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Highlights of Sector F8 Islamabad

  • Multiple flats for sale in F8 Islamabad are available in various sizes, with 2 and 3 bedroom flats being the popular choice among buyers. 
  • Home to some of the most luxurious apartments in the city with average prices starting from Rs. 3.5 crores.
  • Some of the major roads are connected with F-8, making it easy for residents to move from one place to another.
  • Some of the popular landmarks like Faisal Masjid which is located at just 11 minutes away from F-8.


Price Trends of Flats for Sale in F-8 Islamabad

Sector F-8 offers both horizontal and vertical living to the residents with a number of high-end flats available in the area. Like some other sectors, there aren’t many flats available in F-8. However, there are some high-end apartments available in the Centaurus Mall. In Centaurus Mall, the price of a 2 bedroom apartment usually starts from Rs. 6 crores which is much higher than the apartments in F-10, F-11, and E-11. 


Price Comparison with Surrounding Areas

Sector F-8 has an ideal location with several major roads connecting the sector with other areas of the city. Sector F-8 Islamabad is surrounded by F-7, F-9, E-8, and G-8. In these sectors, there aren’t many apartments available. However, there are some high-end flats available in F-10, F-11 and E-11 where the prices are not that high compared to apartments in Sector F-8.


Types of Flats for Sale in F8 Islamabad

As mentioned before, there are many flats for sale available in F-8 Islamabad with flats only available in Centaurus Mall. The flats in the sector include 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments for sale in F-8  that are available at different price points. 

1 Bedroom Apartment

These apartments are best for two people as it has 1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms. It has a lounge area, kitchen, and a balcony from where you can enjoy the mesmerizing views of Islamabad. 

2 Bedroom Apartment

People who have a small family should go for a 2 bedroom apartment as these apartments have ample space. These flats have 2 bedrooms and bathrooms and a lounge area with a kitchen. You also get a balcony and parking space as well.

3 Bedroom Apartment

There is a 3 bed option available for larger families. These kinds of flats have 3 beds with attached bathrooms, a spacious lounge area, a kitchen, and a balcony from where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the city. You also get an underground parking space. 


Places Near F8 Islamabad

Sector F-8 has a great location with several key areas just a few kilometres away. Some of the nearby locations are mentioned below.



Distance From F-8

PAF Hospital

3.3 Km

Fatima Jinnah Park

4.4 Km

Air University

3.3 Km

Bahria University


Faisal Masjid

3.1 Km


Why Should You Buy a Flat for Sale in F8 Islamabad?

F-8 is one of the popular sectors in Islamabad with several valuable properties located in the area. This premium sector is located right next to the famous Fatima Jinnah Park (F-9 Park) with Sector F-7 just a few kilometres away. Although the location of F-8 is ideal, the main selling point of properties in the area is the number of facilities offered to the residents such as electricity, gas, water, etc..

Moreover, the sector has a list of amenities like top-notch schools, quality healthcare centres and restaurants that further add to the value of the property in F-8 Islamabad. The sector has one of the most iconic buildings in Islamabad, such as the Centaurus Mall, which has outlets of various local and international brands, providing a unique shopping experience to the residents of the twin cities. 

So, if you’re looking to buy an apartment in Islamabad, Sector F-8 is an excellent choice.

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