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Highlights of G 15 Islamabad

  • A wide range of options are available for houses for sale in G15 Islamabad, starting from 5 marla and going up to 2 kanal.
  • The average price of a 7 marla house for sale in G 15 Islamabad starts from Rs. 1.9 crore.
  • Different types of houses are available with multi-storey houses being the most common option. 


Price Trends of Houses for Sale in G15 Islamabad

Offering a wide range of options, the houses in G15 Islamabad are available at reasonable prices. A 7 marla house for sale in G15 Islamabad typically starts from Rs.  1.9 crore. On the other hand, if you are looking for 1 kanal house, it will usually cost you around Rs. 6 crores on average. You need to keep in mind that the price of any house depends on the size and condition of the house. If the house is in perfect condition then it probably will cost more to the buyer.

The prices of houses for sale in G 15 Islamabad are expected to remain stable as it is a well-developed residential area.


Price Comparison with Surrounding Areas

Compared to nearby residential areas  including G14 and F15, the prices of houses for sale in G15 Islamabad are reasonable.

In G14, where the price of a 1 Kanal house for sale normally costs around Rs. 6.8 crores, while the price of a 2 kanal house for sale in F15 roughly cost around Rs. 7 crores on average. The prices in G14 and F15 are slightly on the higher side when compared to the houses in G15 Islamabad.


Types of Houses for Sale in G 15, Islamabad

G 15 Islamabad offers a variety of options for houses for sale to choose from. You can choose  houses for sale according to your budget. The popular properties for sale in G15 Islamabad are single and double-storey houses. 

Single-Storey Houses

Single-storey houses are suitable for smaller families who are looking for small houses at reasonable prices. 

Multi-Storey Houses 

While looking for a house for sale in G 15 Islamabad, you will find several multi-storey units. These multi-storey units are perfect for people who want to rent out a single portion to get a monthly return on investment. 


Places Near G15 Islamabad

There are  different places located near this housing society which are mentioned in the table given below.

Key Areas

Distance From G-15, Islamabad

Motorway M-1 Toll Plaza

8.2 km

26 Number Bus Stop

1.5 km


2.8 km

Sangjani Toll Plaza

7.9 km

Why Should You Buy a House in G15 Islamabad?

Sector G-15 Islamabad is among the popular residential areas of Islamabad. The area provides a modern lifestyle and it is packed with all kinds of amenities and facilities. One of the main reasons to buy a house in G15 is that it is located near the motorway which makes it an ideal place to buy a house.

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