. A few embassies can also be found in this sector including the Embassy of Belgium, the Embassy of Tunisia, and the Embassy of Turkey. Froebel's International School can also be found in the region.



One of the popular areas for hangout, the “Gol Market” is located in this sub-sector. This Gol Market is famous for all the right reasons as it is the home to many popular and premium restaurants such as Howdy, Cannoli, Robert’s Coffee, BLT, the very old Chinese restaurant, Golden Dragon, and many more. This market also consists of a beautiful park for the residents to roam about. The famous National Cricket ground is also located in F-7/3 for the people with a taste for sports. Islamabad Model College for Boys also resides in this sector.



Maqbool market is considered as the main market for the residents of F-7/4 which includes all the shops which you can expect from a marketplace. You can also take a stroll down the beautiful, Swiss Avenue F-7/4 Park. A couple of popular educational institutes can also be found in F-7/4 such as FG Margalla College for Women and Islamabad Model College for Girls. The F-7 Sectors seems to be rich with Embassies as F-7/4 also includes one; The Oman (Muscat) Embassy.



Ways to commute:

Multiple modes of transportation are available in F-7, Islamabad. Taxis and wagons are some of the most common public transport options available. The popular Careem and Uber drivers are also conveniently and quickly found around the area in the sector for commuting. 


Medical care/ Hospitals:

F-7 is not known for having hospitals in the area but you can still find renowned hospitals near the sector for example in Saudi-Pak Tower which is located on the Nazim-ud-din road, bordering the F-7 sector, you can find MEDICSi which is one of the well-known hospitals in Islamabad, apart from which you can always visit BlueArea, a few kilometers away from the markaz where you can find a good variety of hospitals and clinics. However, for urgent medical attention or for basic necessities there are a few clinics that you can find in the sector as well. “The Family Clinic by Dr. Saadia” is among a few of the medical care clinics located in sector F-7.                                                   


Entertainment Places: 

Some of the sites within the vicinity of F-7, Islamabad, including

  • Safa Gold Mall
  • Rana Market
  • Gol Market
  • National Cricket Ground
  • Safa Fitness Gym
  • Jugnu’s Salon

Other Places which are close by are

  • Centaurus Mall
  • Marghazar Zoo
  • Japanese Park
  • Daman-e-Koh
  • Blue Area


Sale/Rent of Houses in F-7

F-7 Islamabad offers a variety of purchasing options for its buyers in various price ranges. The various sizes of houses that you can find in F-7 range from 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal, 3 Kanal all the way up to 4 Kanal houses. 

1 Kanal House for sale in F-7 or 666 Sq Yd House for sale in F-7 Islamabad ranges from PKR 20 Crore and can go up till PKR 25 Crore easily. 1 Kanal house for rent in F-7 can reach up to PKR 4 Lac. 

2 Kanal house for sale in F-7 or 1000 Sq Yd house for sale in F-7 Islamabad ranges from PKR 25 Crore to 30 Crore. 2 kanal house for rent in F-7 will be about PKR 6 Lac

3 Kanal house for sale in F-7 or 1500 Sq Yd house for sale in F-7 Islamabad ranges from PKR 28 Crore to 40 Crore. 3 Kanal house for rent in F-7 can go up to PKR 10 Lac.

4 Kanal house for sale in F-7 or 2000 Sq Yd House for sale in F-7 Islamabad will range from PKR 55 Crore and can go up till PKR 70 Crore. 4 Kanal house for rent in F-7 will be near PKR 12 Lac.  

The houses in F-7 have a good variety of old constructed, renovated, and newly constructed houses. You can also find the bifurcated houses usually in the case of 4 kanal houses which can be sold or purchased separately. In these houses you will find decent lawns, some properties consist of extravagant lawns with badminton/ tennis courts and even outdoor and indoor swimming pools. 


Commercial properties for sale/rent

The commercial properties for sale in F-7 can range from PKR 10 crore to 40, or even 50 crores depending on the size and location of the unit. The commercial property for rent in F-7 starts from PKR 1 Lac per month and can go all the way up to PKR 15 lac, again, depending on the nature of the shop. 


Sale of Plots

In Pakistan buying a plot is often considered the best available investment. Though the F-7 Markaz is considered a developed sector, it has interesting opportunities in plots as well. 

1 Kanal plot for sale in F-7 or 666 Sq Yd plot for sale in F-7 Islamabad will be around PKR 14 Crore.

2 Kanal plot for sale in F-7 or 1000 Sq Yd plot for sale in F-7 Islamabad will be about PKR 18 Crore.

3 Kanal plot for sale in F-7 or 1500 Sq Yd plot for sale in F-7 Islamabad can be acquired for about PKR 23 Crore. 

4 Kanal plot for sale in F-7 or 2000 Sq Yd plot for sale in F-7 Islamabad can be found for around PKR 30 Crore. 

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