CDA requests RDA to observe 1200 feet wide right of way along Kashmir Highway


Islamabad: In a letter sent to Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has requested to observe a 1200 feet wide right of way while granting planning permissions for any development projects along Kashmir Highway.

Murree Road on wards up to Grand Trunk (GT) Road, the Kashmir Highway falls under the jurisdiction of CDA and from there on wards it falls under RDA.

According to the CDA official, the RDA was only intended to let know of the rules that apply to CDA. It cannot direct RDA to implement the same rules in its jurisdiction rather only request for it. However there will be issues, for widening of the existing link roads in future provided the limit of right of way is not observed by RDA.

RDA spokesperson Mohammad Irfan has said to respond to the letter in a few days.

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