CDA cancels licenses of 14 housing societies

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has cancelled the licences of 14 housing societies that failed to register with the district administration.

The societies were required to register in the districts they were located. Since they failed to comply with the requirements set in place by CDA, their licenses have been cancelled. 

The non-complying societies include WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society, National Police Foundation, OGDC Officers Cooperative Housing Society, Federal Shariat Court Employees Housing Society, Ministry of Commerce Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Work No Word Cooperative Housing Society, Pakistan Public Works Department (PWD) Society, Veterans Cooperative Housing Society, and Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society, along with several others. 

Under CDA directives, a notification for cancellation will be issued shortly. CDA has also closed down two of offices of two illegal and unauthorised housing societies. The move comes after CDA’s renewed efforts on cracking down illegal and non-compliant housing societies.

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