Imarat Builders Mall open house  – the promise of finest craftsmanship and transparency

Open houses have been a long-standing tradition in the sale of residential real estate. The concept behind an open house is to expose the property to a wide array of people. Mostly held on weekends to capture more traffic, open houses have a long history of facilitating the sales of residential property. Open houses have also made a significant difference in the sales of commercial projects. The idea of seeing, experiencing and understanding what you are buying has now become a commodity rarely at hand. Open houses promote trust and are a staple of confidence of the developer in their construction. Widely appreciated by the public, open houses contribute to transparency and security. Regardless of being a common concept, the number of open houses in Pakistan have been few and far between.

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Open houses and the need for them:


Buying property is by no means a process that most people are familiar with especially for first-time buyers. The process is not complicated or taxing but is perceived as confusing by the general public. Investors often need a significant amount of guidance, tips and advice throughout the whole process.

Open houses provide these investors with an opportunity to meet with realtors and get information regarding their queries which greatly aids the investor in making a decision which is more likely to be lucrative.

The environment of open houses promotes ease of investment. Open houses provide a laidback atmosphere which removes the pressure that investors feel in one-on-one meetings. This leads to the people touring the property feeling relaxed and it creates a better and highly professional impression.

Another benefit of open houses is that you can meet an array of people and that can significantly help in networking. You can meet with developers, realtors, investors and people from all walks of life which gives one an opportunity that rarely presents itself in the current times.

The Imarat Builders Mall open house:


With a history of ensured deliverance stretching over a successful and eventful time of 70 years, Imarat can be considered synonymous with excellence. Imarat Group of Companies has contributed to Pakistan’s growth since 1950 and has even expanded globally. An illustrious record such as Imarat’s can alone be a reason to visit this open house.

Imarat has delivered over 50 projects in the UK and has always prioritised innovation. Even though open houses are a much common occurrence abroad, the concept is still quite nascent in Pakistan. Therefore, this event presents an opportunity to experience what open houses entail and concurrently, this event would also serve as a benchmark for those who want to employ a similar strategy.

The construction quality in Pakistan, at times, lacks finesse and attention to detail. This is due to the lack of international exposure of most of the developers in Pakistan. Imarat, while having several international projects, promises the finest craftsmanship in Pakistan and has delivered on it ever since its inception. This open house presents a great opportunity for the general public to experience craftsmanship and attention to detail which is rarely present in the current construction landscape.

Imarat Builders Mall (IBM) is Pakistan’s biggest builders mall. The mall promises every construction utility under a single roof. The project offers an investment opportunity like no other. IBM offers secure and transparent investment with gainful ROIs which makes it one of the most lucrative projects in the Twin Cities. Graana Group of Companies is the official sales and marketing partner for the project. This event will offer the attendees a chance to see the progress and can greatly aid their decision to invest.

Imarat Builders Mall open house represents the confidence Imarat has in the quality of construction that it has repeatedly delivered. So, do attend the event on the 30th of November and 1st of December, and hey, the tea is on us.

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