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Highlights of B-17 Islamabad

  • There are a number of options available for a flat for sale in B17, starting from 1 bedroom studio apartments and going up to a 4 bedroom flat.
  • B-17, also known as multi-gardens, is one of the fastest-growing sectors of Islamabad, with multiple options available for quality living.
  • All the basic facilities and amenities are available in this area, thus making it an ideal place to live in.
  • It is situated on G.T. Road and is near the new Islamabad International Airport. It is also comparatively near to many other neighbouring towns such as Taxila and Wah Cantt.

Price Trends for Flat for Sale B-17 Islamabad

Sector B-17 is considerably more affordable than the majority of the areas in Islamabad, making it an ideal place to live in.


Two factors that affect the price of flats in B-17 are the location and number of bedrooms. Prices of a flat for sale in B-17 Islamabad are generally less than PKR 70 lacs for a 1 bedroom apartment.

A 2 bedroom apartment in the same area is available for roughly less than PKR 1 crore.


Similarly, a 3-bedroom flat for sale in B17 Islamabad usually costs more than PKR 60 lacs.

Likewise, prices of a 4-bedroom flat for sale in B-17 Islamabad are expected to go up to several crores.

Price Comparison with Other Areas of Islamabad

As mentioned earlier, prices of B-17 are comparatively lower than many other sectors of Islamabad, including D-12, G-13 and G-16.

For instance, a 1-bedroom apartment for sale in D-12 generally costs more than Rs. 40 lacs, whereas in B-17, you can expect a significantly lower price for the same number of bedrooms.

Generally, the price of a 2-bedroom flat for sale in G-13 is higher than 50 lacs, whereas in B-17, you can expect a sale price even less than Rs. 40 lacs.


When it comes to D-17, however, the area is even more inexpensive than B-17, where you can expect a sale price for a 2-bedroom apartment to be at comparatively lower price point.

Types of Flats for Sale in B-17

There are many different types of flats available in the sector B-17.

1-bedroom Flats

1-bedroom flats are mostly preferred by students that are looking for a budget-friendly housing option.

2-bedroom Flats

2-bedroom flats are also widely available in B-17 and are highly preferred by the smaller families. This type of flat comes with two attached washrooms, a kitchen and a lounge.

3-bedroom Flats

A 3-bedroom flat for sale in B-17 is a preferable choice for bigger families, as these apartments offer a wide range of different amenities.

4-bedroom Flats

4-bedroom flats are the most spacious type of flats for sale in B-17, with attached washrooms, a kitchen and a lounge.

Places Near B-17

Even though the sector is situated away from the main city, there are still many important places nearby B-17.



Faisal Hills

6.7 km

Sangjani Toll Plaza

7.5 km


9.1 km


9.8 km

Why Should You Buy a Flat in B-17, Islamabad?

Sector B-17 attracts a mix of buyers from all across the city as it offers an inexpensive and affordable living standard to its residents. The sector offers all basic utilities, including gas, electricity and water. Moreover, all sorts of basic amenities and facilities, such as parks, mosques, schools and clinics, are also widely available, with many different restaurants and brands also available here. 

It also has renowned educational institutes nearby, such as Air Foundation and Allied School, where children can receive quality education. Moreover, Multi Medical Centre is also located in this sector, which is one of the best healthcare centres in the city.

The availability of these facilities and amenities and inexpensive housing makes it one of the best areas to get a flat for sale in Islamabad.

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