successfully concludes Dubai Real Estate Show successfully concludes Dubai Real Estate Show, Pakistan’s #1 online real estate marketplace, recently hosted the much-awaited Dubai Real Estate Show at the Sheraton Grand Hotel to showcase a number of lucrative investment opportunities.

Esteemed senior representatives of the company were present at the occasion, including CEO & Chairman Shafiq Akbar, along with Group Directors Farhan Javed, Arslan Javed and Sharjeel A. Ehmer. 

The event drew a huge turnout, with many overseas Pakistanis and other international investors in attendance. 

The convention was geared towards every player in the real estate ecosystem, so that thought leaders and trendsetters can also come together to inspire the next generation of ideas and processes. Considering the vast amount that overseas Pakistanis contribute to the local market (about 40-50% through direct or indirect investment), has taken several initiatives to guide them in making safe and secure transactions – and ultimately make the real estate sector an effective growth driver in the national economy. 

“The profound impact of our transparency-driven solutions has become evident in the last few years,” stated Shafiq Akbar. “This platform allows everyone in the real estate sphere to embrace and adopt such practices, and be at the leading edge of change and innovation.”

To cultivate a client-centric and tech-focused ecosystem, has launched Invest Right – a solution that ensures that all real estate projects fulfil the criteria of ownership, approvals, demand and delivery (more commonly known as the OADD formula) and, hence, increase transparency in the property market. 

“In this ever-evolving landscape, it has become imperative to identify and learn about the various factors disrupting the real estate sector,” said Farhan Javed. “Only then can we implement a more transparent management approach to navigate this fast-paced market.”

Under the umbrella of IMARAT Group, several brands have been established (including and Agency21) in line with its vision to collaborate across different verticals to work towards the common goal of revolutionising Pakistan’s real estate sector. Its extensive track record reflects its sustained and growing prowess in delivering agile and data-driven solutions. 

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