Imarat Builders Mall – largest variety of construction goods under one roof

Imarat Builders Mall

When someone plans to construct a house (or any building – residential or commercial – for that matter), their checklist will include a lot of things to consider, plan and execute. Some things are required immediately, some in the middle of the project and the rest by the end of the venture.

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A sound budget plan, an ideal construction site, a thorough firsthand knowledge of the requisite permits, an imaginative architect and a dependable builder among many other details big and small are crucial parts of the client’s efforts to realise their dream. In most cases, they spend months poring over each and everything they can think of to ensure that the whole process is streamlined.

In this journey that is both mentally draining and physically exhausting, Imarat Group of Companies has come up with a complete 360 degree solution for your construction and building needs. Imarat Builders Mall is not only the biggest builders mall in Pakistan, but is also the most comprehensive, with a myriad of products and material under one roof.

Imarat Builders Mall pledges to deliver the finest goods in a one-stop location, taking a considerable weight off your shoulders and saving you the time and money which may otherwise be spent running back and forth to source construction material.

From an investor’s point of view, Imarat Builders Mall is perfectly poised to offer easy terms and beneficial returns, making it a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity.

Read on to find out why one should head straight to Imarat Builders Mall for all construction needs, and why it is the best bet for investment at the moment.


Prime location

Imarat Builders Mall is located on the Main GT Road, at what can be considered as the cusp of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The location is ideal to serve clients based in either of the twin cities, and is in the midst of a developing economic hub.


Treat for investors

For anyone looking to invest in a secure and promising project, Imarat Builders Mall is a fruit ripe for the picking. Some of the salient features that set it apart from others are:

  • Easy buyback policy
  • Estimated annual gains
  • 25% down payment
  • Investment starting from just Rs18 lac
  • Safe and secure investment
  • Fastest selling project in the twin cities
  • Easy resale


Building Materials

Imarat Builders Mall offers a diverse variety of building material including wood, paint, metals, and much more at reasonable rates to help keep your budget from inflating to formidable heights.


Sanitary Fittings

Sanitary fittings

Bathrooms, an essential part of any building, are often relegated from the list of priorities to a lower rung when it comes to spending money on quality. Imarat Builders Mall believes in providing sturdy yet aesthetically pleasing accessories and sanitary fittings for one of the most important aspects of a house, office or mall without breaking the bank.


Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories

Imarat Builders Mall possesses everything needed to remodel kitchens; from cabinets to storage options, from adjustable shelving to tiles, from taps to intelligent appliances, the whole lot is conveniently available under one roof.



IBM Flooring

Flooring options are plentiful at Imarat Builders Mall, where relevant personnel will provide knowledgeable guidance regarding the best flooring choices including hardwood, carpeting, luxury vinyl, tile, and lamination among others at unbelievable rates.



IBM furniture

One can even browse and buy their dream furniture at Imarat Builders Mall with a wide variety ranging from custom-made to contemporary designs and more in between. Options for not only indoor but also outdoor furnishing are handily available at the spot.


Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures

Imarat Builders Mall is a forerunner when it comes to lighting up rooms, hallways, alcoves and even gardens with an extensive collection of the finest lighting fixtures including chandeliers, wall lights, wall sconces, foyer lighting and better within your budget.

In short, Imarat Builders Mall truly lives up to its name by housing all and sundry items needed to fulfil your construction requirements.

invest with imarat Islamabad’s emerging city
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