CDA Greenlights Key Commercial Building Plans in Islamabad


Islamabad: An important meeting of the Design Review Committee of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) was held at the CDA headquarters in Islamabad on Wednesday. The meeting was attended by officials from various departments, including the Authority’s Planning Wing. During the session, building plans for various commercial structures in Islamabad were presented and approved.

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The committee scrutinized documents related to six commercial plots. According to details from the CDA’s meeting, approval was granted for the design of Plot No. 2 in the Blue Area (F-6/F-7). Similarly, in Sector G-10/4, the building plan and design for the Competition Commission of Pakistan’s structure received approval.

Furthermore, the Design Review Committee approved the building plan and design for the structure located in Sector B-17, Street No. 1, Plot No. 5. Additionally, commercial building plans and designs for properties in Expressway, G-10 Markaz, Service Road East, Zone 4 with loss numbers 1586, 1689, 1688, 1685, 1702, and 4400/1701 were also approved during the meeting.

In another development, due to the architect’s absence, the approval for Plot No. 1, Market No. 5 in Sector I-11/2 was postponed. Similarly, the approval for the design of Plot No. A-3 in Blue Area (F-9/G-9) was deferred until the next meeting due to incomplete compliance with legal requirements.

The Design Review Committee’s session addressed various commercial building plans, reflecting the ongoing development and planning activities in Islamabad.

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