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B-17 Islamabad Introduction:

Multi Gardens B-17 is among Islamabad's most successful projects. It has taken over a whole CDA sector of Islamabad, B-17. With idealistic planning, it provides plots in the heart of Islamabad at unbelievably reasonable prices. Starting in 2004, the society's main goal was to meet the housing needs of people of various income levels, with the majority of plots selling upon easy installments.


The multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society  (MPCHS) has presented this project. Gardens B-17 is among the most well-known and reputable housing societies located in Islamabad Zone 2. It has made a significant contribution to Islamabad's magnificent beauty. MPCHS also developed two sectors of E-11, also known as Golra Sharif. Silver Oaks in F-10 Markaz is also proudly developed by them. It has outperformed delivery in all of its projects.


From the start of the project, Multi Gardens B-17 succeeded in piquing the interest of both local and international investors. Over the course of this time, it has made regular and reliable progress. Multi Gardens is a well-developed housing plan with hundreds of houses, apartments, and shops already constructed, and families taking advantage of MPCHS's amenities. Except for Block G, which is still under construction, all of the residential blocks have possessions available, while some of Block D is now undeveloped due to a lack of land acquisition.




MPCHS submitted a layout plan to CDA in 2006 for a multi-garden phase-1 project, which initially consisted of Blocks A, B, and C. Phase-1 covered 7673 Kanals with 4670 residential plots along the GT road, just a kilometer before the Taxila bypass. CDA also worked with the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS) to establish or develop sector E-11 near Golra and Margalla Hills during this time period in 2009. Following that, MPCHS began phase 2 of this ideal project, which included the extension of block C-1, block D, block E, and block F. MPCHS launched its new sector, block G, which is adjacent to the motorway, in 2018.


Area Covered By the Locality:


Islamabad was pioneered in 2004 in the CDA sector of Islamabad and covers over 16000 Kanals of Margalla Hills. The B-17 society is divided into 3 sectors: A-17, B-17, and B-18.


Area/locality site office 


The Sector B-17 Islamabad Site Office Address - Office # 6-7, Al-Malik Arcade, Sector B-17, Islamabad. 




B-17 is a newly developed sector in Islamabad Capital Territory's (ICT) Zone II. This housing society is designed in such a way that it borders the GT Road on one side and the Peshawar-Islamabad motorway (M-1) on the other.


Islamabad International Airport and housing developments such as Blue World City and University Town are only a few kilometers away.


Phase 1 (which includes Block A, Block B, Block C, and Block C-1) is located along G.T road, and it is only a few kilometers from the Taxila Bypass. Phase 2 now consists of Blocks D, E, F, and G. In addition, Block G was announced in 2018, and it will be connected to Motorway directly. As a result, Multi Gardens B-17 will be only a few minutes' drive from the New Islamabad International Airport. Furthermore, Faisal Town F-18 is only 10 Km away from this locality. By seeing B-17 Islamabad Map, you can better understand the exact location of the locality.


Which development authority/body is responsible for the area?


Islamabad and Rawalpindi both have jurisdiction over Multi Gardens. CDA has jurisdiction over parts of Sectors A-17 and B-17, whereas RDA has control over the areas next to Motorway M-1.


The Rawalpindi Development Authority and the Capital Development Authority have given their approval to Multi Gardens. On the CDA and RDA websites, you can check the status of its approval. MPCHS has approved 12,155 kanal of the overall area, with 3845 kanal set aside for future extensions.


Development Status Of the Locality:


Fully developed plots in Block A, Block B, Block C, Block C-1, Block D, Block E, and Block F have already been granted possession. The main entrance gate is open for two-way traffic on the G.T Road. In the meantime, two tube wells are fully operational. The construction of Block G began a long time ago. More than 90% of the work on roads and their carpeting is now completed.


How can the area be accessed? 


The project is accessible via the Peshawar-bound Main GT Road. It has two gates: A and B, both of them are close to the main road. Hasanabdal, Wah Cantt, and Taxila continue to rely on the B-17 sector.


The FWO has also approved a designated interchange from the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M1) to the G block of this project, which will be developed or built very soon. What’s more, an expressway connecting Islamabad's F-10 sector is also under consideration. This 9-kilometer signal-free road will provide the fastest route between society and Islamabad.


Nearby Localities: 


So many residential and commercial developments nearby, as well as educational and transportation facilities due to its connectivity to major roads, boost its value even more. The following housing projects are located near B-17 Islamabad:


  • Faisal Margalla City
  • Faisal Hills 
  • Wapda Town
  • PECHS Housing Society
  • Jammu Kashmir Housing Society
  • University Town


How distant from the Landmarks? (KMs)


  • Faisal Margalla City is nearby.
  • It's about 8 kilometers from Faisal Hills.
  • WAPDA Town is about 10 kilometers away.
  • PECHS Housing Society is approximately 20 kilometers away.
  • It is approximately 14 kilometers from Shalimar Town.
  • Jammu Kashmir Housing Society is approximately 14.6 kilometers away.
  • Around 27 kilometers away from University Town.


List of amenities in the locality:


This housing project provides its occupants with first-rate amenities, cutting-edge architecture, and a safe environment.


  • Electricity, Gas, & Water Supply:


Underground provision of essential facilities is partially developed, especially in blocks C-1, D, E, and F, with road networks, electricity cables, and gas lines already laid down. So, there’s no need to be worried about what to do with the unavailability and shortage of these facilities. 


  • Security;


There is a foolproof and high alert security system in B-17 Islamabad, with boundary walls on all sides and inspected entry points, allowing all residents to move freely without any fear, threat, or concern regarding their safety.


  • Transport:


Non-car and bike commuters in B-17 do not need to worry about their transportation needs. Taxila Bypass Bus Stop is approximately 6 kilometers away from B-17 Islamabad. A number of railway stations, including the Tarnol Railway Interchange and the Taxila Railway Interchange, are also located nearby. 


  • Maintenance & Waste Disposal:


B-17 Sector Islamabad has an active sewerage system that ensures proper waste management and disposal. That’s why the residents of Sector B-17 have no concerns and issues in this regard. 


Property Trends In the Locality:


If you want to buy/sell/rent a property in B-17 Islamabad, there are many houses, plots, apartments, offices, shops, and other options available; let's look at their price trends one by one.  This will allow you to determine which price range is suitable for you and which is out of your price range.


Houses For Sale In Sector B-17 Islamabad: 


The residential area is perfect for real buyers from all socio-economic segments of society. A wide range of finely constructed houses for sale in Sector B-17 Islamabad, with sizes ranging from 5, 7, 8, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. The location and accessibility to amenities have an impact on the asking price of dwelling units in Sector B-17.


  • The sale price range of 5 Marla Houses - 1.15 Crore to 1.8 Crore.
  • The sale price range of 7 Marla Houses - 1.95 Crore to 2 Crores.
  • The sale price range of 8 Marla Houses - 2 Crores to 2.8 Crores. 
  • The sale price range of 10 Marla Houses - 3 Crores to 4 Crores.
  • The sale price range of 1 Kanal Houses - 4 Crores to 6 Crores. 


Houses For Rent In Sector B-17 Islamabad: 


Unlike other house rental regions, the B-17 Islamabad house is yours until you pay the rent.


  • The rent price range of 5 Marla Houses - 30,000 to 70,000.
  • The rent price range of 8 Marla Houses - 32,000 to 85,000.
  • The rent price range of 10 Marla Houses - 40,000 to 1.2 Lakh.
  • The rent price range of 1 Kanal Houses - 60,000 to 1.55 Lakh.


Apartments For Sale In Sector B-17 Islamabad:

B-17 offers a diverse range of Apartments in multiple size cuttings such as 2 Marla, 2.5 Marla, and 3 Marla. These apartments have 24-hour security, a high level of maintenance, lifts and stairs, ample basement and outdoor parking, and also individual lockers.


  • The sale price range of 2 Marla apartments - 47.77 Lakh to 55.64 Lakh.
  • The sale price range of 2.5 Marla apartments - 64.24 Lakh to 64.24 Lakh.
  • The sale price range of 3 Marla apartments - 59.25 Lakh to 63.2 Lakh.


Residential Plots For Sale in Sector B-17 Islamabad:


In Sector B-17 Islamabad, the residential plots available for sale come in different size cuttings such as 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 14 Marla, and 1 Kanal. 


  • The sale price range of 5 Marla Residential Plots - 50 Lakh to 86 Lakh. 
  • The sale price range of 7 Marla Residential Plots - is 75 Lakh to 1.05 Crore.
  • The sale price range of 8 Marla Residential Plots - 59.5 Lakh to 1 Crore.
  • The sale price range of 10 Marla Residential Plots - 99 Lakh to 1.2 Crore.
  • The sale price range of 14 Marla Residential Plots - 1.05 Crore to 1.28 Crore.
  • The sale price range of 1 Kanal Residential Plots - 1.56 Crore to 2.5 Crores.


Commercial Plots For Sale In Sector B-17 Islamabad:


The superbly located sectors provide a variety of commercial opportunities, including shops, plazas, buildings, offices, and residential and commercial plots. The commercial plots for sale in Sector B-17 Islamabad are easily purchased and rented by business owners for a variety of purposes.


  • The sale price range of 5 Marla Commercial Plots - 2 Crores to 3 Crores.
  • The sale price range of 6 Marla Commercial Plots - 3 Crores to 9 Crores. 
  • The sale price range of 7 Marla Commercial Plots - 10.7 Crores to 15 Crores.
  • The sale price range of 10 Marla Commercial Plots - 5.25 Crores to 15 Crores.
  • The sale price range of 1 Kanal Commercial Plots - 7.5 Crores to 17 Crores. 


Mosques In the Locality:


It is a blessing to have a mosque so close to your residence. Thankfully, each of the blocks in Multi Gardens Phase 1 and 2 contains a mosque. Moreover, Jamia Masjid Abu Bakr in Block B can comfortably accommodate 3000+ worshippers for Eid and Friday prayers. These mosques are well-built, feature spacious praying areas and clean ablution facilities, and are surrounded by lush flora.


  • Jāmia Masjid Al Bashir - 50 Street, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Markazī Jāmi Masjid Abū Bakar - 20 Street, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Jamia Masjid Hussania Ghousia - Government Degree College for Women, Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Masjid FMC - MRRH+FJP, Block A Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad, and many others are located in the vicinity. 




Multi Gardens has raised the bar in terms of providing exceptional services. Its natural beauty and ideal location entice investors to invest in this worthwhile housing scheme and enjoy the best and most luxurious lifestyle possible. Residents of Sector B-17 Islamabad can also easily access a variety of lifestyle amenities including restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls, fitness centers, beauty salons, and much more.


Shopping Facilities - Residents of Sector B-17 can easily reach markets in Blocks A, B, and C due to their proximity to commercial markets. Electronics, groceries, and apparel are among the items available at these commercial markets. The shopping malls or complexes there have food outlets, branded stores, and entertainment areas. Among the shopping malls in Sector B-17, the most popular or well-known shopping destinations are as follows:


  • Mall Of B-17 - Plot No03 Main Ijaz Ahmed Khan Avenue, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Capital Trade Centre - MRQJ+657, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • J7 Emporium - Plot 972, Block C Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Seventeen Square - Block A Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad, and many more.


Restaurants, Cafes, & Bakeries - There are also numerous cafes, bakeries, and restaurants in the Sector that serve a variety of delectable and mouth-watering cuisines. Let's take a look at some of the society's most well-known restaurants, cafes, and bakeries;


  • Cafe District 17 - Shop #6، 7 square Street 5, Block B Multi Gardens B-12،, Islamabad.
  • Sohni sweet and bakers - Plot 57, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Capital Kitchen - MRQH+6X9, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • B And - B-17 Street Number 45, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad. 
  • Hot N spicy B-17 Islamabad - B block main Markaz b17, Islamabad, and many others. 


Parks and Recreational Areas - Islamabad is known for its wide range of green spaces and recreational parks, and Sector B-17 is no exception. B-17 parks have well-maintained jogging paths, exercise areas, clean washrooms, and many other conveniences.


  • Family Park - MRVJ+57V, Block A Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Naila Park - MRJH+8X6, Block C Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Moin Akhtar Park - St 26, Block C Block E Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Football Ground - MRJJ+264, Block C Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad, etc. 


Sports & Fitness Facilities - Everyone nowadays wants to stay healthy and fit since it is more than just a trend. That's why a football academy, a cricket ground, fitness clubs, and gyms with highly professional trainers and advanced exercise equipment are available in Sector B-17 Islamabad.


  • The SK Gym - Plot 33 MR-3, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Aesthetic Den Fitness - Mak Square, Gate no, 1, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Multi Football Club - Plot 961, Block C Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.

Centurion Snooker Club - Plot 21, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad, and a variety of other sports and fitness centers are available in the locality.


Healthcare facilities - Residents of any housing area, are required to have access to healthcare facilities. Fortunately, B-17's prime location allows its residents' easy access to many healthcare centers and clinics that provide qualified medical personnel and 24-hour emergency care, such as;


  • Perfect Smile Dental Clinic - H # 249 MR 2, Sector B-17 Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad
  • Islamabad Diagnostic Center B-17 Markaz  - Plot no. 1, CORNER S& A SQUARE, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad. 
  • Lasani eye Care center - shop number 3 & 4, Plot 29, Khushbagh Plaza, MR-5, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Multi Medical Centre- Near MPCHS Site, Block C Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad, etc.


Educational Facilities:


The presence of various reputable educational institutions in the majority of community blocks helps parents of school-aged, college-aged, and university-aged children to commute with convenience.


Schools - When it comes to education, the following schools in B-17 Islamabad meet the international educational standards.


  • Air Foundation School System B-17 Campus - Plot # 1 Street 10, Block C Multi Gardens B17, Islamabad.
  • Allied School B-17 Campus - Emporium Mall, House# 976, MR# 09, Block: C, just opposite J7, Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • PIPS School B 17 Multi Gardens Campus - Bungalow 585, Street 29, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • The Educators - 298 Street 15, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad, and many more.


Colleges - Sector B-17 residents have access to well-known colleges with highly-experienced teaching staff, as well as a variety of other amenities. Some of the major colleges in the locality are as follows;


  • Qurtuba School & College - MRHJ+43C, Block C Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Govt. Degree College For Women Taxila - PR4F+6R2, Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Excelsior College - 854 Street 41, Block C Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad, etc. 


Universities - For the purpose of spreading knowledge among students, the society's management built two well-known universities.


  • Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology - Street 33, Block A Sector B-17 Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering - SS CASE IT, Block A Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.


Banks In the Locality:


Banking systems are necessary for daily transactions, bill payments, and many other money-related tasks. B-17 has branches of numerous well-known banks for this purpose, including:


  • JS Bank - B-17 sector, Multi Garden main Peshawar, Grand Trunk Rd, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Meezan Bank Limited - MRPP+CP3, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Allied Bank - Service Rd, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad.
  • Habib Bank Ltd - MRPP+9P8, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad, and many others.


Master Plan Of the Locality: 


Multi Gardens Sector B-17 is about12,000 Kanals in size and is known for its luxury and high standards. It's a well-planned community that meets all of the current development standards. This location has symbolic value and status within the context of the society's establishment as a multi-professional cooperative housing society. It is due to the fact that it’s changing the landscape of the entire region. The master plan of Sector B-17 is being developed in accordance with urban planning principles. Several well-known planners, engineers, and architects have been consulted about this major development.


Sector B-17 Islamabad is strategically situated and surrounded by nature's beauty and serenity. Because of their affordable pricing and easy payment plans, the investors who are interested in making investments and gaining more ROI may consider buying a property in Blocks F, and G. People with a higher budget can purchase properties in Blocks D and owe to their enormous growth potential as well as the availability of possessions. Sector B-17 is also an ideal location for buyers who are looking for their dream home, with all necessary amenities and facilities just a short distance away. As one of the largest and most spectacular residential schemes of the city, Sector B-17 Islamabad is predicted to become of the most sought-after and upscale real estate projects in the city.


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