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Gulberg Peshawar sits at a prime location because of its connection, direct or indirect, to all the main thoroughfares of Peshawar. That said, when it comes to an integrated public transit system for the residents of Peshawar, there’s one under-construction as we write. The megaproject is called TransPeshawar or Peshawar BRT which stands for Bus Rapid Transit. Aiming to stretch a network of bus routes and feeder buses across the city, Peshawar BRT has been funded by Asian Development Bank. The route of the transportation system that is to be laid will have a total of 131 station (100 of feeder buses and 31 of Peshawar BRT). In the meanwhile, people in Peshawar use local coaches, vans, rickshaws, and ride hailing apps to move from one place to another. The vans and coaches also follow certain routes and have stops assigned as well. There’s a swarm of bus stops along the Grand Trunk Road. The closest to Gulberg Peshawar out of these is Gora Qabristan Stop. Viewed as a very busy stop, one can switch vehicles here when coming or going to Saddar Road. Gulberg Peshawar is half an hour walk away from Gora Qabristan.

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