How to Spend Independence Day

Gather your greens and whites because 14th August is around the corner. This occasion calls for excitement and celebration as it reignites the spirit of our freedom by reminding us of the sacrifices our forefathers made for achieving a separate homeland., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, suggests a few ideas below for how to spend Independence Day while keeping the spirit of this day alive.

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Ideas on How to Spend Independence Day

The following are some unique and fun ways you can celebrate this day.


Watch a Patriotic Movie or Drama

One way to spend Independence Day is to watch a patriotic movie or drama. These films often have the power to inspire change.

Films and dramas like Jinnah and Alpha Bravo Charlie offer a great opportunity to bond with your family and instill some strong messages creatively and entertainingly. Classic films also have the feeling of nostalgia for older generations.


Plan a Trip

Planning a trip to the northern areas or a famous monument can be a very enriching experience and make you appreciate the wonders that your country has to offer. Most historical sites might be crowded so it’s better to check routes to ensure you don’t get stuck in traffic.

From the ever-expanding vistas to the gorgeous waterfalls, our country is blessed with a lot of natural beauty and it is worthwhile to explore them if you haven’t already. Visiting areas with a cooler climate such as Swat and Skardu can also help you unwind in this hot weather.


Light Fireworks


How to spend Independence day


Fireworks are a great way to celebrate the spirit of independence. Since fireworks are dangerous and can cause harm, it’s always better to use them in the presence of an adult and practice caution.

Some fireworks and sparklers are relatively harmless and are used just for show. If you can’t attend a firework show in your area, creating your own in the backyard is entirely possible. Sparklers are relatively safe and fun for both kids and adults alike.


Spend Independence Day By Visiting a National Landmark


How to spend independence day


It’s always a good idea to take some time to learn about the rich history of your country. Visiting an ancient monument and learning more about it can be a fun and educational experience. Trips to these places allow you to connect with the country’s past, along with instilling feelings of patriotism.

The Pakistan Monument in Islamabad and Quaid-e-Azam’s Mausoleum in Karachi are among the top monuments you should visit. Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore is also an important historical landmark worth visiting.


Read the Pakistan Constitution

While it’s a good idea to purchase flags and badges representing the country’s flag and emblems, it’s even more important to understand the idealogy behind a nation.

Reading the constitution of Pakistan will help your kids understand what Pakistan stands for as a nation. It also helps them to understand the idea behind the struggle for an independent nation.


Visit a Museum

It’s always a pleasant experience to visit a museum to learn about how your country came into being. They also hold various artefacts with their history written to help you learn interesting facts.




Volunteering on Independence Day


There’s no better way to give back to your country than by volunteering for your community. Helping out the neighbourhood can help you play your part in the betterment of the community. Teaching this kind of stuff to future generations promotes team spirit and creates a positive impact in the long run.

You can volunteer to help clean up a beach or distribute food among the needy. These basic acts of kindness practically help your country and instil important values in the younger generation.


Watch a Live Firework Show

One of the most popular ways to spend Independence Day is gathering to watch a live firework show, as it promotes a collective sense of festivity. They light up the night sky in pretty colours and you can watch them from the safety of your car or house. These are usually organised in DHA and Bahria town so make sure to plan accordingly.

Independence day is an event that reminds us of our heritage and what our forefathers stood for, and we need to carry that torch forward into the future. Instilling the values that need to be preserved and the ideologies that many before us laid their lives for is what this day is about.


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