An Overview of Peshawar Airport (BKIAP)

Peshawar Airport is located in the southwestern part of Peshawar. To know more about this airport, visit the Graana blog.

Bacha Khan International Airport, once known as Peshawar International Airport, is located in the southwestern part of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). It is the country’s fourth-busiest airport.

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On January 27, 2012, the airport was given its new name in honour of Abdul Ghaffar Khan, also known by his nickname Bacha Khan. He was a notable British Indian independence fighter who eventually became a Pakistani Pashtun activist. gives a detailed overview of this airport below.


Location of Peshawar Airport


Peshawar Airport is located in the southwestern part of Peshawar. To know more about this airport, visit the Graana blog.


Bacha Khan International Airport is strategically placed in the centre of Peshawar. It is roughly 180 kilometres from Islamabad, Pakistan’s federal capital. Travelling from the airport to the city via the M-1 motorway can take around two hours.
As Peshawar is situated close to the Durand Line, it serves as a connection point to Afghanistan. Flights to the country have consistently increased throughout the years due to the expanding Pashtun community in KPK.


Structure of Peshawar Airport

The airport is a significant passenger hub, with 75% of its flights going to destinations outside of Pakistan. It is currently being assessed for the possibility of being modernised in order to make it suitable for future requirements.

The Civil Aeronautics Authority of Canada (CAA) is now working with the KPK government to upgrade the airport so that it may reach international standards.

The airport is equipped with a number of different facilities to cater to passengers. These include telephone booths for domestic and international calls, money exchange facilities, automatic teller machines, internet stations, information counters, gift and souvenir shops, snack shops, and rental car services. There is also a post office at the airport.


Services at Bacha Khan International Airport


location of Peshawar airport


Following are some of the services available at the airport.

Car Parking

There is a designated parking space available at the airport that can accommodate up to 300 vehicles.


Passenger Facilitation Services (PFS)

Paid porter services are provided by Passenger Facilitation Services (PFS). Porters are available for hire from the car park to the check-in counters as well as from the baggage claim area to the car park.


Trolleys at No Additional Cost

In addition, baggage trolleys are offered to all passengers at the airport. These trolleys run from the car park to the check-in booths and from the baggage claim area to the car park.


Medical Centre

The medical centre has separate rooms for male medical officers, female medical officers, and duty medical officers (DMO). It is well-equipped to take care of any ill passengers or staff members, for instance, an automated defibrillator, nebuliser, glucose monitor, and suction unit are all available. Each room is outfitted with modern equipment and is kept in the utmost pristine condition.


Prayer Room

The Prayer Area is located for ease of access in the Domestic and International Lounges separately for Ladies and Gents with ablution places. The Prayer Area has been tastefully adorned with the required items to provide the ideal atmosphere for Muslim Prayers.


Service for Senior Citizens

The facility is accessible for use by seniors and special travellers. Passengers who have such requirements are expected to inform their airlines in advance of their trip. They can speak with the representatives for further details if they wish to avail the wheelchair service.
In addition, there is a streamlined process for these passengers, a ramp for those who require the use of a wheelchair, and parking reserved specifically for people with disabilities.


Guidelines for Passengers

The following is a rundown of the general rules and regulations for passengers:

  • Do not bring any restricted items or merchandise onto the aircraft with you. You should get in touch with the concerned airline or its representative for a complete list of prohibited items.
  • Be sure to follow the airline’s regulation about the maximum weight of your checked bags as well as any other guidelines that are printed on your ticket.
  • Avoid putting any expensive objects like money, jewellery, laptop, mobile phone, camera, or watch in your checked luggage.
  • Do not accept anything, including food and beverages, from an unknown individual.
  • Never, under any circumstances, give your hand-carry bag or item to another person.
  • When you arrive at your destination, you should immediately file a complaint with the airline in the case of any loss, damage, or theft of your baggage.
  • Keep your belongings safe.

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