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Warsak Road, Peshawar is hassle-free. Given the fact that it is one of the busiest roads of the city, stretching from the intersection of GT Road to Pir Bala Chowk hosting marble factories, markets, academic institutions, healthcare facilities and other commercial activities. Furthermore, the Northern half of Peshawar Ring Road is also being further developed towards Warsak Road and the Pajjagi-Warsak section is under construction. The Ring Road will also be extended to Hayatabad from Warsak Road, which will be a significant value addition to the Road, linking it to other major areas of the city and providing access to various modes of public transport quite conveniently. Moreover, Peshawar Ring Road is connected to Warsak Michini Road at a point in Tahkal Payan Peshawar. Residents living on the east and west side of the road can easily get an auto-rickshaw or a public bus to commute to their respective destinations within Peshawar. For instance, there are two primary public bus stops found at different intervals on the road.

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Warsak Road
Warsak Road