The Resurgence of Pakistan’s Hospitality Sector

The Resurgence of Pakistan’s Hospitality Sector

November 29, 2022

During the past few years, Pakistan has seen a significant boost in the hospitality industry. During 2020 when the pandemic broke out, almost every sector of the economy started collapsing, yet tourism was the only industry that saw a dramatic increase in the country. There are a lot of factors[...]
Do you know the contrast between a hotel and motel? In this blog, brings you the the difference between a hotel and motel.

The Difference Between a Hotel and Motel

November 22, 2022

Are you also confused between booking a hotel or a motel for your next trip? Not to worry – in this blog, will help you understand the basic differences between the two and decide accordingly.   Overview of The Difference Between a Hotel and a Motel   [caption id=""[...]
IMARAT x Marriott

IMARAT x Marriott: A New Era in the Hospitality Industry

November 14, 2022

Hospitality is a billion-dollar industry with its emergence dating back to ancient times. This industry provides various benefits to the economy and is a supporting pillar of many other important sectors of the county. One such name in the industry is IMARAT Group, a construction conglomerate that has expanded itself[...]

Top Hotels in Murree: Everything You Need to know

July 16, 2022

Murree is a prominent hill resort in Pakistan, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. Snow-covered hills and valleys are a sight to behold in Murree when the temperature is cooler, making it a paradise of nature. A significant issue while visiting Murree is finding good accommodation. If you're planning[...]
hotels in islamabad

List of Best Hotels in Islamabad

May 22, 2022

A modern city packed with lush green trees, wildflowers, beautiful birds, lots of eateries, roadside cafes, restaurants, monuments, historical sites, the best shopping malls, top universities and high educational institutes, peaceful surroundings, and friendly people. Yes, I am talking about Islamabad. Islamabad, the strikingly beautiful capital of Pakistan, is full[...]

How IMARAT Hospitality Is Turning Pakistan Into the Next Tourism Hotspot

April 29, 2022

Pakistan is gradually emerging as a premium tourist destination, however, the potential, to a great extent, still remains untapped. This is because there are only a handful of hotels in Pakistan in general, and fewer so in the Northern Areas that provide all the necessary amenities required by tourists. The[...]
Modern Art Galleries in Karachi

Modern Art Galleries in Karachi

April 27, 2022

Modern art galleries in Karachi feature the most fascinating art pieces from various artists. These galleries promote cultures and arts across borders. Art galleries provide an opportunity for individuals from different backgrounds to come together and visualise cultural evolution. Pakistan’s art culture has always had prolific artists and art galleries[...]

IMARAT Group of Companies  – Ik Jazba-e-Tameer

December 21, 2021

The only sector destined to change the destiny of our country, IMARAT Group of Companies - one of Pakistan’s leading real estate group was launched with a vision to transform conventional real estate practices.   Pakistan’s construction industry sums over $50 billion, making up around 12-13% of the GDP. Out of this,[...], Atomcamp launch 2-Day Certification in Hospitality & Tourism Management – Gilgit city

September 4, 2021, in collaboration with Atomcamp, launch the 2 Day Certification in Hospitality & Tourism Management - Gilgit city,  designed specifically for the youth of Gilgit-Baltistan. “This hospitality training is part of Atomcamp and Graana's initiative to train 1000 professionals in Gilgit Baltistan to participate in the creative economy. Other training[...]