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House for Sale in F 10 Islamabad

Highlights of Houses for Sale in F 10 Islamabad

●        The houses for sale in F-10 Islamabad are known for their spacious layouts and well-designed architecture. They often feature large bedrooms, modern kitchens, elegant living areas, and ample parking spaces. 

●        The houses in F-10 Islamabad are constructed with high-quality materials and adhere to modern construction standards. The construction quality ensures durability, strength, and longevity of the properties. 

●        F-10 Islamabad is considered one of the upscale neighborhoods in the city. It is known for its well-maintained surroundings, lush greenery, and a peaceful residential environment. The area is preferred by families and professionals seeking a comfortable and secure living experience. 

●        F-10 Islamabad offers a diverse range of houses for sale to cater to different budgetary requirements and preferences. From smaller-sized houses suitable for small families or professionals to larger and more luxurious properties, there are options available to suit various needs and lifestyles. 


F 10 Launch

F 10 Islamabad is one of the well-established sectors in the city that was launched several years ago. It was part of the planned development of Islamabad and has since evolved into a prominent residential and commercial area. The launch of F 10 aimed to provide a well-planned and organized community with modern infrastructure and amenities to cater to the growing population and meet the housing needs of residents in Islamabad. Over the years, F 10 has developed into a sought-after location known for its convenient access to major roads, commercial centers, educational institutions, and recreational facilities. The sector continues to attract individuals and families looking for a well-connected and comfortable living experience in the heart of Islamabad.


Master Plan of F 10 Islamabad

The master plan of F 10 Islamabad is designed to create a well-organized and sustainable community. The sector is divided into several blocks, each with its own designated residential and commercial areas. The layout incorporates wide roads and well-defined plots to ensure efficient traffic flow and ease of access. The residential area consists of a mix of houses and apartments, offering a range of housing options to cater to different preferences and budgets.


The master plan also includes the provision of essential amenities and facilities within the sector. These include schools, parks, mosques, shopping centers, and healthcare facilities to meet the everyday needs of residents. The sector is well-connected to the rest of Islamabad through major roads, ensuring easy access to neighboring sectors and the city center.


Green spaces and landscaping are an integral part of the master plan, with the inclusion of parks, gardens, and tree-lined streets, creating a pleasant and visually appealing environment. The sector is designed to promote a high quality of life, with a focus on maintaining a clean and sustainable community.


The master plan of F 10 Islamabad aims to strike a balance between residential and commercial areas, providing a livable and vibrant neighborhood. The well-thought-out design and infrastructure ensure a comfortable living experience for residents and a conducive environment for businesses to thrive.


Sectors in F 10 Islamabad

F 10 Islamabad is divided into different sectors, each designated with a specific alphabet letter. The sectors in F 10 include:

●        Sector F 10/1: This sector is one of the residential sectors in F 10 and offers a mix of houses and apartments for both rent and sale. It is known for its peaceful environment and convenient location. 

●        Sector F 10/2: Another residential sector, F 10/2 offers a range of housing options, including houses and apartments. It is well-connected to major roads and amenities, making it a desirable location for residents. 

●        Sector F 10/3: F 10/3 is primarily a residential sector, known for its well-constructed houses and apartments. It offers a serene and secure living environment with easy access to nearby amenities. 

●        Sector F 10/4: This sector is predominantly residential, featuring houses and apartments. It is a popular choice for families due to its well-developed infrastructure and proximity to schools, parks, and shopping centers. 


Price Trends of Houses for Sale in F 10 Islamabad

Here are the price trends for houses for sale in F 10 Islamabad:


House Size

Price Range (PKR)

Small (3-4 Bedrooms)

PKR 25,000,000 - PKR 40,000,000

Medium (5-6 Bedrooms)

PKR 40,000,000 - PKR 60,000,000

Large (7+ Bedrooms)

PKR 60,000,000 and above


Please note that these price ranges are approximate and can vary based on various factors such as location, condition, and amenities of the houses. It's advisable to consult with real estate agents or property websites for more accurate and up-to-date information on specific houses available for sale in F 10 Islamabad.


Types of Houses for Sale in F 10 Islamabad

In F-10 Islamabad, there are various types of houses available for sale. Here are the common types:


●        Independent Houses: These are standalone houses with their own land and private entrance. They offer privacy and a sense of ownership. 

●        Villa-style Houses: These houses are designed in a luxurious and modern style, often featuring contemporary architecture and upscale amenities. 

●        Duplex Houses: Duplex houses consist of two separate units with separate entrances, offering the convenience of living in one unit and renting out the other or accommodating extended family members. 


NOC Approval of F 10 Islamabad

F 10 Islamabad has obtained the necessary NOC (No Objection Certificate) approvals from the concerned authorities. The development and construction in the sector comply with the regulations and guidelines set by the relevant government departments. The issuance of NOCs ensures that the infrastructure, facilities, and amenities in F 10 Islamabad meet the required standards and are in accordance with the urban planning and development policies of the city. This approval provides assurance to the residents and investors regarding the legality and authenticity of the sector's development.

Places Near F 10 Islamabad

F 10 Islamabad is surrounded by several prominent places and facilities, including:

●        F9 Park: Located nearby, F9 Park is a popular recreational spot that offers lush green lawns, jogging tracks, picnic areas, and a lake. It is a perfect place for families and individuals to relax and enjoy outdoor activities. 

●        PAF Hospital: PAF Hospital, situated in close proximity, is a well-known healthcare facility that provides quality medical services to the residents of F 10 and its surrounding areas. It offers a wide range of medical specialties and has a reputation for delivering excellent patient care. 

●        The Centaurus: The Centaurus is a renowned mixed-use development that encompasses a luxury hotel, residential apartments, office spaces, and a shopping mall. It is a landmark of Islamabad's skyline and offers a range of high-end amenities, including upscale retail outlets, dining options, and entertainment facilities. 

Why Invest in F 10 Islamabad

Investing in F 10 Islamabad offers several benefits and makes it an attractive option for potential investors. Here are some key reasons why investing in F 10 Islamabad can be advantageous:

●        Prime Location: F 10 is a prime residential area in Islamabad, known for its strategic location. It is situated close to major commercial centers, educational institutions, hospitals, and recreational facilities. The convenient access to these amenities adds value to the properties in F 10 and increases their investment potential. 

●        Upscale Neighborhood: F 10 is a well-established and upscale neighborhood, known for its well-planned infrastructure and high standard of living. It attracts affluent residents and offers a secure and peaceful environment, making it a desirable location for property investment. 

●        Strong Rental Demand: F 10 is a sought-after area for both local and expatriate residents, leading to a strong rental demand. Investing in residential properties in F 10 can provide a steady rental income stream, making it an attractive option for buy-to-let investors. 

●        Appreciation Potential: Over the years, properties in F 10 have shown a consistent appreciation in value. The demand for residential properties in this area has remained stable, leading to capital appreciation and potential returns on investment for property owners. 

●        Infrastructure and Amenities: F 10 is well-equipped with modern infrastructure and amenities, including schools, hospitals, shopping malls, parks, and recreational facilities. These amenities contribute to the overall livability of the area and make it an appealing choice for both residents and investors. 

Investing in F 10 Islamabad provides the opportunity to own property in a prestigious location, benefit from rental income, and potentially enjoy capital appreciation in the long term. It is essential to conduct thorough research, consult with real estate professionals, and assess market conditions before making any investment decisions.


Routes to F 10 Islamabad

F 10 Islamabad can be accessed via multiple routes, providing convenient connectivity to the area. Here are some common routes to reach F 10 Islamabad:

●        Kashmir Highway: Kashmir Highway is a major road that connects Islamabad with different parts of the city. It is one of the primary routes to reach F 10. From the main Kashmir Highway, you can take the turn towards Faisal Avenue and continue straight until you reach F 10. 

●        Islamabad Expressway: Islamabad Expressway is another major road that provides easy access to F 10. From Islamabad Expressway, you can take the exit towards 9th Avenue and continue towards Faisal Avenue. From there, you can follow the road signs to reach F 10. 

●        Margalla Road: Margalla Road is a scenic route that passes through the Margalla Hills and leads to F 10. You can take the Margalla Road from sectors like F-8 or F-9 and continue towards F 10. This route offers beautiful views of the surrounding hills. 

●        7th Avenue: 7th Avenue is a well-known road in Islamabad that connects various sectors, including F 10. From 7th Avenue, you can take the turn towards Nazim-ud-Din Road, which leads to F 10. 

It is recommended to use navigation apps or maps for precise directions and to avoid any confusion while navigating to F 10 Islamabad. Additionally, traffic conditions and road closures should be taken into consideration when planning your route.

Search Trends of Properties in F 10 Islamabad

The search trends for properties in F 10 Islamabad provide insights into the level of interest and demand in the area. Here are some key observations regarding the search trends:

●        Consistent Demand: The search volume for properties in F 10 Islamabad has remained relatively stable over time. This indicates a consistent level of interest among potential buyers and investors. 

●        High-End Properties: The search trends suggest that there is a significant interest in high-end properties in F 10 Islamabad. Buyers and investors are often looking for luxurious houses or apartments with upscale amenities and modern designs. 

●        Plot Searches: The search data indicates that there is also a considerable demand for residential plots in F 10 Islamabad. This suggests that some buyers prefer to purchase land and build their own customized homes. 

●        Amenities and Facilities: The search trends highlight that people are interested in properties that offer a range of amenities and facilities. Factors such as proximity to parks, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and recreational facilities are among the key considerations for property seekers. 

●        Investment Potential: The search trends indicate that F 10 Islamabad is seen as a promising location for real estate investment. The consistent interest in properties suggests that buyers and investors perceive it as an area with potential for growth and return on investment. 

It's important to note that search trends can vary over time and are influenced by various factors such as market conditions, economic factors, and development projects in the area. It's always recommended to conduct thorough research and consult with real estate professionals for the most up-to-date and accurate information when considering properties in F 10 Islamabad.

Head Office Location of F 10 Islamabad

The head office of F 10 Islamabad is located within the sector itself. The exact address and location of the head office may vary, but it is typically situated in a central and easily accessible area of F 10. It serves as the administrative hub for managing and overseeing the development, operations, and services within the sector. For specific details and to obtain the precise location of the head office in F 10 Islamabad, it is recommended to contact the relevant authorities or consult official sources.


Amenities and Facilities in F 10 Islamabad

F 10 Islamabad offers a wide range of amenities and facilities to cater to the needs and requirements of its residents. Some of the key amenities and facilities in F 10 include:

●        Parks and Recreational Areas: F 10 features well-maintained parks and green spaces where residents can relax, enjoy outdoor activities, and spend quality time with family and friends. 

●        Educational Institutions: The sector is home to reputable educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities, providing quality education and academic opportunities for students of all ages. 

●        Healthcare Facilities: F 10 has reliable healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and medical centers, ensuring convenient access to healthcare services for residents. 

●        Shopping and Commercial Centers: The sector offers a variety of shopping malls, markets, and commercial centers, where residents can find a wide range of retail outlets, supermarkets, restaurants, and other commercial amenities. 

●        Transportation and Connectivity: F 10 enjoys good connectivity to other parts of Islamabad, with well-developed road networks and access to public transportation, making it easy for residents to commute and travel within and outside the sector. 

●        Security and Safety: F 10 prioritizes the safety and security of its residents. The sector is equipped with security measures, including gated communities, CCTV surveillance, and security personnel, to ensure a safe living environment. 

●        Utilities and Infrastructure: F 10 has reliable utility services, including electricity, water supply, and gas connections. The infrastructure is well-developed, with proper road networks, drainage systems, and other essential utilities. 

●        Community Facilities: The sector offers community centers, sports complexes, and recreational facilities, promoting a sense of community and providing opportunities for residents to engage in social and sports activities. 

These amenities and facilities in F 10 Islamabad contribute to a comfortable and convenient living experience for its residents, making it an attractive place to reside in the city.


FAQs About Houses for Sale in F 10 Islamabad

What types of houses are available for sale in F-10 Islamabad?

F-10 Islamabad offers a variety of houses for sale, including small houses with 3-4 bedrooms, medium houses with 5-6 bedrooms, and large houses with 7+ bedrooms.


What is the price range of houses for sale in F-10  markazIslamabad?

The price range of houses for sale in F-10 Islamabad varies depending on the size, location, and other factors. Generally, small houses range from PKR 15,000,000 to PKR 25,000,000, medium houses range from PKR 25,000,000 to PKR 35,000,000, and large houses are priced at PKR 35,000,000 and above. Corner houses, double story houses at reasonable rate are also available. The properties range from 84 to 733 square yards.


Are there any gated communities or housing societies in F-10 Islamabad?

Yes, F-10 Islamabad features gated communities and housing societies that provide added security and amenities for residents. These communities often have additional facilities such as parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas.


Are there any schools and educational institutions near F-10 Islamabad?

Yes, F-10 Islamabad is home to reputable schools, colleges, and universities, offering quality education for students of all ages. Residents have convenient access to educational institutions within or near the sector.


What amenities and facilities are available in F-10 Islamabad?

F-10 Islamabad offers a range of amenities and facilities, including parks, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, transportation options, security measures, utilities, and community facilities. These amenities enhance the quality of life for residents.


Is F-10 Islamabad a safe and secure place to live?

Yes, F-10 Islamabad prioritizes the safety and security of its residents. The sector employs security measures such as gated communities, CCTV surveillance, and security personnel to ensure a safe living environment.


How is the connectivity and transportation in F-10 Islamabad?

F-10 Islamabad enjoys good connectivity with well-developed road networks, making it easy for residents to commute and travel within the sector and to other parts of the city. Public transportation options are also available for convenient mobility.


Are there any recreational and entertainment options in F-10 Islamabad?

Yes, F-10 Islamabad offers recreational options such as parks, sports complexes, and community centers where residents can engage in leisure activities and socialize with neighbors.

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