name the currency of pakistan

All You Need to Know About Pakistani Currency

November 28, 2022

Not many people are familiar with the origin and history of the currency that they use on a daily basis. For instance, what do the images printed on the notes denote, and what changes were made over time that led to the current banknotes in use today? In this blog,[...]
Image of a calculator to represent Salary Tax Slabs 2022-2023 Pakistan

New Salary Tax Slabs 2022-2023 Pakistan: All You Need to Know

October 25, 2022

New salary tax slabs 2022-2023 were introduced in the budget for the fiscal year 2022-2023. The former finance minister proposed a raise in taxes for people with higher incomes while an exemption was given to low-income individuals. The government reduced the tax rate from 5% to 2.5% for individuals with[...]

Scope of Real Estate Economics in Pakistan

August 12, 2022

Real estate economics show that the current stable condition of the sector can be a foundation for future establishment of a substantial market. The booming percentages in real estate during the previous government were due to the befitting tax reforms and policies introduced by the Ex-Prime Minister. Lower rates of[...]

Support From IMF and Friendly Countries to Stabilise Rupee

July 29, 2022

Pakistan launched its first National Security Policy in January 2022, which is said to have shifted its perspective from a geopolitical to a geo-economic perspective. However, the nosedive of the rupee and Pakistan’s depleting foreign exchange reserves have raised questions., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, takes a brief look at[...]
Is Pakistan Going to Default?

Is Pakistan Going to Default?

July 26, 2022

Rising inflation, the balance of payment crisis, and the depreciation of the rupee have raised the concern of default for one of the most populous nations in the world. For the last few months, the Pakistani government has been struggling to deal with the economic and political crises that have[...]

Pakistan’s Debt and the Risk of Default

July 26, 2022

In May, the news of Sri Lanka defaulting over its payment of foreign debt and protesters over-running the presidential palace made the rounds on dailies across the world. This was a result of several factors, including soaring inflation, rising foreign debt, bleeding foreign exchange reserves, and depreciation of the currency.[...]
Tips to Save Money During Volatile Economic Conditions of Pakistan Blog Image

How to Save Money in Volatile Economic Conditions of Pakistan

July 21, 2022

The volatile economic conditions of Pakistan have caused serious troubles for investors. They are either forced to take their money out of the market or face losses. Common Pakistanis are also currently experiencing the heat resulting from the dwindling economy.  Moreover, Pakistan is currently witnessing a massive increase in the[...]

How to Solve Load Shedding Problem

June 10, 2022

  There are several reasons why Pakistan is facing a shortfall in electricity production leading to load shedding problem. With the economical crisis at large in the country, a rising wave of electricity shortage is becoming a norm in the country which is becoming a nuisance for everyone. This current[...]

How Load Shedding Affects the Economy

June 9, 2022

For the past few decades, Pakistan has been going through a major energy crisis, resulting in regular blackouts. As the country struggles to supply electricity to its citizens, power grids are forced to cut electricity supply for a short duration – a phenomenon that is commonly known as load shedding[...]
Comprehensive List of Made in Pakistan Products

A Comprehensive List of Made in Pakistan Products

April 19, 2022

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the country’s exports amounted US $25.3 billion during the fiscal year 2201. This impressive growth is mainly due to the increased production of made in Pakistan products. Pakistan is a nation that has been blessed with thousands of natural resources that contribute to[...]