How to Keep Kitchen Cool in Summers

While the summer season offers several cool and refreshing treats, it also comes with unbearable heat that gets hard to beat. Kitchens especially become really hot and humid, with the stove constantly on.

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Important Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Cool During Summers

It can be difficult to keep up with your daily chores in the heat, especially when you have to stand in the kitchen and cook in front of a blazing stove. Under such circumstances, you can opt to cool down the temperature of your kitchen by implementing these simple tips.

  • Make more use of kitchen appliances
  • Try cooking early morning or late at night
  • Exhaust fans and ceiling fans are a must
  • Meal prep on a good day
  • Get a room cooler for your kitchen
  • Draw the curtains
  • Switch to white lights and keep unnecessary lights off
  • Make everyday cooking processes easier
  • Microwavable meals are a great alternative


Make More Use of Kitchen Appliances


Beef roast cooking in a slow cooker pot - kitchen hacks


If you live somewhere where the sun shows no mercy, you can always make use of some great tips that can help you withstand the harshness of the weather.

For instance, avoid using a stove in the summer and utilise all of the kitchen gadgets that have been collecting dust in the corner.
This is a great method to prevent your kitchen from overheating. Make use of technology by heating up your food in the microwave, or pulling out the rice cooker, slow cooker, electric oven, or toaster.

This simple act can contribute a lot to keeping your kitchen cool and comfortable in the summer. Plus, these gadgets will also help you spend less time in the heat and finish your work a lot sooner than usual.


Try Cooking Early Morning or Late at Night


Cool kitchen at night


One of the best ways to prevent your kitchen from overheating is to avoid cooking during mid-day.

Since cooking is an everyday task, the best way to tackle it in the summer heat is to time your work smartly. Try cooking early in the morning when the sun is low. This way, you can get your work done for the day whilst avoiding the humidity and heat that gets trapped in the kitchen during the afternoon.

Other than this, you can also complete your kitchen work later at night. This will help you a great deal to avoid the scorching heat and humidity in summers.


Exhaust Fans and Ceiling Fans Are a Must


Exhaust Fan in Kitchen to Keep it Cool


One of the most commonly recommended solutions to eliminate kitchen heat is installing exhaust and ceiling fans. Whilst exhaust fans channel out the trapped fumes and heat, ceiling fans help regulate the temperature of your kitchen and cool it down.

However, while installing exhaust fans, make sure to invest in a good quality fan so that it works efficiently and lasts for a longer period of time.


Meal Prep on a Good Day


prepping meals for the week to avoid kitchen heat


Take advantage of any pleasant day during the summer and prepare some meals in advance.

To save time and effort, prepare and freeze simple meals that you can reheat in the microwave when it’s hot outside.
Preparing your meals beforehand will allow you to relax during your busy routine as well, as when it the weather is too hot to cook in the kitchen.


Get a Room Cooler for Your Kitchen


Room cooler to keep kitchen cool


Room coolers are perfect for your kitchen if you have enough space to keep one.

Coolers are quite common in Pakistan as many people are unable to afford air-conditioning in their homes. These air and water coolers can push out cool air that helps regulate the temperature of your kitchen.

Getting a cooler might still be a little heavy on the pocket, but it is a great one-time investment since the electricity bill is relatively far less in the long run.


Draw the Curtains


kitchen blinds to keep sunlight away


Overexposure to sunlight can significantly alter the temperature inside your home and heat up your kitchen.

This is why limiting the amount of sunlight from entering the space is one of the best ways to keep your kitchen cool during the summer.
It is best to keep the shades drawn if you are cooking during the day.

You can also opt to keep the shades slightly drawn or move your plants accordingly, if you use your kitchen as the primary source of natural light or if you have kitchen plants that require sunlight.


Switch to White Lights and Keep Unnecessary Lights Off


white light in kitchen to reduce heat


Your home’s lights have the same warming effect on your kitchen that sunlight does.

By reducing the number of lights in your kitchen, you can keep it relatively cool.

You will be surprised at how much the temperature in your kitchen reduces just by turning off any extra lights – not to mention that you will eventually save money on electricity costs as well.

Another tip to keep your kitchen cool is to replace any warm or yellow lighting with white lights. This is because white reflects heat, whereas yellow absorbs heat, resulting in higher temperatures in your kitchen space.


Make Everyday Cooking Processes Easier

Try to cut your food into little pieces while you’re getting ready to cook a meal because larger items take longer to cook. Remember that the longer you have to leave your appliances on to cook your food, the hotter your kitchen will get.


Microwavable Meals Are a Great Alternative


ready to eat meals


In contrast to a stove or oven, a functioning microwave produces essentially no heat. If at all possible, avoid using the oven when it’s hot outside.

Instead, go for dishes that are simple to microwave. Foods that can be heated in the microwave frequently generally receive criticism for being unhealthy or bland, but this isn’t always the case.

You can choose to make microwavable pasta, ready-to-eat foods, popcorn, etc. – which are only a few of the many dishes you can prepare in a microwave.

These tips will come in handy to help you cope better with summers and kitchen chores. For more informational articles, stay updated with Graana Blog.

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