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Islamabad has been considered the second most beautiful capital in the world. The city’s clean atmosphere, well-structured streets, peaceful environment, and surrounding natural beauty make it stand out from the rest of the cities in Pakistan. Located on the north side of Islamabad, E-11 Islamabad sits at a very prime location of Islamabad. Right behind the sector are the Margalla Hills which offer picturesque views and a refreshing breeze.

E-11 Islamabad is fully developed and populated providing all the basic amenities including gas, electricity, and water to its residents. The sector is known for its beautiful marquees, which are a popular wedding venue for the people of the twin cities., Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal, brings you a details guide on the whereabouts and amenities of the E-11, Islamabad.

The E11 sector is divided into 4 sub-sectors, E-11/1, E-11/2, E-11/3, and E-11/4. The sector has designated areas for commercial activities known as Markaz. 

Residents of  E-11 have close access to necessities like general stores, fruit and vegetable shops, beauty salons, and mosques. Furthermore, easy access to educational institutions and medical facilities makes it an ideal place to live.


Houses in E-11, Islamabad


Double story house


Connecting to other residential sectors towards its east side, the sector E-10 is located which is developing over time. However, the famous residential sector, F-11 faces the south side of E-11.

E-11 offers a peaceful and modern lifestyle as it has well-developed societies. PMCHS, Service Society, MPCHS, Khudadad Heights, and the Veranda Complex are some of the famous housing societies on the north side of E11. These complexes offer multiple apartments for rent in E-11 Islamabad.

Golra Shareef, D12, and F-10 are surrounding sectors with the extension of the margalla road passing through sector E-11.

Because of its ideal location, property in  E-11 has gained an exponential increase in its value over the past years. It is well connected with other sectors and commercial areas. For an affordable many people prefer E-11/1 and E-11/4. 

Futhermore, you can find luxurious house for rent in E-11 Islamabad at affordable price. These areas are preferred because of the availability and affordability of rental properties. On the other hand, people who are in search of permanent residence prefer E-11/2 and E-11/4 sectors due to their prime location and available facilities.

Price Trends of Houses in the E-11 Islamabad

E-11 sector has posh areas and houses that attract buyers and tenants from all over the city. You can explore residential properties in the form of apartments and houses in the sector. Apartments for rent and apartments for sale in E-11 Islamabad vary with size, location, view, floor, and condition.

The standard area sizes for most houses for sale in  E-11 Islamabad include 5 marlas, 10 marlas, and 1 Kanal. we have mentioned prices trends of properties available in E-11 islamabad.


Houses Price Trends

Size of House Price Trends (Sale)Price Trends (Rent)
5 MarlasRs 3.5 crore to 4.5 croreRs 1.25 to 150 lacs
10 MarlasRs 5.5 crore to 7 croreRs 2.5 lacs to 3.5 lacs
1 KanalRs 9 Crore to 11 croreRs 4 lacs to 5 lacs


Apartments Price Trends

Size of ApartmentPrice Trends (Sale)Price Trends (Rental)
3  Bed Rs 2.75   Crore to 4 CroreRs 90 Thousand to 1.2 lacs
2 Bed Rs 1 Crore to 2 .5 CroreRs 60 Thousand to 75 Thousand
Studio (1Bed)Rs 65 lacs to 75 lacsRs 40 thousand to 55 Thousand


Amenities Sector E-11 Islamabad


view of Margalla hills on E11


While buying or renting  a property in  E-11 Sector, you will find that all basic facilities are easily available. There are private and government healthcare institutions (hospitals) and educational institutions. The sector offers all kinds of amenities to its residents. The beautiful backdrop of Margalla Hills adds scenic value to the area. Coupled with scenic views and real estate trends, the sector presents a lucrative option to home buyers. 

Moreover, close proximity to commercial areas including drug stores, grocery stores, barbershops, vegetable shops, banks, and mosques lure people to live in the area. It presents a convenient option to families, students, and individuals from different backgrounds. 

For fitness conscious people there is a range of fitness centers with well-trained trainers and modern equipment. The well-linked roads to other areas make it easy for residents to commute from one area to another. The residents enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.  


Emergency Contacts

Here are some important contacts from the area directory that you can note down in case of sudden or unexpected incidents that may occur.


List of Emergency PlacesContact Number
IESCO(051) 9330211
SNGPL(051) 9257710
CDA water supply9202207
Ambulance0333 2828262
Fire Brigade(051) 9253016
Traffic Police(051) 92619923
CDA(051) 9253016



E-11 has a variety of traditional, western, and Chinese food chains. It has famous restaurants, coffee cafes, and bakeries that cater to people from all over the city. We have a list of available eateries in the E-11 Sector:


Karachi Biryani & BBQTraditional 
Smokin’ Joe’s Pizza & GrillWestern
Chicago’s Deep Dish PizzaWestern
Cheema & Chatha Traditional
The Cheese Factor Western
Burning BrownieBakery
Crispo HutWestern
Tandoori Restaurant Traditional
Honey Bee CafeWestern
Berlin FoodWestern
Naan StopTraditional /Western
Silver Grill Pulao KababTraditional 
Pait PoojaTraditional
Crispy BroastWestern
Al-Beruit Lebanese CuisineArab Cuisine
Capital DelightsChinese 


Medical Facilities

The housing societies in E-11 provide in-house medical facilities to their residents. For emergencies, there are a large number of healthcare facilities available throughout the sector for all citizens. Here is the list of hospitals in the E-11 Sector:

  • Saira Clinic
  • Dr. Salahudin Babur Mental Health Service
  • Islamabad Diagnostic Center 
  • Dr. Farhan Ansari
  • Maroof International Hospital
  • Life Care International Hospital 
  • IHS Children and Family Hospital
  • Naziran Center for Healing and Regenerative Medicine
  • City Gate Medical Complex
  • Islamabad Medicare Hospital
  • Islamabad International Hospital and Research Center
  • Mediks International 
  • Family Hospital 
  • Al Shareef Medical Complex Golra Shareef
  • Captain Muhammad Khan Memorial Clinic 
  • Dr. Navid Clinic 


Educational Institutions in Sector E-11

Amongst prominent main factors people prefer buying property in E-11 is the availability of educational institutions. Here is the list of some of the top-notch institutions that are easily accessible by the residents of the area.

  • The Mount Sanai School 
  • Universal School System
  • Apple group of Schools
  • Falcon Education Zone
  • Quran Academy, Alfalah Mazil Trust
  • The City School, E-11 Campus
  • Zia ul Islam School System
  • IIUI School System, E-11 Campus
  • Mazen School, E-11 Campus
  • Roots Millennium School, E-11 Campus
  • Beacon House School System,  E-11 Campus
  • Bahria Foundation School 
  • OFLS
  • Oxbridge Islamic Grammer School
  • Trillium English School System
  • Quest Edutainment Centre
  • International Islamic Grammer School
  • National Defense University 
  • Air University 
  • Bahria University 

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