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Highlights of Gulbahar Peshawar

  • If you are looking for a permanent residence in Peshawar, a house for sale in Gulbahar Peshawar can be a good option.
  • The locality is the first ever planned residential scheme in Peshawar.
  •  Situated right off the GT road, and is adjacent to Ring Road Peshawar.
  • The area offers houses for sale with premium amenities and facilities, with their costs typically starting from Rs. 50 lac.

Price Trends for House for Sale in Gulbahar Peshawar

The area is well developed and offers a lifestyle with quality living. Moreover, its convenient location makes it one of the most desired neighbourhoods of the city. If you are looking for a house in Peshawar that offers contemporary facilities, a house for sale in Gulbahar would be the best choice for you.

The minimum price of a 1 marla house in Gulbahar colony Peshawar would typically lie around Rs. 50 lacs. While this is the typical price trend, the prices will vary, as a lot of variables play their part in defining the final price of a house. Some of these variables are size, location (corner plot etc.), market trends, and condition of the house.

Price Comparison

Comparing the prices of houses for sale in Gulbahar Peshawar with those in neighbouring localities, we concluded that the Gulbahar colony is slightly more expensive than other areas.

For instance, the usual price of a 2 marla house in Gulbahar will start from a minimum price of around Rs.52 lacs, while that of a 2 marla house in Madina Colony, one of the nearby colonies, is Rs. 25 lacs.

The difference in the cost is evident from these numbers. Although Gulbahar Colony is developed and no more major construction is underway in the area at the moment, we can not say that the prices there are fixed. These prices might fluctuate based off factors like size, condition, amenities provided, and market trends.

Types of Houses for Sale in Gulbahar Peshawar

Gulbahar Peshawar comes with a broad range of residential properties so that people can choose the ones that meet their requirements. 

Following are the popular types of houses for sale in this area:

  • Single Storey House
  • Multi Storey House

Single Storey House

A single-storey house is not the kind of house you will frequently come across, however, there is still a high demand for these houses. 

This is ideally suitable for single and small families. In Gulbahar, you will find various single-storey houses.

Multi-Storey House

Most of the houses in Pakistan are multi-storey houses. They come with added portions and offer more space than a single-storey house. 

These houses are a perfect fit for joint families. Often, landowners keep one portion to themselves and rent out the other, which is why they prefer more than single-storey houses.

Nearby Locations


Distance from Gulbahar Peshawar

City University of Science and Technology


Sethi House Museum


Abasyn University


Namak Mandi

4.5 km

Gunj Gate


Shahi Bagh

3.5 km

MMC General Hospital

5.6 km

Why Should You Purchase a House in Gulbahar Peshawar?

Gulbahar Peshawar is one of the oldest planned neighbourhoods of Peshawar and is situated adjacent to G.T. Road and Ring Road Peshawar. These roads connect it to other significant parts of the city. Moreover, houses constructed in this locality are well built and offer multiple amenities. Also, there are some popular universities, commercial areas, and hospitals located in close vicinity of the site, which make it convenient for the residents to access them.

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