Advertising illegal housing schemes banned in Lahore: PEMRA

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LAHORE: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has banned the advertisement of unapproved and illegal housing projects in Lahore, as per the request of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). 

All the print and broadcast media was directed by PEMRA not to board any advertisements from illegal housing schemes. The notification revealed that the order follows a concern shown by LDA about illegal housing societies’ ads who have not yet obtained “NOC of advertisement” from them. 

LDA further emphasised that many sponsors, property agents, ads agencies, and developers are lacking in revealing pertinent details such as mortgaged plots, total commercial or residential plots, blocks, NOC diary numbers, etc. Such deceptive advertisements wrongfully guide the public to purchase property or invest in illegal housing projects. 

To protect the public interest, PEMRA will keep a vigilant check on all illegal advertisements as per the orders of Lahore High Court, sources report. 

PEMRA has also directed all print and broadcast media to comply with para(3) of Rule-45 in the LDA Private Housing Schemes Rules of 2014 in all of its advertisements and publicity material.


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