CDA eases property transfer procedure

CDA eases property transfer procedure

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) stated in a press release on Wednesday that it has simplified the process of property transfer (and other related procedures) to facilitate citizens. 

Irrelevant documents and other unnecessary requirements have been discarded to further facilitate the citizens. 

Previously, the printing of transfer letters of sectors dealt by Estate Management-I had been centralised. Now, from August 1 onwards, the assistant director admitting One-Window Operation Doctorate, will print the transfer letter, and sign, stamp and emboss it, and then hand it to the transferee on the same day.

The process of property transfer to legal heirs under inheritance has also been modified. The condition of obtaining NOC from the Building Control department has now been replaced with an undertaking that the legal heirs have to submit to the CDA, stating that they will be bound to remove any illegal structure after the process completion. The processing fee of the Building Control section still has to be deposited as before. 

Under this process, Estate Management-I, State Management-II and Estate Affectees will forward the legal heirship case to obtain reports from the Building Control Directorate to verify any violation of Building Control Regulations. In case of any violation, the legal heirs are required to submit an affidavit to the CDA that they will address it within a period of six months. The property in question will not be completely transferred until then. 

Similarly, if a property falls under the category of non-conferring use, then this has to be resolved before it can be transferred to the respective legal heirs. 

The No Demand Certificate (NDC) will also be issued by Estate Management-I and Estate Management-II within four days of the application’s submission. This would allow the authorities to timely inform the allottee or applicant in case of any legal issues in their application. 

The CDA has also notified that it has taken several measures to tackle property-related issues of the general public soon. The CDA Facilitation Centre has been set up and the helpline 1819 has been activated accordingly as well. 

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