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Highlights of DHA Phase 5 Karachi

  • One of the top most expensive sectors of the city – DHA Phase 5 is located near the shore of the Arabian sea.
  • Roads such as Khayaban-e-Jami and Shahrah-e-Irfan connect this sector with major roads such as Main Korangi road. 
  • Typical sizes of houses for sale in DHA Phase 5 Karachi range from 5 to 20 marla.
  • The usual cost of houses here lies within the range of Rs. 3.1 crore to Rs. 85 crore.


Price Trends of Houses for Sale in DHA Phase 5 Karachi

DHA Phase 5 Karachi is one of the most affluent housing societies in the city. Being located right beside the seashore has elevated its value and ultimately the cost of properties located here. The typical costs of houses for sale here tend to be on the higher end of the price spectrum. 

For instance, the starting price of a 10-marla house for sale in DHA Phase 5 Karachi is usually expected to be more than Rs. 6 crore. 

Whereas, 1 kanal house for sale in DHA Phase 5 Karachi is general costs around Rs. 16 crore.

These prices are all due to its prime location, amenities offered and the up-class and luxurious houses.

However, the prices mentioned above might fluctuate as a few factors such as its size, location, condition, and the amenities offered greatly affect the value and cost of a property. 

Other than these factors, there is another variable, market trends, which plays a significant role in determining the prices of properties.

Price Comparison With Neighbouring Areas

Comparing the prices of houses for sale in DHA phase 5 Karachi with those in its neighbouring areas such as Askari 1 and Gulshan e Sikandarabad, we can conclude that the market value of houses in the former one is relatively higher.

For instance, the price of a 5 marla house for sale in Gulshan-e-Sikandarabad Karachi typically starts at Rs. 50. 

Whereas, that of a similar house in Askari 1 typically costs around Rs. 1.5 crore. The difference in these prices lies in the amenities offered as well as the premium location.

Types of Houses for Sale in DHA Phase 5 Karachi

Following are the types of houses for sale in DHA Phase 5 Karachi:

  • Single-Storey House
  • Multi-Storey House

Single-Storey House

They usually cost less than a multi-storey house and are ideal for small families to reside in.

Multi-Storey House

A multi-storey house is one of the most commonly built types of houses in Pakistan. It is more expensive than a single-storey house.

Places Near DHA Phase 5 Karachi


Distance From DHA Phase 5 Karachi

Mohatta Palace Museum

2.3 km

Shrine Syed Abdullah Shah Ghazi

4.2 km

Beach View Park

4.0 km

Tauheed Commercial Area

1.4 km

Khadda Market

700 m

Zamzama Park

1.6 km


Why Should You Invest in a House for Sale in DHA Phase 5 Karachi?

A house in DHA Phase 5 Karachi can prove to be a dream home for those who want to live in a posh and upscale residential area, where you can enjoy luxury coupled with comfort.

Furthermore, DHA Phase 5 Karachi is one of the best sectors of Defence in terms parks and recreation. The presence of parks like Zamzama Park and The Royal Rodale add that essential greenery to the sector while enhancing the air quality.

These factors make a house for sale in DHA Phase 5 an ideal investment.

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